Sunday 26 February 2023

Catchup Waffle.

How is it possible that three weeks have gone by since I last posted? I have so little to say nowadays, except waffle, waffle, waffle. I can never believe that anyone is truly interested in the sort of blog which deals primarily with " and then I did this ....and then I did that." Many of the bloggers of 10 years ago or more have stopped blogging, I notice. In those days I still said mildly interesting things, Beloved was alive, and life was a lot more active than it is now. Come to think of that, I recently had a comment which asked me to contact them because they "had had an interviewee who praised my blog" many years ago. They did refer to an old blogpost, nothing recent, and would like to interview the person behind the blog.

Is that at all likely or is it just a phishing expedition for nefarious purposes? My old friend is still with me, the one who has caught me many times  (he emails at least once a week ) accessing porn and would really like to be paid now for not spreading the tale. He still hasn't learned to spell properly. I assume it's a he, would a woman bother endlessly?

In the garden it's pruning time mostly. Too cold still for dividing herbaceous clumps but pruning shrubs is ok provided I don't do it before frosty nights. There are a few signs of spring but much is still brown and dead looking. Handsome Hunk has been to clear the builders' rubble in the side corridor and repair the dry stone wall around the beds. I have paid him but I am going to take the bill to my neighbour; will they actually reimburse me? There are still plants to replace, they have shot up in price enormously, like foodstuffs and electricity.

This is the ballerina tree in winter, looks dead, doesn't it? I will try to remember to show it again in a month's time when it should have started to colour up a bit with new buds.

As far as gardening is concerned I am becoming aware that there are many jobs I can't really do easily now. Back to the old conundrum, do I move? But, I love my house and garden!  I really do! Last winter has been difficult. I have been lonelier than during the Covid winters and often thought how much easier it would be to live in the gorgeous town of Ludlow, just down the road twenty minutes' drive away. Oh, talking of driving, I have given my car to my son and daughter-in-law; well, not given, but handed over for a generous price. I have regretted it ever since, I may buy another car, there is no public transport here, taxis are very expensive and I can't constantly beg my friends to give me lifts.

Talking of money, I have also updated my Will. It was necessary. According to my solicitor it should be done every two years or so. I am hoping to spend a fair chunk of the money myself, of course, skiing, = (spending the kids inheritance). When I think how little or not at all any of them have been interested in how I survived Covid on my own, it makes me quite angry. Am I oversharing? Too bad.

However, things are looking up. The theatre visits will be resumed soon. More of that anon.

There is something I would like to ask help with. Many blogs do not let me comment any more. Either not at all or only as anonymous, which means I have to remember to add my name at the end. I often don't.

How do I overcome that? It's Google who says I need to adjust/reset/do something before they let me through again. What do I need to do? Any advice is appreciated. My gadgets are Apple.



  1. I had the same problem for ages.Then I found one way round by tapping the Post Comments Atom line under the comments area. It seems to download something and then you can comment. Otherwise you choose the Google account option and that lets you comment...but that's fine as long as the blog poster knows your Google identity! And sometimes one just forgets and turns up as anonymous! Mark you, I am on Windows, so Apple might pose different problems.

  2. Google is a law unto its own! My mother is now very frail but she loves her garden, small though it is - she has a gardener to help her of course, but this seems to me to be worthwhile investment for it gives her such joy - and were she to move she would miss it so much.
    PS Your lawyers would say you need to update your will every two years wouldn't they! You need only to update when circumstances or intentions change - there's no legal reason to do so.

  3. "When I think how little or not at all any of them have been interested in how I survived Covid on my own, it makes me quite angry. Am I oversharing? Too bad."

    Yes. Our money and love is for those who care!

  4. That commenting problem is one I have, too, on some sites, sometimes.... There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it. I like to sign in with my WordPress profile and URL but often that is impossible, even if I try several times, reload the page, etc. So often I just let Google have its way and use my Google profile. But as you say, that also doesn't always work. Occasionally it doesn't even work to choose Anonymous, so I have to give up, and it's like being gagged. :-( I'm tired of Google running everything, but I am their captive, it seems.

  5. Friko, you say you have so little to share... and who is interested in 'then I did this, etc." Well, if that's the case then most of us shouldn't blog as we don't live that interesting lives. But we do have activities, opinions, pictures, etc. that we share and 'those we connect with' on some level enjoy sharing those parts of our lives with us. Granted, there will be some that are only interested in travel blogs, or a certain hobby, etc. and that's fine. But I blog because I enjoy reading what others are up to (as mundane as it may be) and those who read mine are certainly not expecting much.
    I love to see a blog from you... and pictures of your garden or area. You live such a different life from mine and in such a beautiful place. I can't help with the comment problem as I'm not technically inclined... but hope someone can.

  6. An Apple I Pad will not allow you to comment on blogs that have the drop down reply like your blog does. My I Mac will let me comment but my phone nor my I pad will allow it. If you change to the pop up version of comments then everything works...mostly...blogger can be difficult> :)

  7. I always enjoy hearing and seeing another's gardening !

  8. It's always a better day when you post. Nice to see part of your garden. We look forward to seeing it in juat a few weeks. I am commenting from my ipad. Wonder if it will work.

  9. I was just thinking how bright and green your garden looks when you mentioned that not much is growing yet. It's very similar here, too, but the brighter light makes everything look more vibrant.
    I enjoy reading about mundane affairs of others, and various outlooks on life from people around the world. It's amazing how much we all have in common.
    Google seems to have a mind of its own. Frustrating.

  10. For months now, almost everyone I "know" on Blogger has had problems with commenting, myself included. I almost always use the same device for writing and commenting, and definitely do NOT change my settings from one day to the next, and yet some days it works just fine and others it does not - I can not even reply to comments on my own blog other than anonymously, no matter how many times I try to "sign in" (although I already AM signed in) and refresh the page etc. etc. I have given up trying to understand and simply make sure I am either writing under my profile or, if anonymous is the only option, add my name.

    Like someone else above has said, the "then I did this"-posts are interesting to many of us, otherwise many blogs would have no readers at all. To me, reading about how others spend their days IS interesting, and the so-called ordinary people are by far more interesting than what "celebrities" are up to. Blog posts do not always need to be full to the brim with food for thought, or entertaining/dramatic stories - just everyday life is good enough, and differs greatly from one person to the next.

    Your garden looks good in those pictures, even if there are hardly any flowers about except for the snowdrops underneath the ballerina tree.

  11. I agree with all the foregoing comments. It is interesting to have a small window into someone else's life. You do not 'waffle', Ursula - not one word is wasted, and your blog posts are always thought -provoking.

  12. I told my son last Christmas I did not want to be a holiday grandma, where the kids come on holidays. All four of our kids nodded and agreed to call and visit, but seldom do. Now it is your time. Do what pleases you. Your land looks so green, but our spring is premature and flowers are blooming here.
    Your blog is always interesting. One thought, when my mother moved into a senior apartment building, she became more active and involved than she had been her entire life. Keep your options open and spend your money on #1.

  13. Update your will every two years? Never heard of that one. I've always been told to update your will when your life situation changes -- new children, new marriage, major events like that -- but I don't know how you do it in England. Anyhoo . . . looks like you're doing a lot of work in the garden; I'm sure it will look beautiful in about a month or so.

  14. Hi Friko - I always love reading what you're going on about! I also find it so interesting to see your garden and hear your news re gardening etc ... and it's good to know you're still describing Handsome Hunk as that! But thank goodness for helping hands - and I do hope next door 'coff up' and reimburse you ... also what will the Ballerina tree become? - let us know anon, pretty please.

    Don't move - your Will only needs to be updated as necessary - and presumably was done after 'Beloved' died - the solicitors at that stage should have made sure all things were correctly set up - bearing in mind your circumstances. Use your money for you and make things as easy and as comfortable as you can while continuing to live in the house.

    With thoughts - cheers Hilary

  15. seems you isolated yourself even more by selling your car. I would find it hard to move at this point in my life even though I have a half acre to maintain. I think I have a new plan for the yard though, creating a pocket prairie as described in my last post. I should probably look over my will as it's been a long time but basically it just gives everything to the husband if he outlives me or the kids if he doesn't. no specific bequeaths.

  16. I love seeing one of your posts turn up in my blog roll. It reminds me that the world is really smaller than it would seem and that people on the other side of the earth have similar lives and thoughts, dreams and fears.

    I've given up trying to understand the whole comment dilemma. If I can only post a comment anonymously, they I just try to add my name. Works for Google. On Word Press I learn to look for and click on their tiny icon to the right of the posting box to get through to post a comment,

  17. Keep waffling. Waffling is good. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Hello Cuban, it's been a long time since I last saw you in blogland. I took a look at your blog. Congratulations on becoming a published author.

  18. Where to begin... First, I love seeing the photos of your garden, even if it's the clean-up time. And if you love your house, find a way to stay. Don't you wish it was feasible to spend several months actually living in a new town to see if you'd really like it before selling out and moving? I have heard both good and bad stories of doing that and it's not a decision to be lightly made.

    As for continuing a blog, I so hope you keep doing it. You know, I love blogs like yours that are slices of life. You share thoughts that interest me and I can relate to, I love seeing how people live and what they do. Sometimes I think if I see one more blog that ONLY does decorating or cooking or whatever, I'll scream, even though they might be very good at it. I have a few I like and I'll stick with them. But your is so real, so genuine.

    It is wise to at least review your will every few years. Changing it matters only if how you want those remaining assets distributed. I say distribute a bit to yourself and get a car -- it needn't be a new one, just a reliable one to broaden your world a bit. I think that will be lovely. If Ludlow is only about a half hour away, perhaps they have activities there you might enjoy if you could get there easily. Just a thought.

    Now, about commenting. Here's the link that helped me with commenting on blogger posts. No problems since then. If it doesn't help, go anonymous and just sign it Friko. We'll know!

  19. I’m always pleased to see a fresh post from you. Like others here I enjoy the ordinary real slice of life blogs; as soon as I detect the blog I’m reading is in anyway a “lifestyle “ one I lose interest.
    It’s up to you whether you downsize or not although I’d favour staying where you are - with a new cheap car if possible.
    Your snowdrops are beautiful.

  20. Friko, your blog posts are always interesting. I appreciate that you share how you are feeling about things in addition to what is going on with you.

  21. I am thankful for the author's dedication to researching and fact-checking all of their content.

  22. Just for grins, I decided to try commenting with my name and URL. I can get through using Google, but we'll see if this works, too.

    I'd certainly undo that decision to sell your car. You're close enough to that interesting town that you could participate in its life even without moving if you could get there easily. Of all the days I dread, the day I have to stop driving is at the top of the list. Until that day comes, I intend to get out and about as much as I possibly can.

    I'd say that comment you mentioned most probably is spam. Very occasionally one will get through on my blog, even though Wordpress has a good system for dealing with the annoying ones. On the other hand, even if it is legit, I'd be cautious. I'm not exactly paranoid, but it crosses my mind that there are people who like to get their hooks into isolated or lonely people. You never know.

  23. I use Adblocker on the internet when I surf and found that I had to remove that when I visit certain blogs and it will let me comment. I am so sorry for your loneliness but you are considerig all options and that is important. Get a new car before your driving skills wane. Surly there are important causes to leave your money to.

  24. What a joy to see your blog come up. And to top it off, you articulated some similar challenges that this old broad is facing. Our circumstances differ in some ways. My husband is still serving as my caregiver even though he spent six days in the hospital during December at Christmas time. Scary that they couldn't seem to pinpoint why he passed out one morning and was mostly unconscious in the hospital for three of those days.The day he was released to go home, they finally said he had had walking pneumonia.

  25. I was concerned about your dodgy emails and hope the following link might help. It's easy enough to ignore these scams but better if they can be reported and stopped.


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