Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Poetic Meme in November

November Skies

Than these November skies
Is no sky lovelier. The clouds are deep;
Into their grey the subtle spies
Of colour creep,
Changing that high austerity to delight,
Till even the leaden interfolds are bright.
And, where the cloud breaks, faint far azure peers
Ere a thin flushing cloud again
Shuts up that loveliness, or shares.
The huge grey clouds move slowly, gently, as
Reluctant the quick sun should shine in vain,
Holding in bright caprice their rain.

And when of colours none,
nor rose, nor amber, nor the scarce late green
Is truly seen, -
In all the myriad grey,
In silver height and dusky deep, remain
The loveliest,
Faint purple flushes of the unvanquished sun.

John Freeman, Stone Trees, 1916

Photo Florian Werner

And now it’s time to tackle Wipso’s MEME which she slipped into my in-tray at the same time as the Over The Top Award. Why do people insist that I work for my treats? Not only that, but work hard, as in giving one word answers only!

Where is my cell phone? Hall
My hair? Tinted
My mother? Stars
My father Ditto
My favourite food? Chocolate
My dream last night? Flying
My favourite drink? Champagne
My dream/goal? Laughter
The room I am in? Study
My hobby Blogging
My fear? War
Where do I want to be in 6 years’ time? Alive
Where was I last night? Home
Something that I am not? Drowning
Muffins? Maybe
Wish list item? Talent
Where did I grow up? Germany
Last thing I did? Walked
What am I wearing? Clothes
My TV? Off
My pets? Labrador
Friends? Please
My life? Amazing
My mood? Varied
Missing someone? Terribly
Vehicle? Wheelbarrow
Something I am not wearing? Wellington boots
My favourite store? Bookshop
My favourite colour? Sunlight
Last time I laughed? Today
Last time I cried? Today
My best friend? Mate
A place I go over and over? Past
Facebook? No
Favourite place to eat? Kitchen


  1. friko - i love the photograph and freeman is a new writer to me - the poem is beautiful. have a peaceful day. steven

  2. Enjoyed your Meme especially "A place I go over and over? Past" . Poem very evocatve of this time of year, thank you for introducing me to it.

  3. Very creative answers to the meme and not just the gut responses that I usually give! Photo and poem were a nice respite.

  4. Friko: Love, love the misty image and poem about loving November. I needed that!

    Friends? 'Please'. Allow me.

  5. Fab poem Friko. Love your meme. Hope you consider us friends and we can meet up some time soon :-) A x

  6. What a beautifully evocative, mystical poem. I see that you fly in your dreams...I do too sometimes and rarely forget those dreams. So freeing. I feel I know you a little better having read all your responses - some quite unconventional.

  7. Well. Love the poem and its pictures of the November cloud-scape and beyond. The little insight into the hinterland of Friko is tantalising too.

    Did think a poetry meme might be an interesting one to kick off.....

    How about a meet up/lunch either mid December or early in the new year?

  8. How unusual for a poem to start with 'Than'. Interesting construction, and it works. I enjoyed your one word answers!

  9. Hi Friko! Good job on the meme! My favorite was the wheelbarrow as your vehicle of choice!
    I love the rich language of the poem and how it ends in hope. If everythinng is dreary gray, look at the sun for its faint purple flushes. The image is gorgeous! Shades of greren, even an aura around the sun.

  10. Birke im November

    Thank you so very much for that photography.
    Arriving back in Athens, it is this site that makes it a bit lighter.
    Wonderful as well your answers.
    A Thursday just alike for you.

  11. I love the misty sun trying to peep through the clouds. Beautiful photo and beautiful poem.

    I now know you don't wear Wellington Boots and probably avoid combat boots, too. ;-) Or are they the same thing?

  12. To most of your choices I add my "Amen."

    Aloha, Friko

    Comfort Spiral

  13. steven - he is not well known

    her at home - thank you and welcome

    Tabor - memes need dressing up I find

    Bonnie - absolutely, yes please

    Wipso - definitely, when? how about Churchstoke? or a pub in BC to start? Half way for both? Or three, of course?

    Deborah - I look forward to getting to know you better

    mountainear - either will be fine, although December tends to get hectic

    Fran Hill - thanks Fran

    Margaret - thank you kindly

    robert - danke Robert, War's schoen in Deutschland?

    Darlene - Wellington boots are long rubber boots for the wet and muddy outdoors

    Cloudia - thanks and Aloha!

  14. Friko
    Thanks for the comment on my "Buddy" He is a dear.

    The photo and the poem are lovely.


  15. You are both revealing and concealing in your meme. Love the poem.


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