Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Scraper's Diary, March 10th 1947, Moenchengladbach

We were called on parade "ready to move off" at 9 a.m. At eleven the coach turned up, and we moved off. From Duesseldorf to here is about fifteen minutes, but the Rhine is in spate, and the ferry is therefore out of use; so we drove here via Cologne, through flooded roads, and got lost. We drove over a hundred miles, and arrived at a quarter to five. We do a concert at eight and then go back to Duesseldorf tonight. Dress on.

Parts of Cologne are razed to the ground. The cry is not "Look at that damage!" but "Look, a home!"

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  1. Friko, the Scraper's Diary is very interesting. I was in Cologne a few weeks ago and we saw photos that showed the bombings and the enormous destruction.

    Looking forward to more entries.


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