Saturday, 5 April 2014

I’ll Take April

When pressed,
I’ll take April.
March being the boring end of winter
May all lilacs and romantic love.
Yes, I’ll take April,
perplexed, bewildered, vacillating April,
tempestuous one minute and
in deep thought about spring the next.
the yellow month,
(did you know yellow is for happiness?)
the month when bumblebees bumble
drunk with unimaginable possibilities
and the thrush perched on the tallest conifer
shatters the early morning mist
with a call to arms.


  1. Hi Friko - beautiful .. and April this year has been rather good ... life is bursting forth with many yellows and yellowy-greens .. love it and I'd love to express myself as you do ... still we each have our own voice .. Cheers and enjoy those April walks and longer days .. Hilary

  2. ah lovely, can i have may? smiles.
    only because its my anniversary month...
    i like the bumbles bumbling....drunk on possibility...
    ah its spring...

  3. I like that - instead of April being the cruelest month, April is the yellow month! Much more cheery.

  4. My April is various shades of gray. I'm hoping for a pop of yellow by May.

  5. I love your thought ... but like Susie, it seems this year April is more like the "boring end of winter," and maybe May will be the yellow month.

  6. Oh, Friko, you made me all nostalgic for my beloved "Schluesselbluemchen". Haven't seen one in ages. Dare say that your photo depicts a primula which I like too.

    And then there was Disney's Bambi and the song "April Showers". If you want to further tap into my tear ducts remind me of Bambi's mother. And ... snow.

    With April Fool's day safely behind us,
    Spring Greetings to you,


  7. Beautifully stated, Friko. Yes, I will take April -- although I'll be just as delighted as May. After this winter, a little predictability wouldn't be a bad thing!

  8. “April, the yellow month…”, yes, yellow is for happiness, it brings forth sunny feeling of joy, warmth, and welcome, liberated at last from the tense cold of winter. It also evokes freshness as a start of academic year in Japan, But when it comes to landscape, April is absolutely the pink month in Japan. (You’ll know why on my latest post.) I thought how I’d write an April poem with my background though I can’t write any better. Thank you for the nice stimulation. Enjoy your April.


  9. Wonderful words. So fine.


  10. Right now, our April is more like early March at best. I'll take yours any day. Lovely images, Friko.. photographic and verbal.

  11. Beautiful. Evocative. Hopeful. Thank you.

  12. I'm just making the most of this glorious weather , day by day , and trying to resist the temptation to rush and buy tomato plants ... I know if I do , it'll snow for Easter !

  13. In line with your thinking, I'll type for myself: I'll take June. All that you love about April is what happens here in June. I can't wait to see my arms again--come June, when short sleeves come out of the closet.

  14. Beautiful. I need to take a poetry class or something!!

  15. Beautiful words
    and everything is surfacing around my cottage.
    May all will look glorius and in full bloom.

  16. I actually heard "All in the April evening" as I read this and then found it on the Ipod and played it. Yellow. Of course. I miss springtime in Ireland something fierce right now.

  17. April! When the dogwoods blossom and tornadoes start their cycle ! Did you take this picture with your new toy? It is very clear and nice.

  18. I'll agree with you on April. Things can get interesting.

  19. Love your wonderful words dear Friko.
    Love April too - for it is the dawning of possibilities...
    Anna :o]

  20. Delightful, Friko. I always enjoy your prose, but you are a talented poet as well.
    April does indeed vacillate, doesn't she? I've been "home" to the west coast a couple of times this year, where spring was springing last month.
    Meanwhile, in Alberta, it's colder than it was in Iceland, but expected to warm up this weekend. Then, no doubt, there will be more snow and ice to come.
    Luv, K

  21. Friko, your poem is a beauty. Reading it has given me pleasure and added to my April appreciation.

    I am so happy that each April day is bringing us more daylight hours! xo

  22. 'perplexed, bewildered, vacillating April, tempestuous one minute and in deep thought about spring the next' - sounds familiar. April is my birth month.

  23. "I'll take Manhattan..."
    Well stated in verse! I think you've caught the spirit of Spring!

  24. I love that poem. But me, I'll take warmer May.

  25. A lovely poem. April is a special month for us: 5 family birthdays (including mine) and our wedding anniversary. :-)

  26. April is pretty wonderful, even here in Australia. We still have days that are a little too warm, but the nights are lovely for sleeping comfortably.

  27. This is wonderful, Friko, and brings a lovely reminder to T.S. Eliot's "April is the cruelest month...". How I wish I could say the same about April in my country - sadly, this is when the sun grows larger with each new day and crabbiness reaches new heights. ;-)

    Have a great week.

  28. It really is a beautiful month isn't it?? October is always going to be my favorite though :)

  29. Poets love April, the cruelest month.

  30. Beautiful words and very delicate flower!

    I found your blog on Vagabonde and I am glad I did.

  31. Beautiful. I'll take April too. I love April. It brings me great sadness every year because of reminders, but it also reminds me of the great joy that the month has given me.

  32. April is the door that seems to close winter off, hopefully. I love April.

  33. i giggle over the difference in the arrival of springtime here and there.

    april: that month when the road is five miles of axle deep quiver sucking mud and there's still snow on the ground. ski season is over, and the trails are too muddy to use for another month.

    those brightly colored things i keep seeing? road cyclists.


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