Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Millie’s First Birthday

 A year of life with 'smelly Millie with the Ears' already?
 Twelve months gone? Never! 
Throughout the year I said things like: 
”Millie’s first spring with us”,  
"Millie’s first summer in the garden with free-anytime-access-to-the-river”, 
Millie’s first time of this or that,
as any fond parent with a new baby would do.

She has taken over house and garden and much of the castle grounds,
like any self-respecting dog does, who knows what a personage of her importance is owed.

She’s still overweight,
still has those ridiculous ears,
and still thinks that anyone she meets is in need of a thorough Millie cuddle.

She has calmed down somewhat; 
although she enjoys her walks,
she is just as keen on fossicking around in the tall grass of the castle meadow,
spending hours with her nose deep in 
 the soft underbelly of tussocks and damp hollows.

She is a darling,
and we’ve never, not once, not for a second,
regretted giving her a home when she became surplus to requirements
in her previous life.

And right at this moment she is a very useful dog to have around, because:-

I believe all over England a Spayed Bitch is accounted wholesome in a House; that is to say, they have a strong belief that it keeps away evil from haunting of a Cranborn in Dorset about 1686, a Home was haunted and two Tenants successively went away for that reason; a third came and brought his Spayed Bitch, and was never troubled.

So said John Aubrey in his  Remains of Gentilism of 1688, and he should know. Besides, what with Halloween coming  . . . . . .


  1. Fossicking and tussocks. Oh my dear how lovely yours words. And how gorgeous is Millie. Being the proud mother of a spayed furry daughter I can relate to your passion for this wondrous creature.


  2. She is just perfect.
    My dogs are both neutered and I have to watch them with food. Dogs are happy hungry. Not altogether happy perhaps but better for being fed alternate days. They live longer and it's cheaper.

  3. Is she rolling in something smelly in that one photo?

  4. I love the last comment ! It's made me wonder if I could persuade Husband to do his bit to save money , too ? Give up his breakfast , perhaps ?
    Meanwhile , I can well believe that Millie's a joy to have around and wish her a very Happy Birthday !!

  5. Happy Birthday young Millie

  6. She's well loved, and loving as well. You can tell just by looking at those pictures. :-)

  7. She's wondeful, Friko, and I'm so glad you rescued her when she became superfluous. You and I are the sort of people who need a dog, and I'm sure your Beloved is, too. My husband didn't know he needed a dog until he met Lindy, and now I'm afraid he'll be inconsolable if she dies before he does.
    I very much enjoyed your account of Millie's year with you, and my favourite line is "thinks that anyone she meets is in need of a thorough Millie cuddle"!
    Luv, K

  8. Oh, lucky Millie! Oh to be able to fossick around in the tall grass.... I love your descriptive language.

  9. Lovely Millie! That last photograph is just gorgeous....a truly happy dog.

    How nice to see Aubrey mentioned...and not in connection with his Brief Lives for once!

    Now you've raised something from the back of my mind about a folk tale of a farmer keeping the devil at bay with his two spayed bitches...or was it something to do with building a church....?

    Curse you Friko....this will haunt me now until I remember!

  10. Good that Millie is protecting you! However, I hear she doesn't want to be called a "bitch." Queen is more to her liking.

  11. Hallo Friko,
    aaah, Ihr habt also einen Hund als Haustier. Wir haben ja 2 Katzen, wie Du sicherlich auf meinem Blog gelesen hast. Ich denke, Hunde können genauso liebe Haustiere sein. Ich hätte lediglich keine Lust, jeden Tag mit ihnen spazieren gehen zu müssen.

    Gruß Dieter

  12. hey if she keeps the ghosts away....ha
    i imagine a dog would have quite the fun around your grounds....

  13. *Delighted Claps*

    Sending this one to my beloved to make his day sweet as well. Congrats Millie and ALL!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  14. Love the John Aubrey quote, very a propos.


    PS. That is one lucky dog to be living at your place!

  15. Ahh, Friko, your quote nearly distracted me from Millie and her birthday. Doesn't seem a year ago! She has brought more than good luck to you and yours.

  16. Happy birthday to beautiful Millie. What a beautiful dog. Pets are family aren't they?

  17. She may have taken over the house, garden and castle grounds but she also has taken over your hearts -- and of all of it, I suspect that means the most to her; I'm pretty sure it does to you, too. I simply love this. Happy Adoption Day, Millie!

  18. Sending best wishes to the lovely Millie. xo

  19. It makes me so happy to read this. It's my belief that EVERYONE would be better off with a dog (or spayed bitch) in his or her life. Happy anniversary to all of you!

  20. It really does not seem a whole year since you first introduced Millie to us! Happy anniversary to the three of you, and I am glad for Millie to have found the perfect home for her. She deserves it!

  21. Happy birthday Millie - and I love that you have enriched the world of the family who took you in as much as they have yours.

  22. Oh Millie - not only have you enriched your own life, but you have also enriched the lives of your human parents. They say that an adopted or rescued dog will give double back in love and protection - they would die for you.
    Millie certainly has happy eyes and is just beautiful. Your love of her so well expressed and deeply felt as only other true pet owners can feel. Happy Birthday dear Millie - woof, woof from my Jack :)

  23. I agree with Mr. Aubrey, although it's meant for a chuckle. Your Millie and my Molly provide a great spirit of peace and quiet joy and contentment.
    Happy adoptiversary, Millie girl.

  24. And what about those 'Black Dog Days' the British so fear? I have read that black dogs warn of Satan's proximity, can it be true? Dianne

  25. Happy first year in Friko's family, Millie!
    She is your real friend, Friko, she loves you.

  26. LOL They are wonderful, aren't they?

  27. We're ok then - our Misty is a spayed you know what. (A friend told me off for saying she was a bitch this week, apparently it is non pc !) Every Blessing Freda from Dalamory (

  28. A darling face, esp. as Millie turns and gazes at the camera. Good message.

  29. Congratulations Millie! I love this. And I'm reading it on Halloween night here in the US, a time when a Spayed Bitch would be especially useful.

  30. Awww this is so sweet. Happy one year with with your beautiful girl.

  31. Happy birthday, Millie. Such a lovely gal she is; I am sure it's all that good, green air. :-)

  32. Wish I'd been at that dinner party (previous post) and also wish Icould romp the fields with Millie - she looks like she'd be delightful company!

  33. Awww, she looks like the best ghost repellent one could have, Friko.

  34. Lucky for all of you that you have each other. I love Millie. She looks like such a great dog. The year has flown by. I remember when she joined your home. Did you give her a special biscuit to celebrate the occasion?

  35. Milllie looks a real darling. I am dogless now and not ready to have another yet.

  36. HI Friko - having had Millie lie near my toes when I visited .. I'd totally concur that she's a darling ... but I didn't see the tussock rolling .. next time perhaps ... congratulations Millie - I reckon you landed with your feet well planted into front of that red aga ... cheers to all - Hilary

  37. Can't believe its a year! What a lovely welcome she gives when I come to visit, as if I'm an old friend she's known for years!

  38. Congratulations, dear Millie! I love to see you!
    You look adorable and you are a darling for sure!
    Many hugs,


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