Monday, 25 July 2011

Of Bicycles, Gods and the Doghouse

Mars and Vulcan,
rough boys playing rough games,
riding their bikes,
shrieking, bells clanging  and brakes screeching,
up and own the long corridors of Jupiter's
workshops for the manufacture
of thunder and lightning.

Jupiter appeared,
bleary-eyed and hung over
after a long night with one of his many conquests.

By Jove, he thundered,
ear-splitting uproar of unruly youth
all but deafening him.

Send for Juno, my wife,
the companion of my years,
protector of my hearth,
warlike and fearless,
her word will end your games.

Juno, in garments of ire,
her face black with anger,
stood before Jupiter.

My lord, brother and husband,
the revels of the night
have addled your adulterer's brain.

Your tale is told as by an idiot,
full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing.

Now hold your tongue,
allow brave youth its edifying games
and you return now whence you came.
A wanton's couch is waiting
your return.

Chastened, ill-favoured, sick at heart,
Jupiter found his way to Sirius.
Move over Sir, he said,
Tonight it's me who's in the doghouse.


  1. Oh, yes! I think Caddoc may know the feeling well...

  2. ha fun little tale friko...wonder where we get our traits just look to the gods...

  3. Delightful story! Not being a man, I have no conception of sleeping in the doghouse though! I always insist on the bed :)

  4. Descriptive!!! Nicely done! Brings a smile to my lips! Have a grand day! Cathy

  5. Oh Friko, you've given me a breakfast time laugh! We are still awaiting the air clearing thunderstorms hereabouts, but forecasts promise them for this evening.

    I will remember your witty tale when our sky show finally begins.


  6. That is a fun one, even if Jupiter is in the doghouse, he deserved it! I enjoyed it immensely.

  7. How delightfully you have woven all these heavenly and elements together to paint a picture of a quite earthy domestic relationship!

  8. Wonderful, Friko. I love the thought of Jupiter in the doghouse with the dog star. And "By Jove," he thundered, is very funny.
    By the way, I hope you saw the post I did in answer to your question about the coulee.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  9. Friko, how lovely to lend the gods the frailty of mortals.

  10. After admiring your deftness with words and images I laughed out loud at the ending. You're a delight, Friko!

  11. All the above and more - I thoroughly enjoyed this.

  12. Thanks for a fabulous morning laugh, I shall be smiling throughout the day thinking back on this one.

  13. I love it! The thought of an almighty god being put in the doghouse by his even almightier wife is just stupendous! Brava!

  14. very poetic and beautiful.

    life has lovely arrangement for all.

  15. I expected some verbal fireworks about handlebars and handlebras, but I was gratified visually. Thankyou for an enjoyable moment.

  16. As boisterous and compelling as the advertising poster, pulled me right in!

  17. Amazing what you pulled out of the magpie prompt--the title alone is priceless--and a great zinger at the end.

  18. You found a tangent classical
    in nature, and humorous in fact;
    great idea, and terrific take on
    the magpie prompt. Even the
    gods have their follies it seems.

  19. ..very classy approach and the incorporation of many mythological figure makes it more tangible for me... i like it best!adorable!(:


  20. Someone is always the monkey in the barrel, animated mannequin-like.~Mary

  21. I love how you poets can make pictures with words--lights up the brain!! :) :)

  22. Very creative and fun. A great read! Congrats!

  23. And then Mars and Vulcan grew up , founded the Eastbourne Tyre Co. , " Vulcanisation Our Speciality" , and never looked back .
    Juno and Jupiter ? You'll have to provide their sequel ....please .

  24. He was a bad bad boy. I've known a feww of those myself. Dianne

  25. I'm smiling, down here in Hampshire.

  26. Oh, well done, Friko! The doghouse indeed!

  27. Delightful story, and it's delightful to meet you. I shall be reading on now. Happily. :) So delighted you liked my words too.

  28. Dog Star Hotel!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

  29. An excellent ending for a Narcissist.

  30. lol.....That's our Friko!

  31. Clever and delightful! A truly original take on the prompt! Love it!


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