Sunday, 2 January 2011


This infant year, how very young it is.

So much to learn, so many steps to take
Into the dark unknown.
The light of Christmas gone, 
Into the deepest, most impenetrable forests.

And yet, how old this year is, so many aeons old.

Standing by the window, 
Watching blackbirds and thrushes shiver in the cold
And small birds scrabble for crumbs on the bird table,
We are slowly growing old, the years and I.

The world is black and white and muddy brown,
Winter flexes his muscle, 
His white coat hiding the land living in want of colour,
Fields yearning for crops, for new growth and abundance.

January proudly dancing on ice 
Leaves me hesitant and timid, afraid to miss my step.
They say the days are lengthening, 
I cannot tell.
Yet it is true, there’s hope.

They say that things will change,
That kindness and good sense will now prevail, 
I cannot tell.
They say we’ll live in peace and gentle harmony
With our Earth, our neighbours, and ourselves.

We can but dream.

How young, how very young this new year is.


  1. A very lovely meditation, Friko. None of us knows what the future holds. Perhaps the only things we can do are identified in your second line — just keep learning and taking our steps, one after the other, into the great unknown.

  2. You have such good talent putting these thoughts and ideas together. You ARE compiling a chapbook or something, I hope.

  3. with the burning questions tucked insid, this is a thoughtful and thought creating meditation friko. steven

  4. Yes the year is young but the days are like others that have been before. The year is only a number, it doesn't mean very much, it's how we live each day I think.
    On the bright side for you, as your days are lengthening we are decreased daylight hours.

  5. I wish I had just an ounce of your talent. My favorite line was
    We are slowly growing old, the years and I.

  6. As the year fills in we'll find out what's in store. I already notice the smallest change in the morning light above the tres.

  7. Oh yes! This is my at peace and harmony with one another...our neighbors...with all glad you took time to leave me a comment so that I could find my way back is so very nice to meet you..after looking around your warm inviting place here, I count myself blessed to have met you. Blessings to you. XX

  8. Your words take hold of the heart and find a permanent place to reside...absolutely exquisite, Friko.

  9. Just beautiful, Friko. "I cannot tell..." how true. I'm afraid there won't be world peace this year. The ridiculous man who is now prime minister of Canada has said our troops will be in Afghanistan for another 3 years. So sad, war and the thought of war.
    You're right. "We can but dream."
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. Eine tiefe Verbeugung.

    Wahrscheinlich das Beste was ich seit langem gelesen habe. Gelungen. Gelungen.
    Eine gute neue Woche dir.

    daily athens

  11. "January proudly dancing on ice/
    Leaves me hesitant"

    Many great lines in this, though this may be my favorite.

  12. With the sunshine we've been enjoying for the past few days, it does seem that the days are lengthening, but ever so slowly.

    A lovely meditation, Friko.

  13. Yes indeed.
    Profound thoughts meditatively arranged.
    Yes. Yes indeed.

  14. Beautiful picture -- poignant words. We cannot tell... we can but dream...

  15. Great meditation and words to ponder – if only we knew…

  16. Friko, you've hit the frozen ground of this new year, running. I read this and re-read it. Wonderful.

  17. Just beautifully said. We can only hope that
    "That kindness and good sense will now prevail"

  18. this is really lovely...and peaceful at times, yet challenging...will things change? only as much as we do...

  19. No matter what happens, we have the hope and light inside. The Christmas light.

  20. Is that poem one of yours, Friko? - it's really lovely and so much truth in the words.

  21. Das Gedicht lesen und dann still sein, keine Worte gebrauchen, es nicht zerreden, so dass es verweilt... in seiner Reinheit!

  22. Hi Friko - I like the meditation. Has the postman called on you yet this year?

  23. Beautiful sentiment, beautiful words, beautiful peaceful view. I would love to meditate on that hill. Dianne

  24. Timeless like the sea, washing the shore in front of me as I write this.
    You inspire. As always.

  25. If all these arbitrary time-keeping lines were simply ignored, then what would we have to reflect upon? Would we still be so preoccupied with ageing and the passage of time?
    Not to take away from your meditation, which was quite lovely, of course.

  26. Wonderful meditation, wonderful reflections both to days past, countless days and to the newness of this year and it's youth. Well shared, so many can relate to I'm sure. I know I can definitely find direction, a voice for so many thoughts that have been floating yet have not made it to my pages.

  27. I see the dreamers and want to say: Let your dreams soar, but look upon the morning with a calm, lucid and clear eye. And, given my wife's recent mishap, watch your step!


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