Saturday, 11 December 2010

For Children of All Ages - The 11th Window


Courtyard, path and drive have been liberated.
Ice and snow have melted.
Winter has relented 
 opened a 'window' for us.

We are going shopping
and there's only time for a very quick post today.

Take three tree trunks,
as thick or thin as you wish.
Cut them into unequal lengths.
With a saw
cut  one end of each of the trunks
on the diagonal,
then smooth down the sawn end.
Paint Santa's face on the smoothed end,
leaving enough room for his red hat
and white beard.

Thin trunks need support,
spikes or similar to pin to the ground.
Thick trunks stay upright by themselves.

Stand them outside your door
wait for snow.
A robin redbreast would be a suitable decoration.
Preferably a live robin.
Bird food sprinkled around the base should do it.

for children of all ages
from 9 to 90
and beyond.


  1. Enjoy your freedom ! You know you cold start marketing those pere noel!!

  2. Glad to know that a window has been opened for you, Friko. After all that Christmas shopping, you might want to crawl back in an close it again. Merry Christmas.

  3. The title of your post caught my attention this morning because it had the word “children” in it. I was just reading the report by UNICEF called “The Children left behind.” It is showing tables of inequality in child well-being in the world’s rich countries. I am afraid to say that out of 24 countries the UK ranks 21 and the USA 24, very sad indeed. If you have time to look at it, here it is . At this time of year we wish to be optimistic but we cannot forget the children in our countries. We are all proud of our countries but as this report says – the true measure of a nation’s standing is how well it attends to its children. Anyhow, in your post too you show the Santa on sticks and they are innocent looking and quite sweet. Have a good time shopping.

  4. Note: there were only 24 countries in the report - I forgot to mention it.

  5. ha! i like these tall thin santas. steven

  6. Lovely I am so enjoying your series, Friko, I hope you weren't discombobbed by the frantic consumers out there.

  7. So glad you are free at last, and love your little gift of a post on Santa posts today!

  8. Be careful with your outing. I'm looking forward to your next installment of Christmas 101.

  9. European Santas are so different from typical American Santas. Over here across the pond, we keep our Santa as fat as our general population.

    Enjoy your freedom!

  10. I love the Santas!

    Enjoy your window. :-)


  11. Oh what a great idea. So creative and cute!

  12. Thank you for taking good care of 'Hope'. Please have a wonderful Sunday.

    daily athens

  13. I'm glad you've got past the windows of the Scrooges. I thought I'd find myself in there somewhere.

  14. There's something SO appealing about those tall thin Santas. There's hope for us all!


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