Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas Shopping - 13th Window

The Card stall in St. Lawrence's Church, Ludlow

Department Stores? Crowds pushing and shoving? Mischief and mayhem? Panic buying?
Not in Ludlow on Saturday, and I can prove it by taking you by the hand and leading you through part of the way of my shopping day.

We started out in the Church to buy Charity Christmas Cards.

There was plenty of time to linger over the many boxes filled with cards on behalf of dozens of worthy charities and to choose the right card sold by your favourite charities, the one or two closest to your heart. The choice is great.

The volunteer lady cashiers had plenty of time to chat with a lone male purchaser who was telling them about a recent tragedy in his family. Both ladies were very supportive.

The second stop was at a dress shop
where we bought a pretty party frock for
a granddaughter who is mad about
clothes. I don't want to show the frock here,
it might spoil the surprise.

The cheese stall in the market came next. Dozens of delectable cheeses are for sale here from  Europe
and the UK, each creamier, tastier, smellier and richer than the last. As you can see, there was plenty of time to consult the very knowledgeable stall holder, who will, by the way, find you any cheese you care to order. The lady in red and the cheese expert had come to a mutually very satisfactory conclusion.

Jams, marmalade, pickles, chutneys, preserves, anyone? all home-made, without artificial preservatives and prettily presented. Very reasonably priced, ideal gifts.

stalls selling christmas 
wreaths and table decorations,
for those who can't be bothered, or don't have the time
 to make them

the Deli on the Square
inviting you in to sample mouth-watering treats,
sweet and savoury.

 The brave souls concerned  for their waistlines
at this self-indulgent time of year come here
to calm their consciences and buy
fruit and vegetables from the aptly named
Fruit Basket.

Going shopping on a cold day always gives me an appetite,
which the many hostelries in Ludlow are keen to satisfy.
A goodly portion of venison casserole with vegetables
at The Unicorn Pub soon filled me up.


Afterwards we completed a full programme of stopping off at 
the bookstore, the chocolate shop, 
the health food store and the chemist's;
there was still time and leisure to take Benno 
for a walk along the river bank. 
Although snow and ice have gone from the hillside and the paths,
the waterfall is still partly frozen.

Now that's what I call a Christmas Shopping Day!
Mission Accomplished.


  1. A very pretty market day, Friko, with a delicious meal at the end. I am no shopper, but this I could do, being out in the open air, and browsing such lovely stalls.

  2. Looks like something out of a movie from this end where malls and big box stores are packed with shoppers.

  3. Ah Ludlow! I miss it's wonderful markets and the countryside around it. Many thanks for taking me on a trip down memory lane :-)

  4. The waterfall looks spectacular being particially frozen still.
    Love the market scenes - what a shame (for the stall holders) that it wasn't busier.

  5. friko that is what i also call an excellent real beautiful dreamy christmas shopping day. so lucky you!!!! steven

  6. If my Christmas shopping could look like this, I might not hate it so much.

  7. Now that is Christmas shopping as it should be! No chaotic parking lots, no crowds, no over-heated shoppers in an indoor mall. Looks like your larder is stocked. I'll stop by on the 23rd for a glass of wine and some of that European cheese! :-)

  8. Oh Friko I indeed enjoyed shopping with you. I do not shop for gifts. I manage to make them all. From paintings to weaving baskets. Not bragging just illustrating how many of us, like yourself, find ways to avoid the mad rush. I cannot deal with that. Merry Christmas to you and all your family and friends.

  9. Oh, what a beautiful day... could see myself being much more in the holiday shopping mood with that atmosphere. Much better than the consumers fighting over a single piece of clothing (the last of its kind)as here in the local mall. I moved up for more 'country' but progress has taken its toll.

  10. How very civilised! I try to use small, independent shops where possible but we don't have such a wide choice here as you seem to have.

  11. village shopping looks like so much more fun than the hectic crowded malls here.

  12. I don't care at all for shopping as a whole, but your day of shopping, complete with a pub meal and icy waterfall, sounds absolutely wonderful!

  13. I could do with a few of these days- so much calmer looking than my hurried trips to the mall. Merry Christmas Friko!

  14. Oh it looks like the perfect place to shop. I think I could spend hours there.. often. Topped off with a meal at the pub and a frozen waterfall? Perfect!

  15. Friko what a lovely day out in Ludlow! It's years since I've been there. I love visiting the market, people seem to have so much more time for their customers there.

  16. That is definitely my kind of shopping day.

  17. That's the perfect shopping trip . Good food bought from the traders who know it best , a book shop , chocolate and a delicious lunch .
    Most satisfying !

  18. I wonder what the heck you got at the Health Food store after that bonzanza.

  19. North American shopping malls can get so tedious. Your day is the antidote.

  20. Ludlow is such a lovely place. It's ages since I've been there. Those quaint shops and market stalls look delightful, and certainly would take the strain out of Christmas shopping.

  21. What a lovely town, and such wonderful wares on offer. A shopping day just as it should be! Made me think back to a Christmas shopping outing we once took in a town called Beacon not far from here. So different from plowing through the department store crowds.

  22. My shopping is almost done but I find it stressful so I really would much rather have accompanied you on such a civilized shopping spree.

  23. That was more than a shopping trip - it was an excursion, and a most delightful one. This is how all shopping trips should be.

  24. Now that is the most heavenly way to shop - and what we sadly lack here in the many thanks for taking us along - it was a real treat!

  25. Such a lovely day. I enjoyed sharing it with you, Friko

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  26. I could enjoy that sort of shopping!

  27. Jams, marmalade, pickles, chutneys, preserves, anyone? all home-made, without artificial preservatives and prettily presented. Very reasonably priced, ideal gifts."

    I want some of those for Christmas.


  28. I’d love to go shopping there with you. Since I collect postcards I know I would buy some, and may keep some.

  29. dear friko
    how interesting your blog is ; i found your commentary on my friend's page in america and she told me to look at your blog .i am french(66)retired schoolteacher ,mad about all is english (many friends in the uk )but half my blood is german though i have no contact with my german side though i liv e near the border in the northeast of france .my email address is if ever you want to answer. have a pleasant festive season .


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