Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Best In Show.


He's all aglow 
At the Village Show,
His hard work has paid off.
He's happy now, 
So happy now,
It was a labour of love.

He's on the up,
He's won the cup,
His parsnips did him proud.
He's happy now,
So happy now,
There's not a single cloud.

The sun shines bright,
His heart is light,
His cress is a great success,
He's happy now,
So happy now,
And bowing to the crowd.

Then comes the thought,
A horrible thought,
How to retain the prize
In years to come,
For there would be some,
Who'd laugh at his sprouts out loud.

He'd also fail 
With his curly kale,
it's painful to realise.
He's not happy now,
No, not happy now.
 For cheating is not allowed.

His heart is heavy,
For he can see
That pride comes before a fall.
For the winners next year
Will surely be,
Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.


  1. So much fun to read, Friko. A delightful Magpie.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Oh, Friko! You have definitely been bitten by the same bug as me. It's a laughter magnet, this rhyming lark, and soon takes a stranglehold - be warned. Hehehe! I love it.

  3. Very clever, especially the way you worked in Uncle Tom Cobbley.

  4. Ha reminds me of village shows when we lived in the Uk!

  5. Village shows, state fairs,
    science fairs, and competitions
    of all sorts--you have hit the
    mark with this magpie.
    And, of course, you accomplished
    this with your wit intact
    and inner philosopher having
    a dialogue with your inner

  6. Our Village Show was also a grand affair - i still have my old collies "2nd" rosette stuck to the fridge!

    Lovely take on the prompt!

  7. Loved this, Friko,
    -He'd also fail
    With his curly kale-
    sounds like something Roald Dahl would write.

  8. If not next year, the year after and after and after. Wonderful read!

  9. Enjoy the moment! Soak up the winner's joy! Friko, you have so many followers--I remember when you had 35! Congratulations! Your posts are always thought-provoking. ♥

  10. Brava, Friko, you captured the fall fair quite beautifully. winning is a whole pile of pressure for future years....LOL

  11. what a smart twist in your tale...
    guilt takes away pleasure...

    love your magpie.

    My Magpie has some awards/treats in it, enjoy the blog love!

  12. Thanks for your visit and comment at my blog! I'll be back!

  13. Oh, what fun! Curly kale has such a nice ring!

  14. I am amused, I am entertained, and happy.

  15. As a gardener of flowers married to a gardener of veggies, I enjoyed this, if a bit ruefully. Fortunately we live in a climate that makes winning Best in Show possible only for people with full-time help & greenhouses. Very enjoyable magpie.

  16. Such a fun light take on this piece... oh those moments of being proud, they can be the end to so mcuh fun!

  17. never laugh at sprouts - they're great in curries. Just don't boil em to death

    Great pome - the refrain "he's happy now" made me think of that song from Fame

  18. your flexibility with words is a wonderful thing.

  19. I think your poem captures the essence of why it is important to live in the present moment, rather than the past or the future. Living in the past or the future robs us of the eternal now.

  20. Lovely bit of poetry Friko with a moral for all of us who forget to savor the moment. As a gardener, I can identify with the pride of the product grown.

  21. I love it .
    I can see him in his V-neck jumper under his suit , hair smoothed over his thin patch , the glow fading. Poor man , the perils of peaking too young .

  22. Live in the present
    enjoy what you've got
    you will end in tears
    if you run after
    what you have not
    - nicely put. :)

  23. A wonderful study in human nature.

  24. Our human frailties would overflow from the cup.

    Really wonderful take on the prompt.


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