Thursday, 19 August 2010


Ah, this is lovely.

Just a few minutes more, there's nothing sweeter than a nice long, hot, soak.

There's plenty of time, won't matter if I'm a bit late.

I'll be dressed in no time, I've done my nails, the dress is lying on the bed, I'll rough-dry my hair, everything is under control.

But this is so nice.

Almost wouldn't mind if I didn't have to go.

It's a pity I have to go out, it's a filthy night and there'll be a lot of boring people there;

I bet the Cholmondely-Browns will be there, can't stand her; she's such a cow. She's bound to have some new piece of jewellery to flash. Oh bother, Jay said that Andrew will be there too; since I've dumped him he keeps on making sheep's eyes at me, how am I going to avoid him all evening. God, and the food, the Smythe's always have such awful food, all hot and spicy and dry. And after the first bottle they'll start serving cheap plonk. I'm bound to have a headache tomorrow.

Hm, water's getting a bit cool, I'll just let in a bit more hot.


Do I really have to go?

Do I want to go?

Wouldn't be polite, not to go.

Will they notice?

Does it matter?

I'd better go, I suppose. I won't be invited again if I don't go.

Where did I put the bathrobe?

Ah, this is cosy,

Oh, sod it all, I'm not going, I'm staying home. It's wet and windy, the heels hurt my feet, I'm all crinkly and wrinkly from lying in the water for so long. They won't even notice that I'm not there. And if they do, I'll tell them I had a last minute emergency.

Desperate Housewives is on the box and there's a glass or two left in the bottle in the fridge.

Ah, this is cosy.

 Willow's Magpie Tales no. 28


  1. Oh this is brilliant, I love it. I have experienced the 'do I really have to go?' moments myself. This is so well written.

  2. friko - so fun! i fell asleep in the bath this afternoon after a very long bike ride through a thunderstorm. my family was horrified and said it was very wrong to fall asleep in the bath. my take? it was absolutely lovely. steven

  3. A perfect little stream of consciousness musing, Friko.
    And may I add: Life is far far too short to go from a lovely warm relaxing bath to hurtful heels and filthy weather and lousy food and company.

  4. Been there. Done that. And the evening is all the lovelier for knowing you made a good choice.

  5. Thanks Friko for this lovely piece; clever and
    funny and so very real. Of course over here
    in the Colonies we prefer a shower; more
    dynamic, quicker, drains the muck off more
    effectively. After a good soak I always feel
    like I need a shower to rinse off the residue.

    And thanks for leaving a link to MAGPIE TALES,
    where one finds the mysterious Miss Willow
    over at Willow Manor, "somewhere" in the
    United States. A tidy poetry writing workshop
    for sure. For this weeks challenge, you weighed
    in as #53. I am so pleased that I figured out
    your references. and am considering joining
    into the whirling poetics; already have a ball
    over on APPLEHOUSE with Lynne Rees.

  6. One smart "cookie" to make up your mind before you put on your makeup. I waffled once like that but I made the decision "not" to go after I had put on the make up, got dressed and was walking to my car.

  7. smart style..
    yes, get in before the water turns too cold.

  8. I must confess .... I have actually 'lived' what you so beautifully composed. AND it WAS fun!

  9. Ah, you so well describe my own inclinations.....again.

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral

  10. Don't go! And make a pledge to yourself, not to go in the future. They'll get the message soon enough. Enjoy your soak.

  11. We can all relate to all of the people you mention - lovely Magpie.

  12. So realistic, Friko! Who could leave a lovely soak to go and dine with those unpleasant-sounding people? Good decision made. :-)

  13. Very funny! The picture alone made me laugh and then your commentary was great. You've drawn the dilemma very well!

  14. A scenario we all recognise, I feel sure! :0)

  15. I am the Queen of 'I cannot come' and nothing makes me happier than staying home at the last minute. Like Steven, I've fallen asleep in the tub - bliss.
    I enjoyed this very much!

  16. Me, too. I love this post. And I've fallen asleep there too. Thanks, Friko

  17. Indecision was never so funny as when you wallow in it. Does that sound right? P'raps not. The sun has baked my brains.

    We are so alike. Inability to commit, I think it's called.

  18. I am so with you in this story...stay home be comfy and the heck with wasting time with boring people....I enjoyed this!

  19. Oh my, I have had those same thoughts only the people had different names. The deciding is painful but the decision is most often right.
    You captured the waffling perfectly.

  20. I can't tell you how many times I've had this conversation with myself!

  21. Oh Friko,
    You write my dithering very well indeed!
    Those people with their horrible food and undrinkable plnk will NOT be missed.
    Oh it is so nice that we don't have to anymore!!

  22. ..think that would have been my decision as well…

    my magpie is here

  23. there is something to be said for being cozy...sure would be hard to pull myself away...smiles...nice magpie!

    my magpie

  24. Friko, you are making me want to try fiction again. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us.

  25. This brought a smile to my face. So very recognizable. Lovely ;-)

  26. Thanks for all the magpie comments; they are such fun to do, quick and easy throwaway lines.

  27. It's been confirmed. My brain in mush. I just came back to read comments and realize this is a Magpie Tale.

    Still, I'm convinced we're related somehow.

  28. Deborah - of course we are, what's it being a magpie tale got to do with anything?
    The thing still inspired me to tell my particular story.

  29. Oh, good for her. Another soak, a little wine and an evening to be enjoyed.

  30. Well add me to the list of been there done that. It doesn't take much for me not to go these days. And like Steven, I think it is perfectly fine to fall asleep in the tub. Read mine. I am not alone. LOL

  31. Awesome!! And this is how I make my excuses too... I delay till the last minute, and then say oops, now even if I have to go, it's too late :)

    Well written, Friko... the alternative you chose seemed waaaay better and more interesting (smiles)


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