Monday, 16 August 2010

A Beautiful Day For A Walk

The weather forecasters have promised rain again from tomorrow onwards but we are granted one gorgeously soft and delicate day before the grey mists and lowering clouds engulf us.
Staying indoors on a day like today would be sacrilege.

As Benno and I leave the house I notice a Peacock butterfly on the path 
leading from the garden to the  lane which is also basking 
in the warm sunshine.
Make the most of it, it isn't going to last.

Even the gravestones in the Churchyard are feeling kindly 
 disposed towards each other on a day like this.
I wonder if the occupants were friends during their life times?
The stones appear to be of a similar age.

Children are playing by the river, under the watchful eye of parents.
In spite of the lack of sunshine since June we have had very 
little rain and there's hardly enough water in the river to drown 
a gnat.

We are now leaving the village itself and climbing up the hill 
into the field where the new foal doesn't seem to know quite 
what to do with all this big beautiful world.

The harvest is by no means all in. A week of rain will delay it further
and cause problems for the farmers.

Valley's End is surrounded by an amphitheatre of hills, 
it almost gathers you in.  It is possible to circle the village from above, 
looking down on it's roofs. Gravity alone will get you back to the centre 
where the ancient packhorse bridge crosses the river, 
which runs through the middle.  


  1. Quintessential English countryside. Your village really is nestled in an amphitheatre-like setting. Wish I could have joined you on your walk Friko ... well in a way, I did. Merci!

  2. What a beautiful day it was - even down here in the City. Thank you for sharing this Friko - you'll need tomorrows rain, even if it is only enough to drown some of those wretched gnats!

  3. It certainly has been a lovely day for getting outside. Those inclined gravestones make a really good photograph.

  4. Such a lovely walk it was. Thank you for taking me along, I love to visit different places, even if it is only via blogland.

    Such beautiful countryside. Hopefully your rains tomorrow will help a little in bringing up the river just a tad.

  5. Friko what a lovely walk. The weather has been hot and sunny here today as well. Those two grave stones do seem to be good pals. Hope the occupants are having a wonderful time together up there!

  6. Friko,you are one lucky woman to live in a place that beautiful. Thanks for including me in your walk.

  7. Really enjoyed the walk and you really have beautiful countryside.
    The leaning tombstones was rather touching and wouldn't it be nice if they had been friends or lovers?

  8. Oh what a beautiful ramble. I loved going along with you through your words and photos. I have so many memories of walks in the UK and your post brought them all back to me. There is something wonderful about the English countryside.

  9. In, re Arkansas Patti;
    Or Romeo and Juliet,
    Heloise and Abelard,
    Or the all the unrequited that have ever been?

  10. Yes, we must take advantage of every sunshine-filled day. Rain will soon drive us indoors to other pleasures. The golden fields and gentle hills look oh, so inviting for a summer meander.

  11. There is something about the English countryside which so captures me! YOur photos are so lovely and I just want to follow along with you!

  12. HI Friko

    I have not been to the UK at all but it is the walking in the countryside that would lure me...

    happy days

  13. A lovely set of pictures to accompany your report. Having just returned from not so far from you, I savored the chance to follow along!

  14. Oh Friko, I recognize your countryside from your card. It is beautiful. It was a nice day here too. We had heavy rains and storms over the weekend and them a cool front came it and make today beautiful. But the high humidity and really hot weather is coming back soon. I am infatuated with the English countryside. Like I was there in another life. LOL Too many BBC movies from Netflix.


  15. I enjoyed being taken along on your promenade.

  16. You must be living in Paradise ! Returning from a 20+ million city, a great joy to breath your photography, writing.

    daily athens

  17. friko the england i know is a collective of tiny little worlds that are interwoven through all manner of means. the little village here is like one of those little worlds. so beautiful in my seeing and imagining. steven

  18. What a pleasure to enjoy your beautiful day! It reminds me of our walking tour in the Cotswolds several years back. Heavenly! Thanks for taking us along!

  19. I've never had the pleasure of a walk in the English countryside. I know I'd love to take this one, and look down on the rooftops of the village. I'll take you on my beach walk if you'll take me on this one.

  20. Thank you for taking us on your walk, Friko. I agree that these rare, gentle days of late summer must be treasured.

  21. A lovely walk Friko. We keep promising to come over and visit the castle but haven't made it yet. Where has this year gone?

  22. The countryside photos are magnificent! So there really are such places that speak folk art needlework...fabulous walking with you. You are fortunate to have such awesome views of the world.

  23. Great photos. We saw some great scenery while in Yorkshire because we took a lot of bus rides on double decker buses and sat at the top. Great views!

  24. A lovely walk with you and I'm not even panting from that last hill climb.

    The grave marker's beckoned to my romantic side. Marvell's words came to mind, "The graves's a fine and private place ..... But none I think do there embrace." Perhaps he's wrong and they did get something going after all.

    Oh well, dream on kiddo.

  25. You have the photographer's viewpoint, and the poet's
    sentiments, and it was wonderful to have you include
    us on your late summer stroll with Benno. Idyllic seems
    to come to mind for those of us living elsewhere on the
    planet; nice that you are not jaded or bored with the
    beauty that surrounds you.

  26. So, hier bin ich. Ich freue mich über diese Entdeckung und komme wieder!

  27. wie gut es tut, Dich auf diesem Rundgang durch die sehr schöne englische Landschaft zu begleiten. Die Bilder und Deine interessanten und weitsichtigen Beschreibungen wärmen hier den Ort der kalten, stürmischen und regnerischen Tage auf und so kann ich das kommende sommerlich schöne (so sagt man!) Wetter zufrieden erwarten!
    Eine sehr gute und ruhige Nacht wünsche ich Dir, liebe Friko!

  28. You sure did justice to both the beautiful day and the glorious countryside in this post, Friko...

  29. Thanks for sharing your walk. There is something so intimate about sharing what your eyes are drawn to along with some of your thoughts that go with the pictures.

  30. What a glorious blue ribbon post!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral

  31. Your village is picturesque. It would be an inspiration to writers or artists I'm sure.

  32. Ach, das habe ich heute gebraucht! Einen wunderbaren, sonnigen Spaziergang durch Deine traumhafte Umgebung. Es ist ein willkommene Gelegenheit für mich, diesem August, der wohl eher ein November ist (man möchte am liebsten heizen, so kalt ist es im Haus) zu entfliehen.

    Es ist wirklich die pure Idylle und ich liebe Deine Art zu Schreiben!

    ganz liebe Grüße

  33. Thank you all so very much for coming on my walk round the village and into the hills with me. Your company made the walk even better.

    Hope you will all come back for another walk soon.


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