Friday, 30 April 2010

LUDLOW - More Pictures

With all the free advertising for the beauties of the ancient market town 
of LUDLOW in the gorgeous Shropshire Hills in this blog
you'd think Ludlow Tourist Office would do for me what Tenby Tourist Office 
have done for Fran.
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Dinham Bridge and Dinham Weir

Bodenham's for Clothes.

(If you can manage to get into the shop and up the narrow
stairs safely, you will find tiny rooms full of unusual clothes.
Take your seasick pills, I swear the sloping floors move.)

Ludlow Market

This photo was taken in the afternoon.
In the morning the market is bustling. 
On certain days you will find stalls selling fruit and vegetable,
and all manner of delicious foods, like game, fish, cheese, 
even a stall specialising in olives.
On other days the bric-a-brac dealers turn out in force.

One of several narrow lanes leading off the Market Square.
There's hardly enough room for two pedestrians walking side by side, but, hey, 
let's point out that it might be a bit of a tight squeeze for a car.

Some houses in Lower Corve Street
 just one of the many streets in Ludlow which look like they have
looked for centuries.

If you'd like to have all this and more on your doorstep
there's even a large family house
for sale in the Square.

PS Ludlow Tourist Office: Only kidding.


  1. Sadly, the modern version lacks the beauty of the old...

  2. Looks pretty darn charming to this American eye!

  3. What a historic and charming place to do your shopping! It somehow engenders such respect to realize that lives and commerce have gone on there for centuries. The 'New World' has its charms, but few to compare with old world charms.

  4. Great pics - we were there a couple of weeks ago and took fab pics in the castle. My legs ached the next day from climbing all the spiral stairs!!

  5. Can you hear the sighs from here? I'd be very happy to be able to visit a market in a town square. Over here we have no central market, just some very precious neighbourhood gatherings of organic growers in leftover hippie costume - the odd proper stall but mostly a collection of rickety tables with over priced flowers, rock-hard bread and cookies and odd tatty bits of weaving ......and way too many dream catchers.

  6. I love ludlow, and will one day have a house there again [if i win the lottery].Thank you so much for the photos xx

  7. Love it. (And that's not one of 'those' comments, either) I might be a product of the New World, but I have an Old World soul. Now you've inspired me to put up a few pics of the little French village where I live. Not quite as elegant as Ludlow, but you might enjoy it anyway.

    You got my hopes up for a second at the end there...

  8. It is scenes such as these that make me want to emigrate...

  9. Sigh. If only I knew how to use a camera ....

  10. Look at the timbering! Imagine it standing up to everything for so long!
    What a place. Nothing like it here.
    So the house sent me looking at a Ludlow real estate site, and I have a question. What in the world is an "upward chain" and why is it desirable to have "NO UPWARD CHAIN!"?

  11. Never mind. I found out what "upward chain" means. It does not mean "no stairway, must climb chain to go to bed."

  12. Thank you for showing us true England!

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral

  13. Looks like a wonderful place to spend part of one's day.

  14. friko - thanks for the beautiful tour of this beautiful town. i grew up in an ancient market town - altrincham up in cheshire. i had no appreciation for the buildings or the place. now i ache for those memories!! steven

  15. Friko, once again you've made me so sorry that I have never actually been to Ludlow. And...with your photos also encouraged me to think that I might yet visit that beautiful place.

    I wouldn't at all mind more photos!

    Thank you for your recent comments. Please be on the lookout for an e-mail.


  16. What do upi mean by your PS Ludlow tourist office don't you WANT a lifelong supply of rum and raison ice cream?

  17. Thanks for your comment! Lovely houses on picture no 2.

  18. Ludlow is just one of those perfect places. It was a visit to Ludlow which started a conversation which ended up with our living on our Welsh hillside.

  19. What an amazing difference. Makes one glad indeed to learn that you are living in such a beautiful environment. Thank you for sharing. Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.

    daily athens

  20. I agree. Ludlow is a beautiful place. Haven't been there since it became a "gastro Town", but I love the river and the Castle and the little streets. Must get down there again soon!

  21. It's good to know that so many people appreciate the beauties of old towns. Ludlow is very lucky in its inhabitants; they stop any would-be developers from tearing down the centre.

    Interesting shops, good restaurants, a theatre, a castle, a river, pretty streets and a general air of old-fashioned gentility, that's Ludlow centre.

  22. Haven't been to Ludlow for years - pleased to see it's still thriving.


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