Thursday, 22 April 2010

Countryside Unvarnished

Early Spring

Fallen and Broken Trees

Streams and Rivers Silted up and Blocked

Horses' Field Stables that Have seen Better Days

PS. Is there nobody who would like to be my 100th follower?
My followers patch has been stuck on 99 for ages!
Only asking.


  1. Great pictures!!
    Let's celebrate earth on Earth Day,
    - Cheers from Canada

  2. Hi Friko

    did you see that streaker running through pic #5?

    He must have been chilly...

    Happy days

  3. OK...looks like I am 100! I have been a follower for quite a while as you know>>>:-)

  4. Great shots Friko! Are these places that you and Benno go walking?

    Darn!! Tabor is number 100 ... I wanted to ask if I could follow you twice ... I'd follow you anywhere Friko!

  5. Hey - where's the bucolic British countryside? Where are the gamboling lambs, the primroses, the farmers' wives in floral aprons?
    Hmmm this is looking a bit more like a rural Canadian scene, except that I didn't see any rusty old cars, farm equipment or an old bathtub for watering the cattle.

  6. Friko - an honour and a pleasure to help you to the hundred. Love the photos and please accept my apologies i haven't been around as much as i would like xx

  7. I love the shots of the fallen trees. Even when they are on their knees, they look mighty impressive.

  8. You've taken some great pictures again, Friko. It's been quite an unusual time weather wise - the trees and plants you would have expected to have made it through the winter have just fell apart and the smaller ones which looked a lot more vulnerable have sailed through.

  9. Well done on your 101! Love your pictures today. Trees are just incredible.

  10. guild-rez - Let's celebrate earth every day, we'd be lots better off then.

    delwyn - sure I did, why else do you think i took the shot! I think he might be one knee even.

    tabor - no you're not, unless you are the new anonymous one? You are already there in the flesh, as I am with you.

    Bonnie - Benno and I can frequently be found in these fields, between two rivers. I call it Mesopotamia.

    Pondside - No car wrecks round here, except in an organised area in a dell which is not overlooked. So, are you telling me that even your wonderful Canadian countryside isn't entirely manicured?

    Vicki Lane - Do you think he might be on one knee? with his foot in the air?

    Hungry Pixie - thank you so much for putting me out of my misery. I thought it must have been me.

    Deborah -- Eh? what are you crowing about?
    Have you checked out any of the poets?

    Martin H - ah, you saw it; you said "on their knees".

    mollygolver - I've already been to the Dingle to replace one or two of the casualties.

    Fran - thanks Fran. I love trees. I could bore people for hours with tree pictures.

  11. I see so much beauty through your eyes, Friko!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  12. What lovely greens and I enjoyed your tree series. The little yellow flowers by the stream are just delightful!
    My follower thingy has been stuck too, hmm..but I noticed yours moved?
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend-

  13. So many lovely photo opportunities in Shropshire!

  14. You got past the 100 mark by the time I read this! Jolly good! I now have 50 Followers, and am thrilled - it shouldn't matter, but it does; very weird!

  15. Cloudia - happy to oblige. Aloha!

    Kilauea Poetry - We shouldn't really be bothered about followers, but I suppose we are. It's nice to be read.

    Twiglet - As we both know!

    rachel - see above! I know it's silly but there you go.

  16. I'm already a follower, unfortunately. I am always attracted to the shapes of trees. I find them fascinating. Especially when their roots are exposed. I really liked the little bunch of daffodils next to the little stream. (And yes, we still have snow!)

  17. Your tree pictures are like the ghosts of grand old men of the woods - gnarled and wizened, but still hanging in there...

  18. Those tree pictures are stunning.
    I'm sending a link to this post to an artist friend of mine to share the sculpture!

  19. Nancy - poor you (unless you like snow?) trees are everlastingly fascinating, they change constantly, from youth to age and throughout the seasons.

    Jinksy - grand old men of the fields and hedgerows more likely and just barely hanging in there.

    June - thanks June, hope your friend likes the pictures too.

  20. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 100 Leser!!! jetzt sind es schon 104, Du siehst, manchmal muss man einfach mal nachfragen und schwupps, schon klappt es. Dein Frühlingsspaziergang mit den unglaublich knorrigen Baumkameraden ist wundervoll, ich habe eine große Schwäche für solche ungewöhnlich geformten Bäume. Allerdings haben sie gerade in meinem Lieblingspark einen der schönste gefällt und der Stumpf sieht völlig gesund aus. Ich habe den Baum, der in einen kleinen Flusslauf hineinwuchs oft fotografiert. Mein Herz hat regelrecht geblutet, als ich das "Attentat" entdeckte. Wer weiß, wen er gestört hat ..

    Jetzt wird die Natur mit jedem Tag schöner. Heute war bei uns der reinste Sommertag mit über 20 Grad über Mittag in der Sonne. Ein Bilderbuchsonntag und man konnte bis spät abens im Garten sein.

    ganz liebe Grüße und einen wunderbaren Start in die neue Woche,



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