Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bloggers Unite!

The Welsh borders appear to be particularly fertile soil for growing the imaginative blogger.  We did however, allow one member from Belgium to join our happy crowd, after we had verified her credentials.

Apart from the one exception from further afield, ten of us living within a radius of about 60 miles, met at a cosy and pleasant pub in a small village for lunch. Although not one of us had met more than one or two of the others before, the only quiet time was when we were all tucking into a plentiful meal. (After all, we all have our priorities right!) The rest of the time the talk around the round table was buzzing, within minutes gales of laughter erupted; we felt we already knew each other intimately. Perhaps we  reveal more about ourselves in our blogs, what kind of person we are, than we plan or is immediately obvious.

After the meal we climbed up into the kingdom of Trelystan where we braved the sunny but very cold day to visit the hidden gem of Trelystan Church in its snowdrop carpeted churchyard, taking innumerable photos of the spectacular views all around.  Inside we found a wonderful stained glass window and, strangely, a barrel organ. Nobody was brave enough to turn the handle with enough determination to elicit a sound.

Every time I am asked to meet other
bloggers I feel slightly uncomfortable about the prospect.

This has been my third such meeting and I have to admit that my apprehension has so far not been justified by the subsequent get-together.

More bloggers meetings? Bring 'em on.


  1. I am willing to accept donations to finance my trip across the pond to meet the rest of you! :-)

  2. What fun! I read about a meet-a-blogger-gone-wrong experience the other day. She was invited to stay in the home of her blogger friend and smoked, drank, ate and laid about the entire time.

    Wait a minute. That sounds a bit like what you all did?

  3. Relax Friko we are old hands at this now, I could enviage a complete mess I suppose but not once in three years has it happened. Fingers crossed and all that...

  4. Das hört sich wirklich gut an. Ich habe auch bereits ein Treffen mitgemacht und fand es damals, wir hatten Bremen zur Weihnachtszeit gewählt, wirklich schön. Wales würde mir aber noch viel besser gefallen, leider ist es wirklich zu weit, ich brauchte sonst auch ein Spendenkonto und vor allem mehr Zeit. So reise ich weiter in Gedanken ...

    ganz liebe Grüße und einen sonnigen Sonntag

  5. I receive mental pictures of my favourite bloggers-so much so that it could be a hugely traumatic experience to actually meet them.

    Glad your trip was fun and isn't the Welsh countryside beautiful?

  6. I felt uncomfortable the one time I did it but was rewarded with a great meeting. I do think we know each other pretty well when we read the blog for over a year!

  7. Friko, your photos are truly marvelous, and really seem to capture the atmosphere of friendship that reigned on that meeting of the twelve!

    So far, I have met ... three fellow bloggers, and also had the reverse experience of getting to know the blogs of someone I already knew. Each of these experiences has been terrific.

    I just know that we will manage to meet, too. Definitely a promise. xo

  8. I am pleased it turned out well. I don’t know anyone here in Georgia who blogs. There was one but the couple of weeks after I went on her blog she moved to Holland. The bloggers I would like to meet are all around the world so it would be hard to meet them. However I am going to a blogger’s meeting in Oslo, Norway, this summer. I have trepidation.

  9. PS: the reason I am going to Norway is I could never find a blogger’s meeting closer to home. That is the only one that invited me.

  10. It sounds like a lot of fun was had by all!
    I've met three bloggers face-to-face; one in Peru, on on the mainland,and the third right here on the island. Not at all traumatic. It is amazing just how much we have in common. Some bloggers I've 'met' through email, prompted by a wish for further conversation and I count them as friends after more than three years. I'll be saving my pennies, loonies and toonies for a trip across the pond. I believe that anything that makes the world smaller, brings us together should be explored.

  11. I agree - it was a good get together Friko. Would have loved the trip up to the church but had to get back to CS. Did someone mention Powis Castle? I am sure that would be a good place for a walk and lunch.

  12. None of us knew what to expect. My friend Jane's husband told their daughter-in-law that she was going out to meet some people she'd met over the internet. D-i-L threw her hands up in horror. But what a wonderful day we both had. Wouldn't have missed meeting any of you or the trip up to the little church at Treystan for the world

  13. Hi Friko,
    Came by to say hello, hope the new week will be pleasant for you.

  14. June - Like I say, bring it on! Do what Pondside does, start saving now.
    A warm welcome awaits you.

    Deborah - not a bit, I'll have you know. We were all on our best behaviour. The sort you describe comes at the next meeting.

    snailbeachshepherdess - so far, so very good. See you at Powis Castle.

    veredit - Na, so weit ist Wales/Westengland ja nun auch wieder nicht.
    Hier kann man gut Urlaub machen.

    Moannie - that's exactly what I thought, too. And yes, the flesh and blood bloggers are not like the imaginary ones, they are even nicer!

    Tabor - I expect we give ourselves away to quite an extent in our blogs over time. I always meant to stay totally detached and say all sort of rude things about all sorts of things. Ah well, I can dream!

    Frances - I am looking forward to it already. Pity there isn't a half-way house in the middle of the Atlantic, just for bloggers.

    Vagabonde - Oh dear, Vagabonde, you would have a very warm welcome here in the Marches too.

    Pondside - I sincerely agree that we bloggers help to make the world a friendlier place. Come over with Frances, why don't you! And bring the GD. I need to have a shed built!

    Twiglet - I couldn't get in touch with you because your email is not on your blog. Hope you agree with Wipso about the photo, because it's now on! Yes, Powis Castle in Spring.

    Mollygolver - Looks like we all enjoyed it and there'll be another meeting in a few months' time, I hope.

  15. I'm apprehensive about meeting fellow bloggers, too. So far, I've met one - Pondside - here in our town. It was delightful.

    I'd love to meet more bloggers, and like Pondside, will be saving my loose change for traveling.

  16. What an alluring sight you do provide. Must be about 15 years since last I met a person from Wales, sharing a pint of Guinness, ending up in a wonderful evening.

    All the best for the start of the new week.

  17. Oh I am so jealous. Getting to meet your blogger friends. Unbelievable. Maybe someday, when I hit the Lottery, I will come on over. So glad you got to meet. Blessings

  18. Glad to attend via your dear blog!

    Aloha from Hawaii dear Friko

    Comfort Spiral

  19. That was a really great time, Friko! I enjoyed you as you are. And folks, whisper whisper, you know what?: she has NO accent!!! Even not in German ;-). And she lives in the most beautiful countryside! Lucky me to have been so privileged.

  20. Lorrie - I wish I could meet you and Pondside. Maybe that is the one thing that is wrong with blogging: we all live too far away from each other.

    robert - Wales is still beautiful, you should come and take another look.

    QMM - there must be bloggers living not too far away from you? Have you met any of them?

    Cloudia - thanks for coming along! Aloha.

    bayou - what a good time everybody had. Sorry about the lack of accent!

  21. "Perhaps we reveal more about ourselves in our blogs, what kind of person we are, than we plan or is immediately obvious". I tend to think so..I've always wondered about those meetings? Maybe Moannie is right too?

  22. Kilauea Poetry - maybe she is, Regina; but as I said, these three meetings have been quite painless, although the images in my head do not coincide with the actual people. I still haven't quite made up my mind which way is preferable.

    Cait - And you, Cait. I met a poet and a dreamer, is that right?

  23. Jay Diamond - with great pleasure.


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