Saturday, 20 February 2010

Kitchen Sink Drama

Blogger misled me.

No expense spared,
Fireworks and a Brass Band.
A Parade of
Horses, Donkeys, 
and at least one Unicorn,
Free  and Gratis,

That Was The Plan For

 My 200th Post. 

Blogger Misled Me.
Blogger tells me that this is my 202nd Post.

And All I Could Come Up With Was The Lousy

Kitchen Sink.


  1. And what's lousy about your kitchen sink? I think it's a very nice kitchen sink with a very nice tile flower pattern :>) 202 blogs wow Friko now that is definitely an occasion to get all those awards out of the drawer for a good polish. Congratulations from me too only I haven't yet discovered how to put an award up so you'll just have to take that one as read.- I've only done a paltry 30 something so a lot of catching up to do on my part. xxxxx

  2. 202 is a very nice number. Celebrate anyway. I want to see the unicorn.

  3. I think you may have just set a precedent. Others will follow and celebrate the number 202. Such a refreshing change from the predictable 200. Congratulations!

  4. Wow -202 posts and still writing interesting ones. I congratulate you. Bravo!!!

  5. friko - lucky us! to have 202 opportunities to spend time in the world of your mind and experiences. thankyou for all your beautiful, thoughtful and creative work and for sharing it here!! steven

  6. Oh, Friko! What better tribute could there be for the instigator of Fridge Soup? Now there is somewhere to wash the dishes, too! But the unicorn may have already licked them clean if you are lucky, and you can have the night off.

  7. If I could, I would print this post on a T-shirt along the same lines of: 'My (insert relative) went to (insert coutnry/city) and all he/she got me was this lousy sink! :-)

    Great 202nd post.

    Greetings from London.

  8. I think the 00s are over-rated, myself. It's entirely in keeping with your unconventional self that 202 should become the new 200. Bravo, Friko!

  9. Breaking with tradition on all fronts! Brava!

  10. Your two-hundred-and-twoth post is very sparkly.

  11. mollygolver - I shall forward to reading lots of your posts.

    Fran Hill - Okay, it shall be done.

    Martin H - I am all in favour of celebrating on any and all occasions, so follow with any figure of your own you like.

    Argent - thanks, I hope I don't run out of ideas before then.

    Darlene - thanks Darlene, that's kind of you.

    steven - golly steven, praise indeed!

    jinksy - nooooo, I don't let my animals anywhere near the dishes. You'll have to volunteer to do dishes. Perhaps there could be a 'kitchen sink' series of posts? Hey, I just thought of that; I'm sure you could come up with something.

    ACIL - not a bad idea, anybody can have 'a lousy T-shirt'.

    Deborah - yes, I think the next one to make special mention of shall have to be, say, 258.

    Vicki Lane - one aims to please, thank you Vicki.

    June - it looks reasonably clean, must be the special effects.

  12. When I saw the sink on the picture on my side bar I thought, oh no, there goes her kitchen sink into the soup. Better hang on to the sink.

  13. Just so we're not expected to show photos of our kitchen sinks too - mine would never pass muster!

  14. Uh, you've crossed the line now - you've thrown in the kitchen sink. There's nowhere left to go. You've set the bar too high, Friko, too high.

  15. Hooray!

    "Every thing but the kitchen sink."

    Nope, that too LOL

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  16. I just noticed mine too..think we're right up there together! Congrats and cheers!!

  17. well at least the tap is gleaming!

  18. 200 or 202 posts – what an achievement. I have 58 posts so far and it takes me a while to write them and posts pictures, so I celebrate your creativity.

  19. Meine allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche und ich freu mich auf die nächsten 200!! Ist es nicht irre, was es für Jubiläen gibt???



  20. I looked at my posts and see that I've reached 201 - but on closer inspection, only 181 are published posts - the rest being drafts, scheduled etc. Have a look - perhaps there's time for planning the blow-out party yet!

  21. Yet a far more real and true image of life. Spending quiet a bit of time every day in front this was for sure interesting to see. Guess it would be nice a theme to see various kitchen sinks of the world.
    Please have a nice start into the new week and further two hundred and more posts.

  22. A beautiful kitchen sink it is. Shiny and clean.
    I enjoy your blog. Carry on.

  23. Happy 202 to you
    Happy 202 to you
    Happy 202 to yoooooooooooooou!
    Happy 202 to you.
    Keepem coming.

  24. Original innit? Mostly it's everything but the kitchen sink! Think only this: that you have risen majestically above blogger and the forces of
    conformity! Allelujah!

  25. And 333 being half of 666 may show itself to be a lille devil in training... Congratulations anyway!


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