Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday Quotation

The Fall of the Leaf

In the beginning of the world we presume all things to have been
produced in their best state; all was perfect, and yet how soon a decay!

All was summer, and yet how soon a fall of the leaf!

John Donne

photo Heinz Wohner
Edition Krackenberger


  1. I love this quote and the picture complements it perfectly.

  2. Love all the tributes to fall and all the happiness and joy shared through these blogs.

  3. Super photograph Friko. Autumn is pretty special when it comes to colour, don't you think?

  4. What a beautiful fall photo. A carpet of red leaves. Our red is found in the morning and evening skies, but I do miss the lovely colors of the leaves when fall arrives.

  5. Asking for time to see, what may lie beneath winter's white snow.

    A wonderful life filled week to you.

    Weatherwise, it is still 27 during the day and one is able to sleep without a blanket. Enjoy autumn.

  6. such an incredibly lovely post!

  7. What a lovely shot, Friko. The colors are scintillating.

  8. Great quotation. How soon, how soon, indeed. (Not that I'm thinking of my wrinkles and flabby bits ... or is that bringing it down to far too mundane a level?)

  9. Hi Friko! All is change, isn't it? I guess we have to go along with it. Lovely image and quote: perfect together. xxox


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