Friday, 25 September 2009

A very special day right to The End.

The English Touring Theatre brought Roger McGough's fabulous adaptation of Molière's
"The Hypochondriac" to Malvern, which has our nearest theatre.

McGough has written his version in rhyming couplets throughout, intelligent and outrageously funny, with a highly irregular metre, with the rhyme either coming excruciatingly late at the end of a long sentence or immediately, in the next word.

As one would expect from the ETT, the company gave a highly accomplished performance.

We had been to the Matinée, stopping at a branch of the UK's best supermarket before leaving the town; this meant that we travelled home during the hour of sunset.

Which was absolutely spectacular, as you can see from these pictures. Since I've started to blog, I always carry a little camera in my bag, for which foresight I was truly grateful on this occasion.

the view South of West

the view to the West

the view North of West

the view East


  1. Hi Friko

    Sounds as though you had a wonderful treat, complete with dramatic sunset!

    I have only seen Molière's Tartuffe, many years ago and performed by students at a Sixth Form College. Not quite the English Touring Theatre but a good effort as I remember.

    You just can't beat good theatre can you? I really should try to go more often.

  2. Love the pictures; that moon is magnificent.

  3. Hi Friko - thank you for not posting my crazy comment before. When I clicked on your blog there was no text just your picture of blue sky with wisps of pink clouds. Didn't know what to make of it. Now I will go back and read, enjoy, and make a proper comment.

  4. Definitely worth carrying the camera - beautiful!

  5. Glad you had a nice afternoon at the theatre. Your photos are stunning. I especially like the moon sitting tentatively on the clouds. Have a good weekend!

  6. I really like your photos. As I get older I notice sunsets more. We have had some rather unusual ones. Our front porch looks out on the west, and lately mother nature has been doing a good job.

  7. Your photos touched me, especially the first!

    Aloha My Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  8. The pictures are lovely, thank goodness for cameras, eh? Haven't had much to do with Moliere since L'Avare in sixth form. I do love roger McGough's work though. Check out summer With Monica.

  9. gifts all 'round eh friko!!! theatre and outdoor theatrics. all good. steven

  10. One wishes to offer at least the small finger, if afterwards able to fly into your photography.

    All the very best to you and a wonderful weekend as well.

  11. Hi Friko

    you captured a lovely sunset...

    Like you I never leave the house without my mate Canon or my little pocket pal fuji...

    Happy days

  12. These photos are magnificent! I love them all! Did they use the original score, I wonder, for Le Malade imaginaire? I majored in French so had to take a semester of Moliere--did you know he actually was a sick man and died shortly after this play opened? Really ironic. And I missed your Balzac post! (I spent a few days showing relatives around New York.) LOVE xxox

  13. Hi Friko. Thank you for visiting my blog - this is a return call. Yes, we do seem to have a lot in common. I used to live in Wolverhampton and often went out into Shropshire to walk, so know your part of the world quite well. We also used to go on early music courses to Gregynog in the Welsh marches, which I presume is not too far away. We also have a lot of book choices in common. Nice to meet you - call again.

  14. Drama to the front and drama above. Marvellous.

  15. Martin H - I suppose if, like us, you live a long way from civilisation, you tend to make more of an effort.

    Mark Kerstetter - thanks, that what I thought.

    Bonnie - thank you Bonnie, same to you.

    elizabethm - thanks, Elizabeth, I hope never to leave it behind now.

    Lucy - I love watching the sky too.

    Cloudia - thank you and Aloha!

    Argent - thanks and will do.

    steven - it sure was a good day, steven.

    robert - you may do that free of charge, happy weekend to you.

    Delwyn -- the one day you don't you miss the picture of a lifetime!

    Margaret Pangert - glad you're back. I don't think so, that wasn't in rhyming couplets, was it? McGough did a free adaptation. And didn't Moliere die on stage during a performance?

    The weaver of grass - thanks for calling back; I will visit again for sure.

    anthonynorth -- thanks for calling; I shall have to visit you.

  16. That sunset is fabulous. I didn't know McGough was doing this kind of thing. I love his 'Word of Mouth' programme, but someone else was presenting last time I listened. Maybe he's been busy with the Moliere, then.

  17. A perfect day to be treasured. Love the sunset photos.


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