Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday Quotation

photo Jeremy White

An Epilogue

I have seen flowers come in stony places
And kind things done by men with ugly faces,
And the gold cup won by the worst horse at the races,
So I trust, too.

John Masefield 1878-1967


  1. A good match of quote (which to my shame I confess I did not know) and image. Excellent post.

  2. That's a quote I've never read. When I see the California poppies and Garry Oaks grow out of cracks in the stone I know that anything is possible, but I love the other images from the quote too.

  3. That is a good quote. The image compliments it well, and I love the strength within both the image and the words.

  4. At one time in my life I was worried about one of my sons. I heard a sermon that used the analogy of how trash can be heaped on a plant and in time that plant will struggle through the trash to reach the sun. We know plants can break a barrier and hold their little heads up high. That was one of the most inspiring sermons I have ever heard. My son, now, is a healthy, hard working, successful family man. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. That is a really good quotation and I think it would be good to remember. For me I know for sure.

  6. hi friko, i really like this quote. i can use it this year when i'm standing up for my students who come from a "mixed area" and yet somehow manage to succeed in life. i really like the matching of the image to this text. have a lovely day. steven

  7. Shouldn't that rather be a 'Prologue' ?!?

    Please have a nice new week.

  8. Brevity & grace!

    Well done, Friko


    Comfort Spiral

  9. That's a wonderful reflection, Friko. It has so much hope in it. The image is perfect.

  10. I really like your blog for this reason - these little snippets of poetry that say so much.

  11. What beautiful words!

    Thanks for coming by my crazy Gumbo Writer blog and leaving a comment so I could follow you back here. :)

  12. Dave King - Praise again, thank you.

    Pondside - yes indeed, thank you.

    Celtic Heart - praise indeed, thank you.

    QMM - I am so glad it all worked out in the end.

    Lucy - yes, it is one of those one should try to remember.

    steven - the kids you are talking about can do with all the encouragement they can get.

    Mark - Good, thank you for telling me.

    robert - I don't think so, thanks for the good wishes.

    Cloudia - thanks and Aloha

    Margaret - Thanks you for that.

    Fran Hill - I hope I can continue to do that.

    Angie Ledbetter - thanks for visiting.

  13. Hi Friko.

    Thanks for following my blog (I started following yours just a few days ago and I am glad I did - it's great!). I love this quotation you've found.

    Now, to go a bit off-topic, if it's OK with you I'll tell you about Wordzzles and how they are done (by me at least). I'm answering here on your blog - that way I'll be sure you'll get this as I don't know if you've enabled email follow-up on comments or not.

    Raven of Raven's Nest gives us a set of 5 words and a set of 10 words each week. The idea is to make up a little piece of writing using the 5 or the 10 (or all 15, if you're feeling daring!)

    The way I do them is I have a blank Word document open with the words pasted in at the top. Then, as I use them up, I delete them one by one. That way, no words get missed. That's the easy part!

    The hard part is putting a piece together. Sometimes, the words will suggest a story by themselves which is great! Most times though, it's not so easy.

    One way round is to have an ongoing story (my
    story about Harold is one of these). This gives the advantage of having a topic to write about each week, but then you have to shoe-horn the words in somehow.

    Raven has given some tips on this (her link is at the top of my post). Some other tips are:

    Use words as names for people, or titles of books, films, etc. that your characters might come across.

    Use them in headlines of a newspaper the characters might see in your story.
    Look how others do it (you get some great idea there!)

    Please join in the Wordzzles, it's great fun and everyone is very encouraging and supportive. If you have any other questions or just fancy a chat, just leave a comment on any of my posts or email me -


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