Friday, 7 August 2009

It was the lovely Moon

It was the lovely moon - she lifted
Slowly her white brow among
Bronze cloudwaves that ebbed and drifted
Faintly, faintlier afar.

John Freeman - 1880-1929

The full moon riding the cloudy sky above the Marches on 6th August 2009


  1. Lovely picture, Friko. The bright, bright moonlight woke me up around 3:00 a.m. and I thought it was morning. Couldn't get back to sleep, so tonight I will be ready with my camera on tripod. Glad I wasn't the only one awakened by the moon last night.

  2. I really like this moon shot. There is something magical about the moon surrounded by clouds like this, also comforting in a way. How many odes to the moon have been written I wonder?

  3. Wow!- fantastic photo - what camera do you use, if you don't mind me asking?

  4. Celtic Heart - thanks - so I will see your photo tomorrow, will I?

    Vagabonde - thank you - as for odes to the moon itself? More to what the moon does, I think.

    Faith - a very ordinary, common-or-garden olympus-funny squiggle-840 digital camera, 8.0 megapixels, with a few inbuilt accessories to make life easier for morons like me.

  5. saw this just a few miles down the road from you - it was lovely as is your pic of course

  6. Beautiful! It was cloudy up here :o( Good job you captured it for us :o)

  7. Good morning Friko,
    what I really like is the fact that all of us are looking at the same moon, regardless where upon this world we are, making bright a darkend night. Brilliant photography.

  8. Hi friko

    you captured her beautifully...well done

    Happy days

  9. Absolutly stunning... well done you xx

  10. Hello Friko, it is nice to be able to connect again. Came down the mountain, and ecco! I could connect, talk on the mobile, etc. I miss the silence up there though. And your (our) magnificent moon was magical from where I was, I just wanted to dance around the top of the mountain.

  11. I missed this moon, heavy and mysterious, hanging in the sky
    With cordless ties to much of life, those cycles of the sigh.
    Invisibly she reaches out, the seas to drag, the tides up shorelines led.
    As if she were a little girl who pulls the soft down duvet over her sleepy head.

  12. I particulary like the way, in your moon photo, that the whisp of cloud underlines its beauty...

  13. SBS - we saw the same moon over the same lovely land.

    Jenny Holden - sorry you had to miss it.

    robert - yes, we should remember that. thank you.

    Delwyn - thank you (did your know that the moon is masculine in German? I did a quick double-take when you said 'captured her')

    Tracey - thank you, how are you?

    Celeste Maia - lucky lady.

    Fennie - Beautiful words.

    Jinksy - thank you. Actually, I was surprised that the shot came out as well as it did, it was rather cloudy.

  14. Hi Friko.. I'm ok thank you.. trying to dodge the rain drops. Hope your keeping well xx


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