Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Walkies !

Walkies, WALKIES! Benno!

shall we risk a quick one? It doesn't look like the rain is going to hold off for long, so get out the voluminous, cover-all, family raincoat with the huge hood which hangs well into the forehead, slip into wellies, grab the walking stick and camera, and off we go.

To start with, let's climb up on to the castle to survey the clouds from up there;
Not good, not good at all.

The Bowling Green looks inviting from up here,
but no one seems to fancy a game today.

No children in the playground either.
That's sad.

A quick visit to John and Helen Osborne in the Churchyard.
I wonder, does John "Look Back In Anger"?
If there is no bar in dramatists' heaven, he probably does.

Unbelievable, now that I'm on the way back the sun's come out.
You can tell how much rain there's been by the colour of the river.
It's full of good, Welsh soil from the hills.


  1. Are you sure it's not soup? Mock turtle, perhaps? :)

  2. You live in a lovely area. I have enjoyed each of these pictures!

  3. AH, that's nice. A lovely stroll in the Welsh hills. Bet it's a bit nipp in Winter.

  4. Should have been 'nippy', but you knew that.

  5. The grave stones are very interesting; what talented people lie there--playwright, journalist, artist! and the best: "friend." Love the river photo with the Monet-ish bridge, but a lot of topsoil is being washed away!
    Thi is really a charming town!

  6. What a delightful little bridge that is.

  7. I enjoyed that. I think my battery on my camera is in need of replacing, my pictures are not as bright as I would like. Rick Rack is a type of trim one puts on things to trim them. It is like this ^v^v^v^v^v or zig zag. I think Rick Rack is the brand name.

  8. I enjoyed that walk, thank you!
    I only managed a quick trot to the postbox in the pouring rain today. I didn't risk taking my camera - it's not waterproof enough!

  9. I did enjoy the walk and isn't it just typical you go out when it's all dull and just when you get back the sun comes out but at least it does. It has been very grey here in the East all day today!

  10. Ah, brings back memories of my Arvon course..... What wonderful photos - though you're brave venturing out in this foul summer (??) weather.

  11. Love that first photo - the weather certainly adds atmosphere to a picture doesn't it. I have never walked around there. I think a little trip out is called for!!

  12. Walkies with Abby and Bonbon never take us to a castle, for heaven's sake! That is marvelous. The entire walkies episode must be hidden from my dogs, or our neighborhood tour passing the middle school and soccer field will not be sufficient!

  13. The stream at the bottom of our valley which pretends it is a river looks just like this! Love the idea of the raincoat!

  14. Hello from Toronto, Canada..
    Great pictures..
    Walking with dogs to a castle?
    Wish I could come along:-)
    Thank you for your comment on my Guildwood Garden blog. I write most of the time in English and German. Makes it easier for my German blogging friends to read about the garden, plants, birds and other creatures!
    - Cheers Gisela

    wie ich sehe, liebst Du Wilhelm Busch wie ich:-)
    Ich lebe seit 31 Jahren in Canada, ein herrliches Land!!

  15. Aristoteles knew that 'nature does, of what is possible, only the best.
    So nice to see your environment, espec. during the night, as the neighbours dog is barking, waking up the kid.
    Took a deep breath of your fresh air and ssshhhh-ed him back into sleep.

  16. Jinksy - definitely Welsh mud, of the finest sort.

    Tabor -Thank you, I am very fortunate.

    English Rider - you're welcome

    Moannie - oh no, it's the Shropshire Hills, very important for the locals to make a distinction. But nippy in winter, definitely.

    elizabethm - oh, this stream can be quite vicious when it's in spate; the town has been flooded many times. Doesn't everybody living in the country have a family raincoat?

    guild-rez - thank you so much for visiting. I hope we will stay in touch, ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass es auch German bloggers gibt.

    Margaret - you will have heard of John Osborne, some say a 'great' English playwright.

    Elizabethd - it is, paid for by Andrew Lloyd Webber, in the mists of time.

    Exmoorjane - Don't tell me you were here? And, as for going out in the rain, no choice, have I, Benno insists.

    Twiglet - you must have twigged by now, where this is? You've never been round the castle?

    Lydia - thanks for visiting, must 'pop' over soon. I remember 'pop' made you giggle when I used it before? Sorry you can't offer your canines the same amenities I can over here, castle and all.

    Queenmothermamaw - thanks for clearing that up.

    When I am Rich - would you believe it, I never thought of my camera not being waterproof! I have no idea if it is.

    Tattie Weasle - lovely name! thanks for coming by. And yes, sod's law, isn't it.

    Robert - thanks for coming by Nacht und Nebel, wie immer. Die Frage ist immer noch, wann schlaefst du eigentlich?

  17. Hello Friko

    looking down at the village through the bowls club is very quaint. And the Japanese looking bridge too is charming...
    thanks for the walk in the fresh air...

    Happy days

  18. Ah, I really enjoyed that walk! Thank you for showing us the beauty of the Shropshire Marshes. Now I will always remember where John Osborne is buried. And that there is a castle nearby.


  19. Of course, I did mean Marches! After all it was a walk. xo

  20. I grabbed my wellies and coat.. grabbed the dogs too and came with you on your remarkable walk... can i come again please? xx

  21. Delwyn - you're welcome, happy days to you too.

    Frances - Glad you came.

    Tracey - any time, Benno and I will be happy to have you.

  22. – This is an enjoyable walk. I like the pic of the Bowling Green with the view of the hills behind - it looks like a peaceful place.

  23. Vagabonde - there is a poem about this place, where it is called one of "the quietest places under the sun"


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