Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday Quotation

Robert Frost

A Star in a Stone-Boat

Never tell me that not one star of all
That slip from heaven at night and softly fall
Has been picked up with stones to build a wall.

Photo Jeremy White


  1. Hi, couldn't track down your email, haven't thought of many poems about mountains. There's this from Wordsworth's Preludes:-

    By influence habitual to the mind
    The mountain's outline and its steady form
    Gives a pure grandeur; and its presence shapes
    The measure and the prospect of the soul
    To majesty; such virtue have the forms
    Perennial of the ancient hills; nor less
    The changeful language of their countenances
    Gives movement to the thoughts, and multitude,
    With order and relation

    I have read poems from the Chinese concerning mountains, but alas, cannot recall the details. Looks like the field may be wide open for anyone who wants to make a name for themselves. Let me know how you get on.

  2. Dave - Thanks for your efforts on my behalf. This Wordsworth prelude is really rather good, isn't it. I'm not always altogether happy with Wordsworth (sacrilege, I know) but this isn't bad at all. I'll keep on looking and tell you what I find.

  3. Dave - I've just clicked on both addresses in your profile. My email has come back as undeliverable and Safari can't find the web page.

  4. Hi Friko. Thank you for visiting my hodgepodge. I decided to pop over and visit your blog. I am so glad I did. I am going back now to add you to my blog list.

  5. Good morning Friko,
    I only hope that we will use such stones to build us our walls, lifes respectivly.
    Have one on my own, making me bright the night, called Stefan Orfeas, 22 months of age.
    Keeping me awake many times throughout the night, what a good chance to see what you had to write.
    Please have a nice start into the new week. And many thanks for your comment too.

  6. The image of a stone-built wall really elucidated the poem. Could be made of glistening white stars. When one looks up at the sky, that's what one sees: white stones for wall building. And how easy it must be for stars to fall down!

  7. Hello, Friko! Thanks for visiting my blog today - glad I returned the favour, and found yet another fellow UK dweller of like mind. I love Blogland!

  8. Darleene - You are very kind, thanks a lot. I'll be visiting you regularly too.

    Robert - Good afternoon to you and Stefan Orfeas. I think i found his mother on your website too. Much happiness to all of you.

    Margaret - But not so easy for us to catch them and put them in our pocket. Do you remember the catchy little tune?

    Jinksy - Me too, absolutely. I have found more people of like mind in Blogland than I did in days gone by in the National Housewives Register, that haven for temporarily housebound and like-minded women.

  9. I like slugs. I have no idea why but I am always ever so careful when I'm on my bike to run them over. I loved the clip of slugs mating. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  10. Hi Cuban in London - your comment appeared under the previous post but I hope you get my reply anyway. it's probably my fault, I was doing my usual hamfisted best to mess up my blog. Careful of slugs?
    Actually, I'll repeat this now under slug fest.


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