Thursday, 30 July 2009

The 2nd post of the day

Geese and Goslings

Shades of Christmas Dinner?

Maybe not,
It may be cool and wet,
but surely that's ridiculous.


  1. Good morning Friko,
    middle of the night - perfect for me. Days went by with about 40C and the nights aren't much cooler. With regard to christmas, it's a bit hard to 'get the feeling' with palm trees and oranges, lemons ripe...that's why we usually don't have those traditional meals, afterall they are way too cute to be eaten.

  2. It's SO hot over here that the newspaper has been sponsoring all kinds of silly contests such as sidewalk egg-frying. If you are thinking Fall and roast goose perhaps you'd better turn on the oven and do some baking. That will make you warm!
    I loved your little post on your June trip to Brittany. I can only imagine being able to access such interesting places - over here history is anything older than 50 years. Nature is beautiful, but one longs to wander about in a place such as you've shown.

  3. It certainly did feel rather more like autumn last night here so Christmas doesn't seem so far away. I didn't win when it came to lighting the log burner though.....all I got was "I can't light it in July".

  4. Hot and humid here in New York, also. Time for salads with lots of beautiful vegetables. However, we all know just how quickly Christmas will seem to arrive.

    I very much enjoyed your post about your trip to Britanny. I would loved to have browsed in those charming shops and strolled along those old streets.


  5. You almost wrote an haiku on the Christmas dinner.

  6. Tabor - hm, tasty

    Robert - glad to see you're back. I've just visited your site, no post yet. Hope everything went well.

    Pondside - turn on the oven? Mine's an Aga which is always on, summer and winter. I shall have to post on it this winter and make everybody jealous.

    Wipso - know just how you feel, BBQ summer my foot!

    Frances - possibly wouldn't be quite so keen on hot and humid, but a tad more sun would be lovely. You too should come to Hay; I just read how much you like books.

    Celeste Maia - So I did, almost! Well, well. Perhaps I'll try some time and see if you notice!

  7. Yum! Quite fattened! But I think you may be too attached by Christmas? However, it is life in the country... LOVE xxox

  8. Friko, in answer to your question, the owl did not appear to be a fledge. They both were about the same size...but both could have been youngsters rather than mates.

  9. Hi Friko, La vache qui lit I get and Neiges D'Antan I have a feeling I should get but don't unless I am being particularly stupid.

    Goose is wonderful for Christmas - but they are lovely intelligent creatureas and don't really deserve to be eaten at all.

  10. Is it time to start designing Christmas cards AGAIN?! Help!

  11. Margaret - sadly, so it is.

    Tabor - thanks for clearing that up - hope you feel okay about it now.

    Fennie - ....snows of yesteryear ? 2nd hand bookshop?
    yes, hypocritical of me to eat cute beasties - what an endless blogging conversation that would make, veggies against meateaters.

    jinksy - not really, there's plenty of time. Maybe start at the end of August?


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