Monday, 1 June 2009

Who, me?

Francessa has  meme'd me. Like most bloggers I've come across, I am shy and retiring and not at all willing to talk about myself. 

Apparently, there are rules attached:

-  Respond and rework
-  answer questions on your blog
-  replace one question, and
-  tag three other blogs.

Questions first.  

I can't believe that a) I am doing this, and
                                  b) I am actually thinking about the answers!

1.  If one song were to describe your life, what song would it be ?

    A different song for different periods of my life; at the moment I would go with Paul Simon's     "Yesterday, it was my birthday, I hung one more year on the line, but I'm having a good time   

2.  Which item of clothing do you wear most?

3.  When did you get up today?


4.  Last thing you bought?

     a digital satellite box to receive Central European TV channels here in the UK

5.  What are you listening to?

      the lyrical, melodious, mellifluous tones of a blackbird sitting on the edge 
      of the roof outside my window, which is wide open. It's 2.30 in the afternoon and I've
      fled indoors to escape from the unseasonal heat.

6.  If you were a God or a Goddess, who would you be?

     I'd love to say Baldur, the God of light and harmony, but it'd probably have to be 
     grumpy old Thor, the God of thunder and black moods. (Oh dear, really? maybe not)

7.  Favourite holiday spot?

     The Auditorium of the National Theatre/The Royal Opera House
8.  What are you reading right now?

      Just finished the last thriller/novel/philosophical treatise by Kate Atkinson 
      "When Will There Be Good News". I have tremendously enjoyed all of her books so far.

9.  Favourite Film?

     For a few years now I've only chosen to watch rubbish, hence "Four Weddings and a 
     Funeral"    (Hey, Francessa, I loved Wim Wenders' " Wings of Desire" too)

10.  First spring thing?

       Get out there and start pruning.

11.  Funniest thing you saw in your life?

       The face of George Bush at the Inauguration Ceremony of Barack Obama.

12.  Who's your hero/heroine?

        Don't have one, we all have feet of clay, some more brittle than others. Having said that, 
        I admire people who overcome the most horrendous obstacles to do good, like
        Helen Keller.

13.  Share some wisdom?

       Don't beat yourself up about things you cannot change and forgive yourself for mistakes 
       you made in the past; after all, you (probably) did your best.

14. If you were a tree, what tree would you be?

      A willow, I can bend.

15.  Fictitious characters who made a lasting impression on you?

       That's easy! My favourite speech by any character ever is Polonius' farewell to Laertes  in 
       Act I, Scene III of Hamlet and my favourite bit out of that speech is the quotation at the top        of my blog.            

16.  Four words to describe you?
       Knows what she wants.

17.  Why blog?

       The more bloggers there are, talking to each other, making friends, getting to know each 
       other, the more people there will be who realize that we are all the same under the skin;
       it might even be a small step towards peace among men.


  1. I enjoyed that witty meme. Some deep philosophical thinking in there. I wish for the peace, also.

  2. This was fun to read, but I can't believe you actually answered all those questions. That took a while, didn't it? For us a nice little glimpse into your world... :) Silke

  3. I just finished reading Kate Atkinson's "When Will there Be Good News". She is a brilliant writer and this story requires full attention as the numerous story lines can get somewhat confusing. That said, I enjoyed it and plan to read more by KA.

  4. Hi Friko,

    I liked your answers a lot!
    These meme-games and lists circulating in the internet are sometimes a little tiresome, but on the other hand, as Silke said, they give a glimpse of the person's world, which for me was both interesting and exciting. Thank you for taking the time!

  5. Your answers were such fun. They really DO make you think about them, huh? "Knickers" ... now there's a word I don't hear around Oregon!!


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