Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday Quotation (2)

It's strawberry time, the merry, merry month of June is here! What could be better than a picnic of freshly picked strawberries with cream.

Curly locks Curly locks,
Wilt thou be mine?
Thou shalt not wash dishes
Nor yet feed the swine;
But sit on a cushion
And sew a fine seam,
and feed upon strawberries,
Sugar and cream.

This nursery rhyme is surely well known and you will all forgive me the slight misuse of it as a quotation. (the strawberries become even more luscious if you click on them)


  1. Absolutely out of this world. That is a nursery rhyme I am not familiar with. I like it. Blessings QMM

  2. I remember that rhyme well. I always thought that my younger sister must be the Curlylocks in quesion.

    Strawberries are just coming into season here - can't wait!

  3. Your strawberries look so appetizing. Here we get strawberries all year long coming from California, Florida or South America but they just don’t have the flavor of the fresh picked strawberries that I remembered in France. there, at the outdoor market we also could purchase some wild strawberries, tiny fruits full of aroma (fraises des bois). My mother used to serve cut strawberries in red wine and sugar. Here I eat them for lunch in Greek yogurt with a bit of honey, but as I said, they just don’t taste the same. I’d love to eat yours … yummy.

  4. The strawberries look too good to be real! Their red is brilliant. Especially after I clicked on them. So these are English berries? They cd win any competition over here!


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