Thursday, 11 June 2009

Rambling on

A sunny day at long last.
Time for Benno and me to go for a ramble, brolly at the ready, just in case.

It's buttercup and grass seed time in the paddock; we'll have to get the mowers out.
The four-legged ones.

Through the town and into the fields where the spring lambs
have turned into sheep and lost all their allure.

And off into the woods
to find the white foxgloves hiding in the shade.

Back to the meadow and the hogweed growing along the edge.

Across the ford, taking care not to slip on the slippery bottom!

Once again back to the High Street, where the Art Show
is held at the Old Surgery.
Art is not as poorly as you might expect from the sign;
in fact, it is flourishing; no doctors needed.

You will look in vain for the Castle-in-the-Air;
it is firmly rooted in the rock it sits on.

(you can click on all photos to enlarge)


  1. Oh Friko that was so much fun! You have a great sense of humour! Those white foxgloves are stunning, I've never seen them before.

  2. What great photos! I feel like I went on a great walk with you...:) Silke

  3. I love to read your blog. Tell me what does ramble and brolly mean? I am serious, if these are a play on words I am not meaning to make fun, I want to understand all my bloggers expressions.
    I have purposely looked for blog buddies in other countries. Blessings

  4. You live in a very picturesque town; all the interesting sites in my town are all about the Civil War. Yes we went to Alaska for a holiday, and I answered your comment on my blog, but in case you did not see it, here is what I said: Friko, I have not been sick, but went on an 11-day trip to Alaska and the Yukon. When I visited Djan's blog I told her I had been up over 24 hours returning back home and she commented on my lack of sleep. It will take me a while to go through the photos I took but will make posts on the places we visited, as time goes by. I write posts in advance so that they can be published while I am away, so I have a few prepared already.

  5. Rain : thanks for the compliment. The botanical name for foxgloves is digitalis, yes, the stuff in heart medicine.

    Silke : Thanks, yes do come along, welcome.

    QMM: Thanks to you too for your kind words. A brolly is short for umbrella and a ramble is a country walk. Do feel free to ask the meaning of any "foreign" words. English and American are so often two different languages. I expect my spelling is strange to you too, at times.

    Vagabonde: Thank you kindly for your comments. Yes, I usually check up on follow-ups to comments, certainly with the people whose blogs I particularly enjoy. Btw, I'm glad you've not been ill, just tired. Happy tired, I hope?.

  6. This is one of my favorite types of posts - next to family history posts - I love an everyday walk from an unfamiliar part of the world. There are the things I recognize - the foxglove - and the things that are new, such as the ford. Love it!

  7. Thank you, I enjoyed that. I came in from my afternoon walk, needed a sit down so thought I'd catch up with the happenings in Blogland - and joined you on your walk. Yours was prettier!

  8. What a lovely walk. I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. I will visit again.

  9. We took a photo just like that the last time we popped to BC! Love all your other pics too.

  10. Pondside; thanks for the compliment. If I promise to continue showing you this very special corner of the world, will you visit again?

    WiaR: Glad you enjoyed the walk, come and join in.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze: Welcome and thanks for visiting, yes, do come again, please.

    Twiglet: Welcome to you too, over the border. See you again some time, can't fail to walk in the same secret hills.

  11. Frika, I wanted to let you know I copied and pasted your questions into my blog, and then I am going to answer them later. I did not want you to think that I stole them from you, not that kind of person! I am not a computer genius, so I have trouble providing links, but I am going to have someone show me soon.(I feel inadequate not knowing what to do.) The only way to tell you how to get to my block is to go back to google and type in that will take you to it. You have such a nice blog....... Gloria from California


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