Wednesday, 17 June 2009


It's high time I passed on the meme which Francessa so kindly bestowed on me. If my victims don't want to be bothered, or have already received this particular meme in the past, please disregard it and the instructions that go with it.

These are the rules:

- Respond and rework
- answer questions on your blog
- replace one question, and
- tag three other blogs.

These are the questions to be answered:

1. If one song were to describe your life, what song would that be?
2. Which item of clothing do you wear most?
3. When did you get up today?
4. Last thing you bought?
5. What are you listening to:
6. If you were a God/Goddess, who would you be?
7. Favourite holiday spot?
8. What are you reading right now?
9. Favourite Film?
10.First thing you do in Spring?
11.Funniest thing you saw in your life?
12.Who is your hero/heroine?
13.Share some wisdom?
14.If you were a tree, what tree would you be?
15.Fictitious character/s who made a lasting impression on you?
16.Four words to describe you?
17.Why do you blog?

And these are my victims:

Vagabonde @ Recollections of a Vagabonde
Tabor @ One Day at a Time
Robert @ To Navigate through Life


  1. Where are your answers to the meme? Had you done them at an earliar time. I love your wit. I am fascinated with folks from other cultures. Went on a cruise one time and our dinner companions were 4 retired women who lived in one of the Carolinas in US, but were from Germany. Never enjoyed anything so much in my life. They would get to talking among themselves in German and we would say," Hey you talking about us." We went on an excersion on the island of Jamacia. It was a blast. Keep blogging.

  2. Nur zu gerne werde ich die Fragen beantworten and continue to follow, as many times I do not know which buttons I pressed...
    Allow me to answer these questions within a few days, as life demands much attention away from the computer.
    Please have a nice day.

  3. I just tackled this challenge and have pre-scheduled it as a future post...keep your eyes open.

  4. Thanks for thinking about me for your meme, but I’m leaving for another trip and could not do it justice. I’m rushing writing some posts to be published while I am away. I am not sure what a “meme” is anyway, and I would not be able to answer the questions with the attention they deserve.

  5. QMM - I gave my answers in an earlier post. I think you commented then.

    Robert -
    Tabor - No hurry. I actually tend to react to awards at my leisure.

    Vagabonde - Entirely up to you. Have a lovely trip.


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