Tuesday, 9 June 2009


This jackdaw fledgling has been hopping about the garden for over
a week now and I am sure I noticed him in the lilac hedge before then.
His parents come to feed him every so often and the whole clan of aunts and uncles
comes flying at you, shrieking and squawking loudly the minute anybody comes out in to the back garden.

He is getting bigger and his feathers are growing day by day. We'll be glad to see him go,
his safety is becoming a problem; there are many cats using the garden as a thoroughfare.
He is also learning to pick at the seeds and bits of food we leave close to his favourite perches.

The funny thing is that he hops on to one of the many sticks Benno
leaves lying around the grass after he's finished retrieving them.
Perhaps jack sees them as branches in a tree?

I am not very fond of jackdaws as a tribe, but who could resist a baby?

(click on him to see him in all his fluffy glory)


  1. You are right, almost any species is cute as a baby. This bird is no exception. Love his blue eyes! :) Silke

  2. I had to google the jackdaw as I'd never heard the name before. Love to learn new things!
    I enjoyed your meme from a few posts ago and have to agree with you about the benefits of blogging.

  3. Jackdaws are one of my favourite birds. We used to live near an old quarry where a colony/ flock/ tribe? nested each year and I loved watching their antics. They're very intelligent and gregarious. They also like eating woodlice!

  4. I think this little jackdaw is pretty nice; unfortunately I don’t have a good vision to distinguish anything at a distance and do not recognize birds easily. Last week I did see several bold eagles in the Yukon and some very pretty Arctic Terns next to Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska.

  5. Silke - like the "almost" ? thanks
    Pondisde - glad to have added to the fun of looking things up.
    WiaR - I'd probably like them better if they didn't remind me of undertakers.
    Vagabonde - Must have been awesome going to Alaska. Was this a holiday?

  6. Hi Friko! Looks like the black crows in my area, the babies are so adorable, UNTIL they learn to squawk like the adults, lol! They love to begin their heated conversations at 5am....

  7. I've never even heard of this kind of bird, let alone see one, let alone see a baby one that we hope the cats will definitely let alone!
    Really, thank you for asking us to click on the picture because that almost curly fluffiness is a wonder to be seen. I do hope this little guy figures out that the safest branches are in the sky!

  8. Rain jackdaws belong to the crow family. At the moment, the dawn chorus starts at 4.30 am - all birds join in - and I've got to crawl out of bed and shut the window if I want to carry on sleeping.

    Lydia yes, jack is still alive, still with us. Once he's grown, he will become a noisy and thieving pest. But, there you go, how could I let anything happen to him while he's a baby.


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