Saturday, 20 June 2009

It's Now or Never

The last full day's work for gardener and me today before the Grand Opening next weekend.We
have one more evening to give the lawn the final cut, strim the edges and deadhead the roses.
If I know anything about myself on these occasions, I'll be going frantic every spare moment
next week, pruning here, staking there, tweaking this bit and tidying up here, there and everywhere.

Gardener has staked the delphiniums to within an inch of their lives.
I hope these beauties will be fully out by next Saturday. Unfortunately, they have the habit of keeling over the moment wind or rain catch them once the flower spikes are fully developed. They are just too heavy to hold their almost 2 ft heads up.

A bench to catch the evening sun.
This is where we sit before dinner, often with a glass of wine.
The pots of geraniums are awaiting a decision on their final resting place.

The rusty milk churn sitting in the hostas in the golden elder bed
is purely for decoration.

A shady spot for hot days.
Very suitable for tea in the afternoon.

The "hot" bed under the dining room window.
The plants here love hot and dry conditions. The bed is south-facing and gets any sun
there is in the English summer.

We have many roses in the garden, for which our climate
is totally suited. The air here is so pure and clean and unpolluted,
that the roses tend to suffer from blackspot.
Strange but true.

Clematis "Abundance" in an old plum tree on the lawn.
Abundance by name and abundant by nature.
At the end of the summer this plant almost smothers the tree.

Wish Me Luck

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  1. Good luck. I am too new to your blog to know what I am good lucking you for. But good luck anyway. Things sure look beautiful there. I would love a good taste of the clean English air. Blessings

  2. Oh, Friko, your garden is GORGEOUS! I love your delphinium, the clematis and those roses. Can I come over and have a cup of tea with you in the beautiful shady spot? Good luck with the competition! How could you not win? :) Silke

  3. It looks as though your delphis will be in perfect bloom by next weekend. Your garden looks lovely. I know how much work and thought goes into that. Well done.

  4. You have given me some good ideas from your garden.

  5. QMM - We are opening the garden for charity (Church Funds) next Saturday and Sunday. I hope people will like it and that no heavy thunderstorm destroys all my hard work before then.

    Silke - not a competition, more a good deed. See above. Please, I'd love to have you come over. There's always afternoon tea.

    English Rider - Thank you kindly. It IS hard work, but I love it.

    Tabor - Glad to be of help. Are you a keen gardener? I thought Tabor's yard is all out in the wild?

  6. Is this to be a garden show next Saturday? Or the opening of your home as a bed-and-breakfast for the summer? Your gardens are magnificient: very graceful and streamlike (flowing). the milk can is perfect with the geranium. And the immense tree with the double swing? Lounge chairs? The clematis is gorgeous. Good luck!

  7. Eventhough it's already twenty past two in the morning, your site is always worth while to see.
    Especially tonight, with such nice photography, here in Athens, Greece something alike is very much needed.
    For whatever you are up to, I'd like to wish you good luck too!

  8. Friko, I am sure the people will love your garden; it looks like a professional plant decorator’s garden. The colors are so lovely and the plants blend so beautifully. I’d love also to visit it – wish I could

  9. Margaret - thank you for your kind words. This is to be an "Open Garden" event for charity. No, no swing or lounger, I'm afraid, just a very hard but pretty metal bench and table. I could always let you have a cushion to sit on.

    Robert - Thank you too for your kind comments. English gardens are very special, the climate is right and provides a lush greenery practically all the year round. Auch in Deutschland sind die Gaerten nie so ueppig.

    Vagabonde - Great praise indeed. Do come and visit, the garden and I would love to entertain you.

  10. Oh, Friko! These are so, so beautiful! What marvelous spots of sheer beauty you and gardener have created. Much, much luck to you for the opening of a place that will be adored by many.

    I have an old milk churn like that and it's sitting on the back porch. Now I realize I can do something artistic with it. Thanks much!

  11. What a lovely garden you have created. I hope the grand opening goes well and you raise lots of money.

  12. Hello Friko

    What a beautiful garden you have, and so lovingly cared for - have a happy saturday...

    Happy Days

  13. Lydia - Thank you for your fulsome praise! I have lots of "artistic" bits and pieces about the garden, "found" or "useless" objects which make interesting sculptures of sorts.

    Twiglet - thanks, you might even drop in on us?

    Delwyn - Happy days to you too. And thanks for your kind comment.


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