Sunday, 14 June 2009


Hampton Court Palace, London,
Dial of the Astronomical Clock,
made by Nicholas Oursian in 1540

This splendid example of the clockmaker's art does not go
tick - tock;
nevertheless, it measures the passing of time.
Today is my birthday, and this poem describes how I feel about it.

Getting Older

The first surprise: I like it.
Whatever happens now, some things
that used to terrify have not:

I didn't die young, for instance. Or lose
my only love. My three children
never had to run away from anyone.

Don't tell me this gratitude is complacent.
We all approach the edge of the same blackness
which for me is silent.

knowing as much sharpens
my delight in January freesia,
hot coffee, winter sunlight. So we say

as we lie close on some gentle occasion:
every day won from such
darkness is celebration.

Elaine Feinstein


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU FRIKO!!!!!!! That poem is really good, especially the "...sharpens my delight in January freesia, hot coffee, winter sunlight." that is exactly how I feel these days.

  2. Happy birthday Friko!!! Love the poem. Hope you have had a fab day. I have spent my day with my sister who runs a sewing business in Minsterley.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I am often in Tuffins - not exactly Sainsburys but has most of what I need day to day. Maybe I should wear a
    " Twiglet" badge so you can recognise me!

  3. Happy Birthday dear blogger! The poem is a nice example of what is good about this journey.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday to you. I love the clock at the top of your post. That is a nice poem. Celebrate all week. Blessings

  5. Many birthday greetings to you, Friko. I wish you a good working heart, to last you a long time, and a happy heart to give you joy for many years to come. Ce-le-brate! Cheers!

  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag.(nachträglich)
    Hope that the upcoming year will be a great one. Please excuse the misunderstanding for writing greek, as I thought of replying someone else. Hope you still do allow me to follow this site for another year.

  7. I think my comment disappeared! I'm re-sending. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Friko! And the poem fits you to a T: you savor exquisite things, you find interest and joy in your every day life, you're aware and alive and happy! Congratulations! Love, Margaret

  8. Thank you all for your good wishes.

    Rain: a poem often finds the words I lack.

    Twiglet: Tuffins' is the pits, I agree, but it"ll do. Have to. See you there.

    Tabor: glad you're back. A journey it surely is, I'm still "travelling hopeful".

    QMM: I'm trying to do just that, It's the scraper's b'day tomorrow, more wine and roses!

    Vagabonde: ..a good working heart... and a happy heart.... Yes, indeed.
    What richesse that would be!

    Owen: thanks for calling and your b'day wishes.

    Robert: Danke sehr. Uebrigens, ein bisschen griechisch kann ich noch. Hatte mal einen griechischen Ehemann. Lange her, lange Geschichte.

    Margaret: You are too kind, I'm humbly grateful for your reading of my nature. Hm.... not so sure; I do get grumpy quite a bit.

  9. Hello to a new friend Friko

    I hope that your day was full of blessings, love and laughter,

    Best wishes from this sunny side of the world...

    Happy Days

  10. Thanks for your comments on my blog, Friko. You mentioned a “meme”. I know the word même in French which means “the same” but what does that mean in a blog? I am clueless on this one.

  11. I saw your comments on snailbeachshepherdess and fennie (corner cupboard) who are amongst my favourite bloggers so I came to say hello. Happy birthday. I love the poem and did not know it, so thank you.

  12. Belated Happy Birthday!
    Loved the poem.


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