Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Fish'n Chips

Hi there, ex-pat Brits,
are any of you drooling at the mouth?
My pub lunch wasn't half good!


  1. I may not be a Brit, ex-pat or otherwise, but I did live in England for six months once... and yes, I'm drooling already... can just imagine sprinkling a bit of vinegar and salt on those chips ! Yum ! Posting photos like this could be construed as cruel and unusual taste bud temptation... :-D

  2. Somehow, in this varied and quite culinarily advanced area, we can get good Fish'n Chips, without the newspaper wrapping though. They are even wise to the fact that malt vinegar is to be offered with.
    I recently found a "Duke of Edinburgh" pub that has very authentic homemade Cornish Pasties!! I told them I would break both their arms if they came near it with the gravy that is threatened on the menu.

  3. :) shame on you. I miss these so much and they just don't do them in Belgium.

  4. Friko, this is mean to show us such delicacies! My husband and I would drive miles – I mean miles – up to Alabama even, if we could find a place with good fish’n chips. We don’t know of a good place here in our area. We drove once to the other side of Atlanta because they advertised fish’n chips and when we got there, they served us frozen fish patties – still cold, and frozen chips which had been reheated – many times! I guess it’s not part of the cuisine of Dixie.

  5. OOooh that looks delicious. We have a number of pretty good fish and chips shops here - after all, this city is supposedly a bit of old England.
    You asked about Victoria Day - Yes, in Canada we celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria on the third Saturday in May. I have no idea why that day was chosen - when I was a girl it was alway May 24th, but it was moved to give everyone a three-day weekend. It's also the day that in most parts of the country it's considered safe to plant - although this year there was snow in many parts (Edmonton, Prince George, parts of Manitoba) on Tuesday morning.

  6. Come visit and collect a little something

  7. Hi, there, Friko!
    I've heard many people, who got in contact with Great Britain, talking about the delicious Fish'n Chips. Here, in Romania, we have other food habits, but as a gourmand that I am, I'd like to find out the Fish'n Chips recipe (here nobody makes Fish'n Chips), so I'll try myself this delicious dish. Please! Thank you!
    All the best to you and your followers!


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