Friday, 24 April 2009

Amazing, just amazing !
A power surge kills my TV and my modem router. Okay, so I can live without a TV for a while, but three whole days without access to the net is asking too much, far more than I am able to bear.

So off I rush to the computer shop for a new modem, which is then duly installed (not by me). Panic over.

And what happens when I get back to my blog? People have joined me, awarded me an award, left a message.

There I was, happily trundling along in my backwater (both geographical and blogical),
gingerly feeling my way through the blogosphere and thinking that, after three months of posting my bits and pieces, I might safely raise my head above the parapet. Wham, cross-fire!

Strange, how addictive both the net and blogging have become in a relatively short period of time.

Thanks folks, for noticing me. Individual thanks are on their way.

Talking of blogland, did anyone else see the silly article in the Independent?

"The word in the hallways is that the days of blogging are over"

Apparently, real time media such as Twitter are causing the imminent demise of blogging.
Yeah, right, whatever.

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