Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Good - The Bad - The Indifferent

Sky over Valley’s End.

It’s been a messy kind of day.

First Beloved came back from giving Millie her short morning run covered in mud. He'd slipped and fallen. “I just lay there for a bit”, he said. Well you would, wouldn’t you. Mud is soft and comfortable, and it wasn’t raining for a change. He was fine, a bit shaken, but no breakages.

In spite of the almost springlike scenes outside I dawdled and dithered. Why can you never trust anyone to do as they say they will? Kelly was due to get back to cleaning after the kids’ half term; I was also hoping that Gardener would turn up. Neither even phoned. Being put out I threw a tantrum and cooked vegetable stew, leaving cleaning and gardening for another day. Everything left in the fridge went into the big stewpot. 

Rule Britannia
After lunch it was my turn to take Millie out. On the whole, Valley’s End is a neat and tidy place. I have often shown pictures of pretty, flower-decked cottages and small terraces. Today, feeling cross, I decided to take one of the grotty fronts. That flag has been blowing in the wind for several years, never managing to hide the broken window pane.

Warning: When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
How do you like my purple  boots? I bought them in December but haven’t worn them much; it’s been too wet and I didn’t want to spoil them. There’s logic. Winter boots to keep the rain off your feet too delicate to be worn. I wonder if they glow in the dark? 

Friko’s cauliflower gratin
Selfies are all the rage, I’m told. So I thought I’d try one. One? More like half a dozen. In all of them my face looks like a cauliflower, deep cracks, fat cheeks and lumps. Like a ventriloquist’s dummy. Or my dad. On my dad the crags looked manly and distinguished. In the end I gave up on the close-ups, and took the ipad to my bedroom mirror.  The lighting’s kind and I’m standing several feet away.  

It’s getting dark outside now and I feel guilty for having wasted a good day’s outdoor work. I’m hoping that adding insult to injury and watching both ’Tatort’ and ‘Inspector George Gently' tonight will make me feel so bad that I’ll never do it again.

Fat chance.


  1. ha. you dont look like a cauliflower....smiles...
    oy glad the fall was non-breakable...
    it always makes me a bit sad to see shredded flags...

  2. Gelukkig niets gebroken,ach die kleren zijn wel weer schoon te krijgen.

  3. Catching up with you -- I loved the spring pictures and the description of the party -- I agree that I too like some diversity in my 'socializing' -- such as it is. But there's a certain comfort in being with those of one's own age and older, especially when there's more joking than complaining about the aging process.

  4. Could be cleaning woman 'phoned to say she could not come after breaking a tooth and then turned up the next afternoon without warning, by which time I had cleaned the house anyway.

  5. The purple boots are great! So is the blue sky. I hope for more of that for you. So glad that your beloved landed in soft mud without injury.
    It's nice to see a photo of you, very uncauliflower-like. We are our own worst critics when it comes to looks.

  6. Hello,
    Well, this is what we would refer to as a Lazy Tarting kind of day. Nothing of any significance accomplished but a happy time spent pootling around doing this and that and the other. In Hattatt World this happens often.......just no television.

    Your purple boots are fabby. We, of course, would have been fighting over them and wearing them to death. They look so wonderfully warm and cosy. Could they double as slippers? Certainly in our Herefordshire days we could have done with such a pair of boots/slippers as the bedrooms were often icy!

  7. Its been a day of starts and stops for me. Not completing one task before being distracted by another. It feels like I have stepped into my gr-daughter Clara's head. She is almost 8, but has been a butterfly all her life.

    Love the boots, and the photo. We are too harsh on ourselves.

  8. Love that photo of the sky over Valley's End. And those really are kinky boots, Friko.

  9. I wonder if anyone actually likes photos of themselves. I get a shock every time I see one, I know I'm the image of my Uncle Reg but it always comes as a surprise. I still think it's unfair that I look like an uncle when I have two beautiful aunts I'd much prefer to look like. Love those purple boots!

  10. I just got a new computer that has a little camera at the bottom of the screen. Yesterday, I accidentally clicked on it and took my own picture. There i was looking like a deer in the head lights, with no preparation at all for the snap. Now, it is there for posterity...or until someone tells me how to get rid of it.
    Love your purple boots. I just bought flowered ones.

  11. Impractical boots, but such a lovely color. I know what you mean about photos, took me a while with Photobooth to want to keep any of the images. But once you get a good slant, decent lighting, one does grow to appreciate one's own face, as is. I think it's good to like my own face. You are lovely, keep experimenting.

  12. From top to toe you look enchanting , but no one over the age of eight ever likes photos of themselve , so you won't believe us .
    How nice that your tantrum produced a tasty lunch . I just tend to snap and sow discontent around me . Must try your method next time , instead .

    ( Quite understand the reluctance to expose those boots to Weather ... I have a pair of red shoes that don't get worn if there's a vague chance of rain .... I check the online forecast first . )

  13. Well, none of us look like smooth round fruits anymore. I also lay down for a while after a fall. I don't know if it is instinctive in old age to check for broken bones or we don't give a you-know-what about anyone seeing us prone. In my case, it is kind of nice to be resting on the ground for a while!

  14. In an attempt to capture a good hair day that might inspire my uninspired hairdresser, I took my first selfie a couple of weeks ago. Horrifying. Blotches, age spots, wrinkles.
    I have now begun wearing foundation for the first time in my life (what's the point when you have freckles?).
    You're a vision compared to what I saw in my own camera.

  15. My horoscope tells me that Mercury is retrograde for another couple of days. After it goes right again, everything's supposed to be lots better.
    I think you're beautiful and I like your boots, and your stew sounds wonderful.
    And I'm glad Beloved isn't hurt!

  16. Oh where to begin....

    Let me first say that I am glad that your muddy Beloved had a soft landing. Landing on an icy city sidewalk might have been worse. (More snow headed our way...when will this end?)

    Your purple boots are terrific! That they might also be warming to the toes makes them even better.

    On to self portrait photography...which you will know I have already posted over at my place. Having met you and clicked a photo of you, also already posted over at my place, I will assure the less fortunate visitors to your site that you are lovely! Chic. Sophisticated...and a grand person to share time with.

    Sorry about those folks letting you down on their appointed times. A sense of responsibility and the lack of same transcends generations.

    Guess what...I actually have a new post! Thank you so much for your encouragement, Friko. xo

  17. Loved the boots - and the poem is a gem too.
    Mud, mud, glorious mud. I am so glad beloved has a soft landing.

  18. I don't think anyone could call you indifferent. No, no, not that cool lady with the purple boots.

  19. We are so hard on ourselves. All that matters is that dwe enjoy each day...why not

  20. It's been a difficult week for me, struggling with my materials. I finally isolated the problem but not after spending some unnecessary funds. Oh well. But the selfie thing. I started my 'every Friday for a year' in an effort to get used to and be more accepting (or less vain as the case may be) of my appearance with all the deep wrinkles on my cheeks and shriveled up mouth that all just seemed to come on suddenly after 60. I figure if I take enough pictures I'll get used to it. But yah, takes at least a half dozen to get the one I use.

  21. Oh dear I did try so hard not to chortle, but there you have it - I did.
    The purple boots are to die for and I do think you have a dishy hairstyle and, a clumsy Beloved. But....did Millie return muddy too?

  22. I think you just took a new profile picture! Yes!

  23. What a fine face!

    Love your royal boots. I have the black :-)
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  24. I chortled too! Hope you have some days that are more fun than this one!

  25. Not knowiing how long ago the picture you use as an avatar here was taken, but you do look better in your selfie; I like your haircut and colour. Cauliflower? Can't say I thought of a cauliflower when I looked at your face.
    Fabulous boots!! And I am glad your Schatz didn't break anything when he slipped in the mud.

  26. LOVE the boots! And of course they're indoor boots, not meant to get wet. Slippers with ankle warmers built in.

  27. Falling in the mud sounds awful until you realize "mud is soft, so it's rather like falling into bed"! I hope your Beloved has no ill effects from the fall.
    However, said mud shouldn't get on your gorgeous purple boots. I love them.
    I wore a lot of purple in my 40s and 50s. I had so many purple things I was able to have the grey streaks in my hair dyed purple, during which time I only wore clothes to match my hair.
    Now I am convinced I look better in black, chocolate brown, and grey, with an occasional colourful accent.
    I the only time I tried to take a selfie photo was on a plane last month when I went "home" to visit my niece and her sick husband...I was wearing a surgical mask on my two flights going out there, so as not to take any germs into the hospital. In the hospital, they gave visitors the exact same masks I had bought.
    Unfortunately, all the mask-wearing visitors in British Columbia couldn't save my dear niece's beloved. He died this week after an 18-month battle with leukemia, despite a bone marrow transplant from his brother, who was a perfect donor match.
    My husband and I will be flying out to the west coast at the end of next week to attend the memorial service. I am not booking my return flight until I am sure my niece doesn't need me.
    They met when they were 18, and he died when they were only 36. My heart aches for my niece and for her wonderful 6 year old daughter.
    Luv, K

  28. Wasted a day? No, dear Friko, at our age there are no more wasted days, please believe me! :-)
    I love your purple boots - get out with them, get them dirty - what are you saving them for? :-)
    But what I LOVE most is this patchwork tile floor! What is it? It made my day! Such, great colors, all these hues!
    Here, I give you the biggest cauliflower hug ever! :-) And 3 (three!!!) smileys! :-) (Oh well four!)

  29. Sorry to hear about the fall - I hope he doesn't have aches and pains all next month. I don't like selfies much, although they can be fun when you are being stupid and having a good time.

  30. Cauliflower is much more evolved and sophisticated than, say, cabbage, have no fear. However, in this case, I see no brassicas. I see aubergine, known as the queen of vegetables.

  31. Love the purple boots -- just my colour!! As for selfies -- I admit to succumbing to the temptation to take one and generally being horrified. But what was peculiar was that I kept on taking more -- sure that the next one would make me look like the Queen of Sheba! Alas and alack no such luck. Sympathies with your Beloved. Two days ago I fell/plotzed on the pavement en route to meeting a friend. One of those falls caused by my clunky shoes catching on something where I felt I would 'catch' myself -- and then didn't. My left knee got the worst -- making it difficult for me to get myself up as I didn't want to use it for leverage. Fortunately, a nice strong young man came to my rescue and I was on my way again a bit battered, a bit bruised but not too much the worse for wear!

  32. You look quite "regal", sitting in front of your mirror, surrounded by lovely creams, facial products, perhaps even perfume and lipstick- a nice setting indeed. Hope the fall in the mud didn't give Beloved too many bruises . Over on this side of the pond, I have just begun to watch the series "Inspector George Gently" - I also just finished "Land Girls" - especially like the "Chummy" character. Love those purple boots - I will be glad when the snow is gone, so I can resume my long walks. Have a wonderful day :)

  33. I'm feeling bad about wasting the day today although it is a grim sort of day with no particular merit and I am recovering from some extreme dental work so perhaps I have a good excuse. Some days are for doing and some are for being.

  34. Oh, a selfie! Thanks, Friko, and no you do NOT look like a cauliflower. :-)

  35. Love the boots and the sky pic! And don't be silly - you don't look like cauliflower - you look like a rose!!

  36. It's lovely to see your face. And of course there's nothing even remotely cauliflower about it.. all the veggies went into the Tantrum Stew. I have always loved the "I Shall Wear Purple" poem and those purple boots are fun. I'm glad your Beloved wasn't hurt. Mud is more forgiving than ice.. though not to the washing machine. I hope it's not too long before you hear from the folks keeping you waiting.

  37. I founding found the gutenberg APP, now I must find some purple boots!

  38. Poor Beloved. I'm glad he landed in soft mud. Of course you're not a cauiflower! I love your hairstyle and wish mine would fall so gracefully. I know what you mean about bitty days. I've been having weeks of bitty days since my op and am thoroughly tired of them.

  39. Great boots Friko! Can see why you would not want to wear them in the mud, I always thought I would go for a blue rinse when I felt I was the right age, and guess what no one is having them anymore! Love the colour of your hair, very fashionable these days.
    They say now it's officially the end of winter, it's going to turn colder, so at least there will be less grungy mud, but not so good for our budding plants.

  40. I like the purple boots, and please just note: There's no shame in looking like your dad!

  41. Your hair is getting longer - I like it! I just got mine cut short again. I thought you'd show a photo of the vegetable stew. Don't feel guilty, tomorrow's another day, and maybe someone will show up to help you. If I had those boots, I'd smile every time I looked down at them. Why do we save things (I do it too)?

  42. For cauliflower you look pretty crisp.

    Let's remember that purple is the colour of Royalty. And the Pope's.

    Come to think of it: Green, Friko. Green. When your wardrobe (other than Wellingtons and Barbour overcoat) hits green you know that, according to popular wisdom, you've had it. Try Broccoli.

    Not yet "Ladies in Lavender" greetings,

  43. I like the purple boots - they look fun.

    And what's wrong with a lazy day now and again?

  44. Your nearly-selfie looks great. Your view on daily life is a tonic, Friko, thank you.
    Blessings from Dalamory

  45. Well, if you're a cauliflower then so am I--LOL!
    I'm glad Beloved fell into the softer mud than the hard ground. I have just laid there a minute several times in my life. Your grumpy veggie stew sounds so good...and I love the purple boots!! :)

  46. Hi,
    Thanks for your visit to my blog and your kind comments.
    This post certainly put a big smile on my face!

  47. Hi Friko - so pleased Beloved did not do any damage ... lying in the wet is not the brightest idea, but the need to recover is. Oh I can feel the tantrums ... and the grump - but purple boots are a great idea .. and well done for keeping them clean ... I'm sure Spring will bring a little chill with it .. and I hope some dryness.

    Oh dear .. I know the Cauliflower feel and look ... but then I'm not sure I'd wander around the house taking selfies of myself even by candlelight .... when I fell over and 'smashed' my face I resisted the temptation .. now I regret it! But I healed so quickly - that's my father's genes ...

    Veggie stew is good ... dumplings with it, or a baked potato .. sounds very warming and welcoming in this wet dank weather ...

    I hope the helpers of this world turn up .. no phone call is so frustrating! Cheers Hilary

  48. Love the purple boots. They have a defiant look to them, like the poem.

  49. Well, I can't account on your resemblance to your father but I can say without doubt that you do not resemble a cauliflower and in fact, I think it's quite a wonderful face and one I'd like to be across the table from. I'm sure I murdered the English language and grammar on that one. And I do love those purple boots -- I hope you didn't land in the mud with them as Beloved did -- and awfully glad he was all right in the end.


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