Thursday, 30 January 2014

Solitary Walker in the Mist


an upturned bowl of mist,
neither light nor shadow falling to break my solitude,
as I walk the lanes.

Grey shapes loom,
trees and hedgerows stand alone,
waiting, waiting,
 once more to see and know each other, when light returns.
Silently dripping into the earth,
all life suspended.

Nebulous ghosts swirl around me,
regrets, like wraiths, rise from the darkness
as cold tears embrace me.
Dense air, unheeding of the solitary walker, shivers ahead.
Feet stumble,
held captive momentarily by greedy sods,
clinging to the only life there is,
unwilling to let go.

The chariot of the Sun God
has abandoned the earth;
angry riders gallop across the sky,
speed and billowing menace their only purpose.
 My heart weeps too,
longing for joy and ease of living,
all hope buried in sodden graves.


And then,
hidden among the fallen leaves of yesteryear
pressed into the mud by unceasing rain,
shiny heads of new life emerge
into a brave new world.

Winter aconites beam a golden glow into the gloom,
  tiny chalices of light, encircled by a glossy crown,
they promise rebirth.


  1. prachtig de eerste foto met de mist.

  2. Beautiful post. I felt as if I was walking along with you.

  3. The aconites are beautiful - Spring's eternal promise

  4. This is wonderful, Friko. I could feel the fog and see the grey shapes looming — and then, the wonder of the yellow flowers, so tiny and promising so much.
    You are a true poet, my friend.
    Luv, K

  5. Friko, this is just beautiful. Thank you.

  6. Gosh! I liked the solitary-walkerishness of this, but it made me long for the spring and the end of this sodden winter.

  7. Whoops. Just seen the aconites. They're coming up too, in our own garden.

  8. Such a magic in your words! Even without the photos, I could almost feel the rising mist.

  9. the chariot of the gods have def left the feels it here...luckily this weekend we are supposed to get up to 50....woohoo...and may have 18 inches of snow next week...ha...ugh....hopefully not too many regrets in the mist....

  10. oh a nice one Friko
    and yes those aconites are so welcomed
    so cheery and bright

  11. This is so nice, Friko! Inspiring and lovely.

  12. The daffodils have put up foliage but I am so ready to see a new green sprout. I am so over winter. It has been a pendulum swing of extremes and while I don't mind the warm extremes, I have had enough of the cold extremes.

  13. Powerful, deeply felt, lovely. . . .

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

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  15. The winter aconites look so gloriously golden! I've never seen them before, probably we don't get them here in Australia. The poem is lovely and the fields photo looks like a patchwork.

  16. Well done, this moody piece. The yellow aconites (I've never seen them before!) made me laugh. They're like happy cartoon flowers!

  17. What wonderful words you have melded together into a great poem. Relax, read, feel the words move you as though you are there, walking and peeking through the mist and discovering the new growth. This is so well done - I love it.

  18. I love the scene you paint here Friko. It's beautiful. I love the foggy landscape. And how amazing that you saw vestiges of new life :)

  19. Isn't it grand when the first lilies rise above the snow? Love it.

  20. You had me at "upturned bowl of mist."

  21. Rich and pregnant with promise, all of it.


  22. Love the journey you just took me on…and the hope that lit the end.

    So well done.


  23. And the Aconites are swell little things. Dianne

  24. Absolutely beautiful, Friko. Please have no further doubts about your writing. This is superb!

  25. Oh my! Did you write this, Friko? It's a hauntingly beautiful piece!

  26. You make it sound rather attractive !

  27. Ich liebe Nebel und die geheimnisvolle Stimmung. Das war wunderschön, und das erste Foto spricht mich sehr an. Vielen Dank, Friko!

  28. Extraordinarily evocative! I was taken along on the walk with you.

  29. This post brought me to tears. Yesterday another very good friend died, suddenly and unexpected. The first part of this poem called out to the grief in my soul -- the cold tears. A weeping heart " longing for joy and ease of living, seeing all hope buried in sodden graves."

    And then I came to your last two stanzas and yes, there was hope. It's snowing here again and again (another 6" expected), it's gray and cold and unforgiving and my heart hurts with loss. But there will be spring. There will be flowers. I will smile. Maybe not today. But I will. Thank you.

  30. Love the way you lead us through the misty landscape to those glowing aconites!

  31. Friko, I looked a longish while at your misty landscape and then took my time reading your poem, and could hear music in my head fitting the mood of the words. I paused, rejoiced at the brilliant focus of the aconites sunniness, and heard that inner tune match the smile on my face.

    Many thanks for this encouragement as we bid farewell to January and hello to February. xo

  32. Not much I could add to the above comments 'cept to say I hope it's a brighter cleared day today than the day you took the photograph

  33. …tiny chalices of light. Your poem is gorgeous as are your "permutations" - I know you find it dreary - but the mist and gray is so pretty to me. Makes for wonderful photography! (Oh no, what happened to your children… that sounds so worrisome the way you left it hanging in your post above). Hugs, Friko, sent your way. I hope you get a good dose of sunlight soon and I'm glad your headphones allow you to enjoy your music uncritiqued :)

  34. Hi Friko - beautiful poem ... I'd love to write like that ... the sun appears occasionally, but the early flowers are raising their heads above their water-logged parapet ... Hilary


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