Thursday, 5 September 2013

September Day Book

Outside my window
dark clouds are gathering.
The man who reads the signs has promised
 rain before nightfall. 
A gently rising wind carries puffs of thistledown.

From the kitchen
comes the smell of summer vegetables
simmering in the
big black cast-iron pot.
I am looking forward to dinner.

I am reading
a Howard Jacobson novel:
‘Zoo Time’,
after several days of indulging in
P.G. Wodehouse.
Three free Wodehouse on the trot,
‘FreeBooksApps’ have a lot to answer for.
Jacobson knows how to use words,
I just wish he wouldn’t use so many of them.

I am smiling
although the day started disappointingly.
Gardener rang to say he had hurt his wrist.
It’s time I looked for a gardening helper for the garden help.

The day improved when
a parcel came from my no-longer-son-in-law,
a small present all the way from China.
 it’s the thought that counts.

A new acquaintance likes me.
Our joint host volunteered that the new acquaintance
had made a special point of confiding that she had greatly
enjoyed my company and hoped to renew it.

It never occurs to me that I might be likeable,
just like that.

I am glad
that summer’s heat is broken.
Thinking is so much easier in the cooler days of autumn.
The cherry tree shows the first red leaves among the green,
and the plums are ripening.


  1. I love your day book, and the windows into your world. Thank you.
    And Wodeshouse is one of the things I am reading at the moment too.

  2. The veggies looks yummy. I'll be the house smelled wonderful. Pity about the Gardener.

  3. ah the heat has come roaring back here this week....that dinner sounds good as well....oo presents as well...that is very cool...

  4. why..that was beautiful
    and yes you are likable
    loveable actually

  5. Oh, what a splendid feast! It's funny -- the likeable thing. I would never think anything else about you, with your wicked humour and marvelous way of seeing the world. I go through the same, though. It amazes me when people say nice things about me -- and when they do, I sort of feel like Sally Field accepting her Oscar with "You like me! You really like me!" Oh, Friko -- why DO we do that to ourselves?

    We're in that late-summer, early-fall moment -- lovely days, but cooler. I'm not quite ready for cooler yet, but I'd best suck it up and get ready. It will come and what I think has nothing to do with it!

  6. You're getting way too likable Friko. Next thing you'll have too many friends. Enjoy your cool turn into fall. How is the garden looking? Mine always give me special pleasure just before hard frost.

  7. A September Day Book ... what a lovely idea, and I so enjoyed reading your entries... I love the fall...

  8. Lovely walk through your day. . . . It occurred to me quite a while ago this I like you quite a lot, Friko. Actually, it is my own likeability that seems a new toy to me. . . .and at this advanced age! Ah well, better late. . . Those Summer vegetables smell wonderful!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  9. Other than the gardener having an unfortunate accident, it sounds like your day went pretty well. Best of all, you have a new friend.

  10. Wodehouse! Now, there's someone I very much enjoyed reading many years ago. Maybe I should renew the old friendship and go on a search for free ebooks, too.

    The vegetable pot looks mouthwateringly delicious; not for the first time, I wish scents could be conveyed along with pictures on our blogs.

    If you weren't likeable, you would not have as many blog readers and comments as you do, would you!

  11. OK, don't tell *anyone* I said this but I fairies are born in thistledown. When the time is right, they float away but nobody ever notices because they just think it is thistledown. Just look closely. You will see.

  12. Mmmmmm that was good. I enjoyed thinking about the aroma of the vegetables and had a moment of envy for your having a gardener who might need a helper. I felt a shiver of pleasure at the possibility of rain for someone in possession of a good book and smiled at the thought of your chagrin at being liked so easily. You are easily likable - really!

  13. de eerste foto is prachtig en de tweede,ik geloof dat ik maar mee kom eten.

  14. I LIKE it that you are quite frank, open and honest. I do not know you like your friends, however; a comment received from you is greatly appreciated for you took the time to do that and respond in a very open, frankly honest approach. I just love it when people approach you honestly - shows a lot about their character, so therefore if I knew you better or more personally I think I would like you for the person you are. I love the small story covering your day and quite enjoyed following you throughout - and a smile slowly crept across my face as I read this post. Now to go check out some new books on my Kindle. Have a wonderful day and hope your gardener's hand heals quickly.

  15. Send some of those cooler days here to Kentucky Friko :) It's in the 90s here. The food in that simmering pot looks delicious!!

  16. Your last four lines are a stand-alone poem in their own right...

  17. Lovely. Our weather turned cooler today here, too. Sunny and cool. We are looking forward to our walk.

  18. Thank you for the glimpse into Friko's world! I enjoyed it.

  19. I love the serenity I find in r3ading your day books

  20. What a wonderful feeling ... to find out that someone likes you!

  21. Not only interesting, but poetic!
    Loved reading this.


  22. Nice contrasts, photos and thoughts.

  23. Hi Friko - what a great collection of September days ... the billowing, blowing seeds are going to have fun this year - particularly now the rain has come! But they do add to the extravagance of life in the hedgerows, or pluff in the fields ...

    Your supper dish looks positive wonderful .. love mixed summer vegetables ... enjoy...

    Happy reading .. cheers Hilary

  24. Dear Friko, "the plums are ripening" and you are swimming in the lyrical river of image and word. Peace.

  25. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)

  26. A lovely early September post. Good reads, good scents, good things happening.

  27. What a gentle, peaceful post. I love the mellow light and air of early autumn when summer has not quite departed but there's a freshness in the mornings.

  28. I enjoyed this post though I'm a bit late reading. and I know what you mean. it always surprises me when someone thinks of me as a future friend.

  29. Lovely thoughts and I regret not getting here sooner. I have been waylaid with medical stuff. Dianne

  30. I like your words ... thanks for your invite, Friko :)

  31. I think you're very likable and would be fascinating company. :)

  32. From "thistledown" to "It never occurs to me that I might be likeable," it was enjoyable! :)


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