Wednesday, 24 July 2013

This Is Good

After weeks of ignoring the accumulated papers on your desk
you force yourself to sit down and deal with them,
and you find that most of them have sorted themselves out
and can be discarded.

A regular and long-standing meeting is due.
You have long lost any interest in the group and dread having to go out on a very hot day,
when you’d much rather stay in the shade of your own cool garden.
An email arrives saying that the meeting has been cancelled.

You have hit a dead end in your thinking,
all inventiveness has vanished like snow in summer.
Your head feels empty of ideas.
A glimmer of hope,
words come again.

A thunderstorm clears the air.
You rush outside and let rain wash all oppression away.

You finally decide to postpone reading a worthy book which came
highly recommended.
Instead you pick up the latest novel by a much loved author,
less well thought of.
You lie back and read into the small hours, loving every minute.

An acquaintance has a present for you.
Your heart sinks,
experience tells you it will be a gift for which you have
neither use nor liking,
but you must show gratitude;
they mean well.
They hand it to you and you were wrong.
They found the book, the token, the flowers
you didn’t know you wanted.

But best of all is
to have a friend who will come to your aid
when you are troubled and ill.
When the news is bad,
when clouds obscure your vision,
and you don’t know where to turn for the best.

Best of all is a friend
who will lift the burden with a light touch,
whose kindness comes
straight from the heart.


  1. "They found the book, the token, the flowers
    you didn't know you wanted."

    This is a wonderful poem and so reflective of where my own thoughts and feelings are this morning. I'm so glad you've posted it. Your poetry speaks so clearly.

  2. What a perfect day. And what a wonderful poem to express it all. We've all had days a bit like this -- but to have it all is indeed a gift! Don't you love it when your thoughts get all turned upside down and the upside down is so very fine? Lovely in every way!

  3. Delightful, Friko, and we should remember how often this really does happen. Oh, not every day, or even every week or month, but often enough that we should appreciate it more.
    I'm sure I've told you my best friend now lives in England, but sure enough, when I'm feeling low, I'll receive a card or a small parcel from her, or an e-mail that makes me laugh. She is the one who always finds the book I didn't know I wanted.
    Luv, K

  4. I'm with you kid. Many things to drag us down during the dog days including heat and lack of inspiration. how well you reflect the general malaise. Well at least we have a little prince to cheer us all. Dianne

    PS and I am dying to know the name of the book you sunk into so happily. ~D

  5. What a lovely vignette of life. The first part made me think you were a fly on my wall this month. The last took off in a new direction and I followed. You do write very well.

  6. the best is always having a friend for sure...they make all the difference in the world...the dog days of summer make most of us ambivelent at is good to have those trusty old novels to fall back on as well...easy reading....glad you got your gift and it turned into such a treat...

  7. This was lovely, I could identify with the feelings in each verse and the ending just says it all.

  8. Yes. All these are Good.

  9. A wise and fitting verse - I identified with it. My garden is finally giving me delight, Friko - I spend all the time I can either in it or looking at it!

  10. Oh yes, it is such a relief when things go right, one really doesn't deserve it but sometimes they just do. I'm glad it has happened for you, Friko, if this verse has been written from the heart, as it seems to have been.

  11. I have been thinking of you and wondering whether all was well. For some reason, my feed reader didn't show your last post. I thought to come directly here, and am glad I have. You've summed up all of what life is in these words, I think. And of course I'm intensely curious about what was that "worthy book" and what "the latest novel of a much loved author."

  12. yes, all very good things. especially picking up the book you know you will enjoy rather than the one you should enjoy.

  13. Friko, I recognized my own tailored versions of every stage you describe in this poem. My versions contained unique woes and triumphs of resiliency, but your words will speak to all who click here.

    Many thanks.


  14. Nice ... and you touched on a most-unappreciated approach toward life -- benign neglect.

  15. If we let life happen to us, and don't plan and anticipate too much ahead of time, it often turns out much better than we could have hoped for. That is my experience anyway.

  16. Yes, so very good. I'm glad your words have reappeared!

  17. Procrastination sometimes works to our advantage.

    I lost a dear friend a few years ago and was asked to do the eulogy. I spoke about her life and how important she was to so many who were gathered to say goodbye. She was there for me so many times, and I for her. I ended it by saying,"Family can sometimes be iffy, but friends you choose, good friends you treasure." It sounds like you have one of those people in your life also.

  18. This is very true, very lovely, and something I can relate to on every level. It's the world we live in, and when it settles into something like serenity, it's very comforting. I love this poem.

  19. What a nice thing to read first thing in the morning. Thank you for the simplicity and the truth of this.

  20. Yes , sometimes only a good friend will do .
    My youngest daughter and her oldest friend have propped each other up through endless adventures since school . If disaster strikes for either of them , they meet and raise a glass of prosecco to celebrate the fact that the worst has now happened and everything can only get better from now on .

  21. A good friend can make all the difference!

  22. What a touching post! Friends can make all the difference in the world. ;)

  23. Just lovely... it is so good when someone 'reads' one correctly and responds in the right way...Christine

  24. This made my day. Perhaps, I could relate all too well, except for the part about the friend coming with book and flowers. I've had them come lately though bearing gifts, and it is the "kindness straight from the heart" that speaks and comforts. Beautiful post. Thanks.

  25. How wonderfully uplifting. Thank you!

  26. Beautifully written, and just what I needed. I have done this so many times, going back to a favourite book or making that comforting bowl of rice and 'dal'. Comfort zones are just so important!
    I'm glad you had some rain; have been reading continuously about the terrible heatwave. Take care!

  27. Frico, your poem is great (although the translation was so-so)
    All you say is LIFE. Life is good! And it's only one we have. To have a friend 'whose kindness comes straight from the heart' is a luck, happiness.

  28. Yes, best of all is that sort of friend. (and the guilty-pleasure book) Thank you for this.

  29. I love the way you write.
    Could see myself in your words.
    I thought
    if I were near
    would love to be that kind of friend.
    Take care
    and have missed your sharing...

  30. May you have many such perfect unexpected moments in your life, Friko!

  31. You can choose your friends but not your family. I have some very good friends on whom I could count if I am in need.
    And now I am staying here in Eastbourne and it's my second home.

  32. This is a wonderful poem that touches on life experiences. My desk piles get soprted monthly and by then, it's too late for some submssions.

  33. A masterstroke, those 2 first stanzas. Pure & simply joys, & some ripples of relief as well. A wide open feeling. ~Mary

  34. Thanks for the smile. Yes, there are lots of bright sides.

  35. I smiled at the papers that sort themselves out when we are looking away. Thanks for the poem; I can relate to a lot of it.


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