Saturday, 8 January 2011

Haiku My Heart

I just came across this invitation on 
 and thought 'why not'.
It's bedtime, the owls are hooting in the beech tree outside my window.
Why not turn them into a haiku.

Owls in the blue night
calling across the valley.
A sliver of Moon

please join us for

..."haiku my heart at recuerda mi corazon"


  1. this was indeed a spur of the moment thing, a mere bagatelle, so don't anyone go and take it seriously. It was a pleasant thing to do though.

    I'll have another go another time.

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful little moment from your evening.

  3. you have quite stunningly
    haiku-ed my heart!

    seriously..i hope you will return again and again.
    perhaps the pursuit of simplicity will capture you again!

    thanks so much for your lovely offering.

  4. I like this little sketch, so lightly painted. It may be a 'bagatelle' but it's a very pleasing one to read.

  5. Oh I love your moon ....our moon at your place. Your night scene is so beautiful. I wish I could be like the moon and spend part of each day/night in a different season as it is so very hot with high humidity here.

  6. You might have dashed it off in a moment, but it surely sets a mood!

  7. Understand what you're saying about "spur in the moment," but I do think you caught something there. I like "owls in the blue night" particularly.

  8. There's a lot to be said for a bagatelle, especially if you didn't have any telle at all.
    Very nice, Friko. I like it.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  9. It is a lovely moon at night, and I can imagine the owls hooting. A bit of haiku is often a pleasant exercise.

  10. Thoughts deeper than the night
    making bright
    sense of sight.

    How nice to read. And much needed after a 'difficult day / night.'

    Sunday peaceful for you !

    daily athens

  11. Simple and fresh. You have a way with the haiku, Friko.

  12. The picture paints the words or do the words paint the picture. Nice.

  13. me some owls...we dont see them often but...

  14. From Friko's quick pen
    A cracking little haiku
    To lift a low mood.

  15. That is beautiful! :-)

    (I also love your new blog header too.)

  16. Have to play a game with my grandson right maybe in the future!

  17. very nice. much better than my attempts with fallow.

  18. Sunshine in my heart.
    Even when none is in the sky.
    That’s how I survive.

  19. Love Haiku.
    Youn daughter wrote it.
    Me, not so talented.

  20. ein Haiku so sinnvoll und schön, ist für mich immer ein Rätsel. Welch warme Farben in der Nacht!
    Einen schönen stillen Abend wünsche ich Dir!

  21. A beautiful Haiku with a beautiful picture!

  22. The perfect quiet nature observation for a haiku -- and a beautiful picture too!

  23. This is a lovely combination of image and haiku. Thanks for sharing it.

    All the best, Boonie


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