Sunday, 28 November 2010

Study in Black and White and Red, or One-Finger Exercises

In Late November

Why Do Dogs Eat Snow?

There is a River In There Somewhere

Frozen Crabapples, Anyone ?


  1. Liebe Friko

    so ein Pech... doch denk daran es hätte schlimmer kommen können. Das sind halt die Schattenseiten des Winters. Und trotzdem ist es so schön draussen, deine Fotos beweisen das einmal mehr.
    Trag dir Sorge! Ich wünsche dir eine gute und rasche Genesung.
    Ganz liebe Grüsse

  2. ok i am chilled a bit now...smiles. i kinda like eating snow as well...but snow ice cream...and frozen cherries...

  3. The one finger typing is coming along nicely! Pictures are lovely Friko. Hope your wrist is not causing you too much hassle in this cold weather!

  4. Your November chills me
    to the bone. Benno probably
    likes doggie snow bones cuz
    they tickle his nose and whiskers.
    The crabapple pic is my favorite
    and almost could be a poetic
    prompt in itself; stunning
    shot, ace photography.
    Do not stumble in the white
    wilderness your valley has
    become. Thanks God our
    November snow has abated,
    fled, melted, and we are back
    to the 40's and recipients of
    lovely Northwest rain.

  5. Well, gosh, I could not help myself.
    Your image goaded me into writing:


    Crabapples can be festive too.
    Who needs holly when wild fruit
    can catch our eye on a stroll
    in snow, and reinforce the season
    just by hanging there?
    Tempting us to pluck
    the globose pomes, remembering
    their red spring petals as we
    gratefully crush out the pectin
    to add spice to our holiday cheer
    and a steaming gift of love
    for Father Christmas.

    Glenn Buttkus

    November 2010

  6. Nice pictures, Friko!

    How is your wrist? Hmm. Now that's ornery of me to ask a question that requires more one-finger typing than is kind! Never mind, just take care. :)

  7. You find such beautiful subjects to photograph. And I especially love the crab apples, but I guess my favourite is a snowy snout on Benno.

  8. I guess you'd have to ask the dog why it eats snow. Therein lies a problem ... That one might have to remain a mystery.

  9. Who are these people that have time to write poems in the comments to posts? Such talent or freedom is unreal! Anyway, my mediocre comments is Brrrrr! And dogs must eat snow for the same reason I do. It is fun.

  10. I love looking at your photos. These icy snowy ones remind me of my childhood - now of course I never see snow. Hope the hand isn't bothering you too much, take care.

  11. Pretty but chilly just to look at. I think you should get Dragon software so that you can speak your commands to your computer and not have to wait until your wrist heals.

  12. schmidleysscribblins28 November 2010 at 20:48

    Happy to see your finger is working. Love the photos. I can see the river and the crab apples look delicious. Hopefully, you got some of them canned before they all froze. Take care on the ice.

  13. Friko -- Benno looks adorable with snow on his nose! And that beautiful picture of the crabapples inspired me to open the door to see if any of my frozen ornamental crabapples look beautiful. They look frozen, but there's no snow on them, so they just look blah.
    You're doing very well with your one-finger typing. I can do it, if I have to, but it is very slow. You have great patience and perseverance, and I admire that.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  14. Lovely photos Friko - only just read about your fall. Hope your wrist feels a bit better.
    I slipped on a pavement in the ice a couple of years ago and seemed to zoom along on my back like a Winter Olympic luge contestant - got up with a very red face and luckily just a bruised bum! Best wishes Jo

  15. Better one-finger exercises than none at all. Nice photos! Hope you are back to your normal self soon.

  16. Well done with one finger!
    When I saw the post title I thought it was a reference to the condition of your wrist!

  17. Wonderful winter scene photos - so pleased that you are able to post still. Take care.

  18. Wunderschöne Aufnahmen, gibt es in UK schon so viel Schnee, hätte ich nicht gedacht, es ist doch eigentlich sehr mild auf der Insel im Vergleich zum Festland Europas.

  19. Wenn ich könnte, würde ich auch Schnee essen. Hier waren es in den letzten Tagen über 20 Grad am Mittag ... welch Frieden in und um die Bilder herum.
    Eine gute neue Woche dir.

    daily athens

  20. Your post just goes to prove you have great talent & ability in each individual finger as well as the entire hand! Lovely images - looks very similar to our own November.
    Take care & heal well

  21. so beautiful - cant believe all that snow already!! I have always wondered why they are called Crab Apples ..?? and why do dogs eat snow - because its there? so much to wonder about but you do live in a beautiful place Friko - loved these pics - well done on the mono finger action :)

  22. The one finger typing is going well. And your photos of snow are beautiful. Ours is mostly gone, replaced by rain and grey skies.

  23. Doing well with the one-fingered typing, I'd say... amazing photos, expressions of the days when eating snow was fun, until I licked it off the metal rail. smiles.

  24. Lovely splash of red crabapples !
    ( Dogs eat EVERYTHING ).

  25. The crabapples are gorgeously photographed, and I'm jealous. Crabapple jelly is my favourite thing to put on toast, and I haven't had any for years. My last supply dried up when I stopped teaching piano - the mother of a student had heard of my love for it and gave me a jar every Christmas.
    They don't seem to exist in my part of France, so maybe I'll have to come over and pick yours.

  26. Snow is for running through, jumping in, nuzzling through, rolling in; can't you read Beno explaining that with his eyes?
    Hope the hand is soon OK.

  27. Dear Friko,
    There's something so shivery about stark b/w photos but then you warmed us up with that brilliant pic of the red crabapples. Benno says, "Is there something on my face?"

  28. Love the crabapples photo. Hope your wrist is coming along fine. There is no time good for any kind of hand distractions. Keep pecking so we can read all your great writing.

  29. Good way to get through the pain . . .make beauty! Sending healing wishes and patience your way.

    I love winter. I love winter. I love winter...

  30. Your pictures are worth many many words. I hope you heal quickly; in the meantime you have all of this space to think.

  31. ah the contrast , the punch of vibrance with the red.

    sending healing thoughts.

  32. There is something ironic, fetching
    and sad about winter, or at least
    a snowy landscape, since winter
    has not officially arrived yet--
    you look around your world,
    and you shoot it, capture it,
    a rainbow world reduced to
    grays and blacks and whites,
    even Benno fits in sans color.
    You shoot it in color and yet
    it reproduces in B&W;
    so when that dash, or blot
    of color shows up, like those
    gorgeous crabapples, or a fern,
    or a bird, or yellow mushroom,
    they rule, they shine, and light
    up our gray day with what we
    all need; color.

    Thanks Tabor for the compliment.
    I love the brass crabapples via
    Kay in Canada, for there might
    be poetics there too; as long as
    no monkey statues are involved.

  33. That fabulous pop of red (and blurred green) is so wonderful. I think you may have just found your Christmas card!

  34. das erste Foto erinnert mich ein wenig an den Norden Deutschlands. Benno, Dein lieber Hund, liebt den Schnee wohl so sehr wie die meisten seiner Artgenossen. Die Bilder sind sehr schön, eine wunderschöne Landschaft. Bei euch würde ich mich sicher auch wohl fühlen.
    Alles Gute Dir und eine schnelle Besserung!

  35. Beautiful! You do a great deal better with one finger than most of us do with ten!

  36. You can definitely drop everything and take up one-finger photography! The blood-red apples under the white, white snow remind me of La Dame aux Camelias. And Benny is looking right up at me with his white moustache!

  37. My wrist was broken once...

    You are taking amazing shots though!

    Hope you enjoy this healing time, my Friko Friend

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  38. That's one very talented finger you have there. Beautiful photos. :)

  39. Beautiful frozen crabapples!

  40. Lovely photographs. I hope I can see some snow this year – you make it look so nice.


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