Friday, 26 November 2010


I am certain, everybody knows the feeling!

One minute you are walking downhill, on freshly fallen snow, carefully watching where you place your boots. You hit a hidden icy patch and  SPLAT!  the next minute you are flat on your back, bottom foremost, legs shot out you from under you, staring at the sky.

The first thing after that is mentally checking yourself over: are all moveable parts intact? Any cracks?
Any dents? Everything is OKish, only your dignity has taken a very hard knock.

It's only when you crawl to your knees and back upright again, that you realise you have broken your fall with your wrist, which is beginning to complain agonisingly about this unkind treatment.

So, there you are, I am now a one-fingered typist. Which means that I will neither be able to do much commenting, although I will still read your blogs, or write posts myself for a day or two, I hope. Only the thumb still works on my left hand,  how will I pull up my pants?

The absolute howler is that this is also my 333rd post. Instead of dazzling you all with a post of unsurpassed wit and wisdom, the jumping rabbit is all I have to offer in the way of celebration.

At least it's not the Kitchen Sink this time.


  1. Oh dear, Friko, I know EXACTLY what that feels like as I did it myself. Be careful out there.
    Congrats on your 333rd entry...awesome
    BlessYourHeart and 'BehindAndHand'

  2. A jumping rabbit is absolutely fine for a one fingered typist - pity about the pants! I hope all injuries/bruises are not too serious though...Think it's a bit late to say take care?! XX

  3. Oh poor Friko. My neighbour the Old Jazz Musician is sporting a bright blue cast on his arm after falling and breaking his wrist. He can still mangage to play his sax..just. At least snow is soft? May your wrist mend quickly and use it to be lazy and spoilt ..I hope!

  4. Oh I think there is quite a bit of wit and wisdom here. (how will you pull up your pants?) And the wisdom? Stay away from places it snows.

    I lived in Chicago for a year. they don't call it the Windy City for nothing. This was back in the days when I was a bare wisp of a young woman and totally unprepared, coming as I did from south Texas, for the snow and ice. I was literally blown on my ass several times making my way along the icy sidewalks.

  5. So sorry to hear about your fall and injury, Friko. Get well soon and never underestimate the power of one-fingered typing.

  6. Oh dear, my poor Friko. I did not want you to join me on this immobilized wrist journey. Can I empathize? You bet I can! I have just begun to pull up my pants with two hands!! For nearly two months it has been quite an ordeal that usually left me perspiring due to all the effort.

    You did not say if your wrist is broken or sprained. Both are painful. You will be missed here in blog land. In the meantime, you can write some draft posts on paper with your right hand - and you will be good to go when typing is again possible. However, I suspect that some one-fingered missives will arrive on our screens!

    Take care!!!

  7. Oh, goodness, Friko, poor you. Falling down is bad enough, but your poor wrist. Yes, how will you pull up your clothing is a good question. First, wear long, loose dresses. Then if you have nothing underneath, nobody will know.
    And don't go outside unless it's absolutely necessary, in which case, wear more than a long, loose dress. LOL
    I know how awful it is. I found myself almost falling on the church steps last night, and if I hadn't hollered "Help, help!" my friend Jeanine wouldn't have caught me. Scary stuff.
    I hope you are able to take good care of yourself until you heal.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Sorry to hear that, Friko. This reminds me of Bonnie's tumble of not long ago. I hope you have had the wrist examined thoroughly as it seems that it is quite common for doctors to overlook small fissures and the like that can cause much annoyance later. Hope you are not in too much pain and that you get well soon.

  9. happens so quickly...get well soon and take the time to relax a bit

  10. Friko - what rotten luck to break your wrist! I broke mine in the same way you describe, a few years ago. I never appreciated both hands until I found out what was impossible to do with just one hand! Like trying to dry dishes or open a screw top jar etc. Hope you're on the mend soon!

  11. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Take it easy and allow yourself to heal!

  12. oft geschehen solche Dinge, um das Ausruhen förmlich zu erzwingen..!
    Gute Besserung und alles Gute!
    (333 posts! Eine tolle Leistung!)

  13. Sorry to hear this Friko - and on your triple Nelson!
    Get well soon - scrolling down you've had some pretty sound advice from everyone!

  14. Oh poor dear Friko, not good, not good. Talk to the finger, the finger writes, etc. All these good lines come to mind but so NOT FUNNY when you are targeted.
    As to the pants issue, long loose lovely skirts regimental style.
    I'm sending good healing thoughts to you.

  15. I have often wondered how I would mentally handle not being able to type for a while. My husband is a one-finger typist and I see that it can be done, but it's really waaayyyyy tooooo ssssslowwwwwwwww to do very often. Better is giving in to long naps and lots of reading!

    Cheers, Friko, and let the healing begin.

  16. And the judges weigh in; that will
    be an "8" on the back bum flip,
    butt slide, and bending wrist dive.
    We had snow here in the Northwest
    for a week, temps in the teens,
    but having a heat wave and rain
    now; 42 temp and melted white
    junk. I have taken many tumbles
    over the last few years secondary
    to a medical problem. Had a tumble
    in the parking lot of 7/11 one late night,
    stopped to get a nasty cheese sandwich.
    Once I am down, I have to crawl back
    to somewhere I can grab onto something
    and pull myself up. "Is that a drunk man?
    a three year old asked her parents.
    No response and no help came.
    Ah, the indignities of life.
    Nurse your wrist, buy cork boots,
    use a walking ski pole.

  17. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Friko. It's a long way down, when you're an adult, isn't it? I speak from experience.

  18. I don't know how it happened that my comment went missing - I posted it within a minute of your post - ah well - still BIG sympathy. I've been flat out on the ice a number of times but not so unlucky as to have injured my wrist. I hope you heal as quickly as possible, if you can't heal as quickly as you like!

  19. Oh dear. Be reassured - you can still type acerbic comments on people's blogs, but just more concisely, like 'THIS WAS TRASH' and things like that.

  20. Friko, I have taken many a tumble and would not wish it on anyone, ever. I love the rabbit, and hope you can type one-handed for a while. I know it is difficult, as I had a paralyzed left hand for a while after I had a stroke a few years ago. The last thing to recover was my little finger. You will probably undergo some therapy. Take care and come back soon.

  21. OUch! With all the comments I am thinking you have many drive by accident viewers...not really, they are just concerned. The hell of it is that when you fall no one admires those bare legs like they used to.

  22. Dear Friko - not fun! Being a veteran of 2 broken wrists, I completely understand where you are right now...for me it was never the pants thing so much as that other unmentionable upper garment that requires fastening in the back...bless those patient husbands! Take care and remember - ice is your friend along with the rest of us who will miss your daily postings for now.

  23. So sorry to hear of your fall - it always happens when we least expect it. I speak from experience having taken a fall a few years back in the middle of our main street - luckily there was no traffic and no one to see my hurt pride. Hope your wrist heals quickly and that you'll soon be pulling up those pants with ease.

  24. Owww! Friko- so sorry to hear about your fall. Rest that wrist!

  25. Oh no.
    This is bad news, although it surely might have been worse.
    A sprain, I'd guess?
    OW! You poor thing.
    Hurts rather more than the wounded dignity, doesn't it...
    I hope you heal fast!

  26. Friko ...

    sending you lots of healing vibes.

  27. I hate it when that happens! Best wishes for rapid healing!

  28. How aggravating. May you mend soon!

  29. Love the rabbit...certainly hope you are mended very soon (selfishly :)

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  30. Awww poor you. So sorry you're hurt. I do hope it's not broken and that you mend quickly.

  31. Oh no Friko, I'm so sorry. The good news that you write better with one hand than most of us do with two. Wait, we write with one hand. I guess I mean typing. Now I'm confused but what I'm saying is don't stop typing with that one hand since I don't think you are going to start hand writing and mailing out your posts.

  32. Dear Friko, so sorry to read about your spill and how kind of you to share the rabbit with us. Did you ever read Watership Down? Your image took me right there. I hope you are excused from mundane household tasks and, for sure, you will be back in action when gardening duties roll around again. Rather perfect timing, if you had to go and damage yourself!

  33. Years since last I saw snow on me own, yet remember its dangers very well. A safe step ahead and a wonderful 1. Advent for you all.

    daily athens

  34. Oh Friko, as is my habit, I have been waiting for a relaxed time for a catch up on your recent posts (including the sonnet.) And now I see this news of your slip and fall.

    How quickly our forward motion can be changed by fate, eh? I remember my very quick slip and crash to a New York City sidewalk about 30 years ago. About a block away from the now demolished Twin Towers. I was unhurt, but worried immediately about the state of my periwinkle blue quilted cotton coat. Priorities!

    I do hope that you will heal quickly and won't be moaning too much about not having any more posts from your for a while. Selfish reader here. Going to look for that sonnet now. xo

  35. Oh, I am so sorry for you, Friko! I know that embarrassing feeling, too, when you've lost control on ice or snow--even if no one sees you! I wish you a speedy recovery, and I shall enjoy the rabbit!

  36. Oh no, not good at all. I hope that it mends well and quickly. Allow yourself to be spoilt.

  37. ouch! hope its a fracture and not a break - and that it heals super quickly. poor you!

  38. Ouch! It's ghastly to fall that hard as an adult . Children do it all the time but we've forgotten how to bounce .
    But perhaps it means that all the Christmas present wrapping , card writing etc. can be left to others , while you direct operations , with a coffee in your good hand .

  39. I am sorry about your fall and injury. What are you meant to learn from that experience?
    Maybe in the aftermath you are meant to slow down and let others do for you.

    I like your advent header.Pretty.

    You gave me a SHOCK when you said it is just 3 weeks and 3 days to Christmas.

    Gee Whiz. Last time I looked it was Halloween.

  40. Oh, dear! I hope it isn't badly broken. (I have a friend who spent a year with bolts in her hand.)

    That is certainly one way to slow a person down.

    Take it easy and heal well!

  41. PS: Lovely header! I think we have an Adventskalendar just like that one. :)

  42. That is too bad. I hope you will heal very soon and not feel too much pain. But 333 posts! My, that is quite a feat -


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