Thursday, 9 September 2010

Going Home

Willow's Magpie Tales

On such a night as this
I stand by the window,
Dreaming of a land I once knew.

Of a broad river glinting in the moonlight,
Serenely flowing towards the ocean,
The beginning and ending of all life.

I dream of fields rustling in the breath of night,
Of  trees whispering tales of old, singing
A lullaby to still the restless day.

All is silent,  all is calm,
The starlit sky gently leans to kiss earth’s rim
And my soul takes wing.


  1. "On such a night..." EXCELLENT opening line!

    I like how it immediately transported me to the place your poem was.

  2. Loved it Friko - it speaks volumes. I love your words "Of trees whispering tales of old", so very beautiful.

  3. Friko you have a poet's heart! Love those whispering trees!

  4. and I loved I dream of fields rustling in the breath of night

  5. Demands indeed a night for such great thoughts. The "header" of yours took me breath away. Please have a wonderful Friday.

    daily athens

  6. Beautiful.
    I'm in a teary state today, and found this exceptionally touching.

  7. Beautiful words! I expect most of us have a well-remembered place we visit in dreams. And that's a wonderful header photo!

  8. Beautifully expressive. Much can be seen through the window at night.

  9. This is one of the best poems that has ever touched my soul. Says so much, in such elegant spareness - perfect, round, satisfying.

    Brava, Friko!!!!!!!!!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  10. Oh, how lovely this piece is. It sings of beauty, peace and lyrical wonder.

  11. It seems so natural to dream at a window. Your words are beautifully written.

  12. Beautifully written and could touch the heart of anyone yearning for that special place we all have tucked safely away in our hearts.

  13. Perfectly lovely, Madame la Po├Ętesse . Clearly my interruption last night did not unduly disturb your muse.

  14. "Dreaming of a land I once knew."

    Well said, my friend. So much depth to this.


  15. I posted a comment yesterday, but I guess I clicked away AGAIN before the word verification thingy! Grrrr.... I keep doing this everywhere!

    I enjoyed this poem Friko. Truly 'a lullaby to the still restless day'.

  16. What a wonderful journey you have taken me on with your poem. I am almost there with you. You sounded so at peace.

  17. Yes, lovely, sparse, floating lightly across
    our brow, transporting us to Germany, or
    Austria, decades deep into your memory,
    transplanted there in your English valley,
    one never forgets the land where they
    sprang from, and the river Rhine, or
    Danube, or some other is a tributary to
    tears, small smiles, wistful glances beyond
    the window, reaching within to rediscover
    the beauty left behind. It is ironic, certainly,
    that in Magpie Tales 31, your entry came
    in at #31.

  18. Lyrical indeed, and haunting, with a touch of homesickness to tug at the heartstrings.

  19. I like... 'Nough Said... Bisous, Love and Light, Sender

  20. This could be set to music - it flows beautifully.

  21. Oh my Friko, you've done it again. How do you manage to get so much meaning into a few paragraphs? As I read this lines I recalled a sleepless night in Durnburg, Austria, when I sat on a window-seat and watched the barges at rest on the Danube - the beauty and peacefulness of that sight brought tears to my eyes and an eventual good sleep.
    Bless you.

  22. What a gentle, lullaby of a piece.

  23. Friko this is truly beautiful...i love it!

  24. the whole thing is wonderful but that last verse...stole my heart..the kiss and the nice.great mag!

  25. Truly beautiful poetry... touches my soul.
    'The starlit sky gently leans to kiss earth's rim And my soul takes wing.'

    Love the new Header photo. Great scenery!

  26. I love it. So relaxing and beautiful.

  27. Oh Friko. If I could only borrow your brain for a while, I doubt if my life would be tormented by the "night terrors" I have every night of my life. Tonight, as the darkness encroaches on my peace of mind, I will re-read your wonderful perspective on life.

  28. Hello Friko!
    This my first visit to your writing.
    This piece was so touching and bittersweet, I felt a little homesickness creeping in as I read.
    Beautifully written!


  29. This was so fascinating and romantic... The wonders of a starry night are awesome! They take us on trips to far away lands indeed!
    I totally went on one, while reading this lovely poem!
    Thanks for sharing it here, Friko!

  30. I really enjoyed your interpretation of the photo this week! Very nice.


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