Saturday, 25 September 2010

Flight of Fancy

or Fame At Last!

After a hard day's work in the garden, my mac unloved, unused and silent all day, I popped into my study to check for messages, and this is what I found:

The delightful and delectable Bonnie of  Original Art Studio has gone and done it, namely published an interview with me, Bonnie asking leading questions and me answering them. She has even grabbed some of my photos to go with the interview - well, questionnaire really - , the whole thing is tastefully arranged, looks as handsome as everything always does on Bonnie's blog and although it doesn't quite come up to Bonnie's usual high standard of writing and is nowhere near as artistic as her own posts, it is bearable. Trust Bonnie to see to that.

Now you are all meant to go and read the thing; I promise you, I've kept the answers as short, if not sweet, as I can, so you won't be bored out of your mind. Not for long, anyway. Naturally, I also want to know what you think of the thing, so leave a comment here or there, or maybe even both places?

Sorry, I am fresh out of polite phrases, being knackered from the day's work and in a tearing hurry to grab a sandwich before I march off to the village hall, where they are showing Colin Firth in
"A Solitary Man"; otherwise I am sure I would have been able to do full justice to the occasion and
found a suitably refined introduction to the great honour of appearing on Bonnie's blog.

Thank you Bonnie, you are a dear.

And those of you who go and read have my undying gratitude. Well, maybe  . . . . ., depending on your comment, certainly.


  1. I thought it was very good and I enjoyed your answers. In fact, if she ever wants to do me, you've answered several questions for me.

  2. Thanks for the link Friko. I'm glad you are happy with the post, even though you are 'knackered'.

    I am disconcerted to hear that Ellen has suggested I might 'want to do her'. Hmmmmm ...
    Not my thing Ellen, but I would love to interview you. ;-)

  3. Hi, Friko. I've come for a visit after reading Bonnie's interview with you at the Original Art Studio. I really enjoyed the interview, finding it refreshing and viscerally honest, a trait which I admire. I also like what I see here, but I am going to have to come back and spend more time than I have at this moment.

    I love your photos, especially those of the countryside since I just finished a coast-to-coast walk across England. I also love the photos of your lab, Benno. If you take a look at my site, you will see that my lab is also prominently featured in the sidebar. It's nice to know that we both have our priorities straight.

    Bonnie's interview of me is coming up soon. You will soon discover the identity of this character who plans to follow your blog.

    Have a nice day.

  4. Friko - that was great. Like I told Bonnie - your sweet nature and warm heart are no surprise! But the thing I love best is your down to earth honesty. You put it so well!

  5. Friko, I liked you immediately upon reading your answers to Bonnie's questions. I got such a sense of depth and also lightness, in how you've come to meet the world. You did a beautiful job. I'm glad I'm finally following you.

  6. I think the interview is wonderful--questions and answers both--not to mention the lovely photographs that accompany it. Having tried my hand at an interview a time or two, I have some idea how hard it is for both parties, and you have both done a terrific job!

  7. Fraulein Friko, I left a comment at Bonnie's place, in which I nearly said that I suspected you of the deepest sarcasm in the matter of question #76. It was only my knee-jerk reaction, which I'm sure you understand, and immediately corrected.

    Quite fun to read about you and to imagine the tone of voice used to answer some of those things.
    The Real Deborah

  8. Quite a nice interview, Friko. I like the way you look at life and I always enjoy reading what you have to say – substance over fluff (well, fluff once in a while, and that is good too.)

  9. I enjoyed that. It made me think that perhaps some impressions I have from cyber space have a basis in reality. How disappointing it would be to find that you aren't just a bit prickly.

  10. Sounds great - it has to be interesting if it involves you.

  11. You are exactly as I thought you were, Friko, great interview: no hostages taken.

  12. Great interview Friko, thoughtful questions which show a depth in a variety of areas, yet continue to leave the melancholy in place.

    Thank you for setting such a wonderful example for those of us whom are a bit newer at this.

  13. es hat mich sehr interessiert, dieses Interview zu lesen, ja wirklich! Und Deine Antworten waren keineswegs enttäuschend!

  14. Interesting interview and I enjoyed reading your answers, your take on life. I have enjoyed following your blog as I think you have a wonderful way with words; I particularly love your photos of your surrounding countryside and also your stories - both of remembered times plus those for Magpie Tales.

  15. A very enjoyable interview, Friko and some beautiful photos too. Also rather brave...

  16. Great interview. I left a comment over there, not daring to leave it on your own blog in case I am de-friended, or whatever happens on blogs.

  17. Friko, it is grand to finally find the time to read your recent posts, and to have the added pleasure of reading Bonnie's interview.

    My recent days and weeks have been hectic, and I actually have been "saving up" your posts, waiting for a time when I was relaxed and could actually read at a pace that would let me truly appreciate your words.

    How glad I am to have found that time on this Sunday morning. As always, there is immense variety in the posts. As always, it is clear that you are a fine writer, with unique talent and great sensitivity in your insights and outlooks.

    Many of my days are spent in a collection of very quick conversations, fast-frame changes of topic, quick-quick-quick reactions are required. I don't think this is the healthiest way to treat our minds. It is so superficial and often dedicated to the pursuit of commerce.

    Thank you again for always reminding me of the other possibilities of connecting with our fellow beings. xo

  18. Reading Bonnie's interview with you
    reminded me of the global impact
    of blogging on all of us. I have only
    been up to my cyber chops in it for
    a few years now, and it is addicting,
    as you say. Every day as I sit down
    to my Mac screen, sipping my Chinese
    herbal tea, I feel that the world is
    my oyster, for I have friends in all
    corners of this planet, thousands
    of miles apart, yet magically I can
    insert myself into their living rooms
    and their lives in an instant.
    This sense of family, of fellowship
    does not ebb, it only builds into
    some behemoth moments of bliss.

    I, too, enjoyed your candor, your
    courage, your honesty in the
    interview. How humble of you
    to be so self-deprecating regarding
    your poetry. Poetry is not a citadel,
    some sanctuary where only the
    tried and true and published can
    reside--no poetry is a carnival
    that is set up in your yard every
    day, full of sound and fury and
    rollercoaster rides and cotton candy
    and oddities, and people of all
    sizes, colors, and temperaments.
    So, in deference to your humility,
    you are full of rose petals and blue
    mud, for you certainly are a poet,
    and a damned good one; and even
    your prose sings with that lyrical
    heart of yours. So carry on, my lady,
    and we will all gather at your gate,
    and cluster in your garden daily.

  19. I came from the introduction and will visit again. Cheers!

  20. Bonnie conducted an excellent interview (I hope my comment is approved and becomes visible).

    Thanks for teaching me a new word: Heimat. The richness of the different languages is fascinating. You're right, there's no word in English for that, and there should be.

    I appreciate that honesty is important to you, but so is kindness. I know people who sometimes confuse being rude with being honest.

    And do, please, write more poems.

  21. You came across exactly as I've come to know you from reading your blog. Some people I know pooh-pooh blogging. I think they don't know what they're missing! I'd also like to thank you for introducing me to Bonnie's blog, and George's [whose interview was up when I got to this.....

  22. I knew when I first read you, you were a WOW. I enjoyed that interview. Brave and pithy woman you are. Blessings. You are a major among few.

  23. Kudos to you! A great interview that doubly confirms what your readers feel about you - talented, caring, and filled with spunk and humor! And your statement about learning how to value yourself - from the heart...

  24. Bonnie always chooses the most worthy "topics!"

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


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