Monday, 26 April 2010

Moonlight Becomes Them

Today has been one of these days that are best written off as very useful, but deeply unlovely.
We went shopping for groceries in supermarkets, and just about managed a
meagre sandwich lunch in the middle of it. Trips like these are necessary
when you live far from civilisation.

Benno was locked in the boot for most of the day, 
with just a couple of quick walks to relieve the monotony.
I took him to a field behind one of the supermarkets, not knowing that
it had been freshly manured. 
It proved to be the highlight of Benno's day,
hm, freshly spread manure, yum yum!

When we came home, I took him for a quick walk in the castle grounds;
The moon was out, while the sun was just setting in the West.

Two days ago I took this photo of the leaves on the horse chestnut tree 
in the garden unfurling.

This is the same tree this evening by moonlight, 
the leaves are well on the way to being fully open,
after just two days of warmth and a touch of sunshine.

The Amelanchier, which is also called Snowy Mespil;
By moonlight its name is fully justified.
The blossoms are almost icy in the dusk.

The deep blue of the herbaceous honeysuckle turns
purple by moonlight. 
This is a very unusual honeysuckle; 
it sits on the ground, on short stems,
in the shape of a bouquet, as if arranged by a florist.

And lastly, red tulips,
which become magic lanterns when the sun has gone.

PS. A big thank you to the five of you who heard my plaintive cry for a 100th follower and promptly obliged. The three of you who left your card I will visit in person, if I haven't done so already. Sadly, I cannot do the same for anonymous visitors. But thank you to you too.


  1. Hi Friko

    the buying of supplies bit may have been unlovely but the imagery you have provided us with is far from it.

    Funny that we have the same moon showing in our posts today from each end of the earth...

    happy days

  2. Lovely flower photos. I was sitting here bored and waiting for an hour to pass as I have to start a dinner for a guest and didn't want to do anything else but read blogs and you rewarded me! Happy Spring.

  3. Poor Benno locked in the boot! I'm sure it wasn't as bad as it sounds. My children always wanted to ride in the car boot - and one day they did. They were driven by a friend who is now a judge who sits in the Family Court. Thank goodness they all survived to tell the tale.

    Love Amelanchier - a really useful shrub.

  4. I love the way colors change and become more intense in the lowering light, as if they are replacing the missing luminosity.

  5. Beautiful photos, Friko. I am particularly impressed by the Amelanchier. Never heard of it before and will see if I can find one. The area where you live looks spectacular.

  6. Hi Friko, yes we all have 'useful' days. Well at least Benno enjoyed his frolic in the poo and the pictures are gorgeous - they lift my spirits just looking at them. xxx

  7. I laughed out loud at 'useful, but deeply unlovely'. Such an elegant description.
    The Snowy Mespil is very romantic, and would be especially beautiful in a nuit américaine which might be an expression you're familiar with?? I didn't know it until recently - it's a full moon night when everything turns to pewter.

    Lovely pictures, Friko. Especially the top one, which proves that even unlovely days can be salvaged.

  8. Wonderful shades of blue and purple in that honeysuckle -- a new one to me.

  9. Delwyn - It must mean that we are both given to looking at the sky?

    Tabor - I am happy to have been of service. Hope you have a pleasant time with your visitor.

    mountainear - The boot is spacious and there are windows to look out of, although he mostly lies down anyway.

    English Rider - we miss a lot not going out to look at things in the dusk.

    Lydia - Amelachiers, or Snowy Mespils, are small trees, very lovely in Spring and Autumn and fully hardy.

    mollygolver - thank you, Molly, I really needed to get out after a day in supermarkets and the car. Just like Benno.

    Deborah - it just had to be salvaged; I dislike shopping intensely.
    No, not an expression I am familiar with, but it sounds 'useful' to retain for future disposal.

  10. Vicki Lane - I think it is rare, I was surprised to find it several years ago.

  11. I love any purple plants. They're my favourite colour. So the honeysuckle is cool.

  12. Lovely photographs. I've never heard of herbaceous honeysuckle before. It really is a wonderful sight to see.

  13. With sunshine and a bit of rain trees change so quickly. Like your horse chestnut tree, when we left for Tennessee our fig tree only had buds, but when we came back a few days later, the large leaves had appeared. The azalea bushes are in full bloom and so lovely – I wish they would flower multiple times.

  14. Beautiful shots, Friko. We have an 11 year old Chestnut tree and its leaves are just beginning to unfurl. Each year I drive down a particular street in town, just to see the chestnuts in blossom. I can't wait until ours is a bit older.
    Days spent in supermarkets or big box stores - they're like vampire days...suck the blood right out of me.

  15. What lovely photos. Thanks for sharing them. Have a feeling I can smell Benno from here lol
    A x

  16. Great photos - I noticed the lovely moon last night too.

  17. Friko, you really know how to make a dog happy!

    Love, love, love your tulips by moonlight!

  18. It has always facinated me, how color and light intensify at dusk and in the moonlight. I used to bother my art professors with my insistance that color comes from within.

    I love the poem about Spring. Isn't that the truth.

    Hehehehe. That Labrador! How fortunate for him that you didn't realize that you were leading him to Heaven On Earth!


  19. Fran - are you getting used to the purple for future reference?

    Martin H - another one who likes the honeysuckle. it is lovely.

    Vagabonde - azaleas are spectacular in their season and boring the rest of the year.

    Pondside - supermarkes also sap my spirits. but they are sadly necessary.

    Wipso - thanks, I am glad to report he didn't roll in the manure, he just ate it.

    Twiglet - It is even more spectacular tomight, with the clouds half hiding it.

    Molly - my dog is a lucky boy, but I won't let him anywhere near the tulips.

    swallowtail - thanks, you know all about labs, I take it.

  20. Next try - funny enough my comments get lost. I love that honeysuckle! Have you got the latin name? Nice shots, Friko.
    Regarding boring supermarket experiences: in the UK Tesco provides a great service, you can order online and get it yourself all readily packed or get it delivered. Did I tell you that I want to move to the UK?

  21. bayou - you did, you did, you fool.
    I'll try and find the label.


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