Tuesday, 9 March 2010


But I don't really mind.
It's too cold for playing out of

Everybody says how good
this Thriller is and how sad it is
that Stieg Larsson only
lived to write three volumes
in the series.

Mind you, it couldn't have
become famous as the 'Millenium Trilogy' if he'd been able to make it
into a quartet. Or a quintet.

I haven't got a lot to say, really,
I suppose it shows.



  1. How strange...I have just been given this book on audio cd...perhaps more comments to follow...perhaps not...at least I could still be on the skateboard and listen on the walkman at the same time!

  2. Oh dear friend, my printer is broke and I have a terrible earache. I don't feel like writing.

  3. I don’t know about this book Friko. A friend who read it told me it is pretty violent against women (heavy on sexual abuse) and uses a lot of clichés. Could be the translation. I prefer “cozy” mysteries.

  4. These novels have made quite a splash in the mystery community -- I haven't read any of them yet.

  5. Good evening from New York, and more thanks to you for photographing all those portraits!

    I have now read just about all of this Larsson trio. When the due date has arrived, I try to return a long book to that library so it can go on to another awaiting reader. My name is back on the request list for the final Hornet's Nest book.

    So far the books have shown me a side of Scandanavia that I did not before know ... the corrupt politics and governmental secrecy. And how various media work and how difficult it might be to remain true.

    I read that these books have already been filmed and that those films might get distributed to other parts of the world. I will also want to see the films.

  6. I can only imagine you on a skateboard if I add a 'dragon tatoo' to your shoulder ... :)

  7. After flipping through the first 70 pages or so of 'let me fill you in on the background of every character you're going to meet because otherwise you won't understand the story' I thought it became a pretty good tale. But the pathos of the author's personal story certainly must have given impetus to the book sales.
    I hope this doesn't mean that I'll have to be hit by a bus before my novel can stand a chance of being published.

  8. You're right about being too cold for playing out of doors. Best to tuck yourself up with a thriller and wait for things to warm up a bit.

  9. I haven't read any of these books, although I've read reviews. I find that I can only manage about one book a year on a violent theme. Real life work is too close for comfort and I hear enough horror - don't need to read it for entertainment.

  10. I love mysteries and will look into this one.

  11. that title could describe me!

    Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  12. My significant other has read the series I dipped into to it but it doesnt appeal.

  13. I have got behind on your posts from being away and also having a virus that has been circulating here. I was very moved by your post on cancer, and I always enjoy the sapper.

    As for the mystery, I only read really really trashy ones. This one is probably too good.

  14. Hi Everybody -

    I shall just have to read and find out.

  15. I wasn't all that interested in this book after reading the reviews. Then a month ago I picked it up out of curiosity in a bookstore... and couldn't put it down. I paid for it and took it home and still couldn't put it down. The second one will be available in Canada in paperback next Wednesday and I will first in line to get it!

    warning: it is quite violent and graphic, though


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