Thursday, 11 February 2010

Happiness is . . . . .

. . . being out and about on a day when the theatrical spectacle nature provides free of charge is grander than anything even the greatest set designer can equal.. . . . .

Today I want the sky,
The tops of the high hill,
Above the last man's house, 
his hedges and his cows.
Where, if I will, I look
Down even on sheep and rook,
And of all things that move,
See buzzards only above.

Often and often it came back again
To mind, the day I passed the horizon ridge
To a new country, the path I had to find
By half-gaps that were stiles once in the hedge.

Catkins showing golden on a stand of hazel.

A hay wagon waiting for the arrival of cattle
from their winter quarters.

Clouds. . . . .

now scurrying close overhead, 
wild ink-hued random racers that fling sheeted rain
gustily, and with garish boughs overarch the land:
Or, if the spirit of storm be abroad, huge molten glooms
mount on the horizon stealthily, and gathering as they climb
deep-freighted with live lightning, thunder and drenching flood
rebuff the winds and with black purpling terror impend
til they be driven away . .  . . .

extracts of poems by Edward Thomas and Robert Bridges


  1. Love poems and photos, you are right about theatrical performances here we have a re-run of earlier winter perfomances of snow, snow again and more snow.I have seen it palyed so often now I know the plot by heart.

  2. What a fabulous, uplifting post. It's beautifully sunny here today, but very cold.

  3. Perfect combination of pics/poem -Thanks

  4. What wonderful pictures! Makes me want to go walking in Shropshire ... a bit later in the year.

  5. So much beauty all around us. These are scenes and words to lift the heart.

  6. These two poets' names and verses are dogging my footsteps at the moment, and the more I see of them, the more I like them.

  7. What a beautifully gentle landscape, well-worn and homey. Your photos are lovely, Friko. 'Wild ink-hued random racers that fling sheeted rain
    gustily' - just imagine having a way with words like that!

  8. friko these photographs are absolutely stunning, glorious scenes. i'm in awe!!! steven

  9. Always a joy to read your posts. Your photos are so beautiful and and to glimpse poetry I would never see otherwise. Thank you for reminding me to write about my adventures. Maybe if I write enough I might even get better at it.

  10. her at home - winter's not over yet; it's still very cold here but Shropshire has no sow at the moment.

    ChrisH - a walk like that surely brings a lift to the spirit.

    Twiglet - thanks for that.

    Vicki Lane - and if you do I want to know about it.

    Martin H - thank you Martin, we have to try to overcome the dreary time somehow.

    Jinksy - very much of their time, I am not that I like the rather purplish parts of Bridges.

    Deborah - well worn and homey, that's exactly what this landscape is. Centuries old, of course.

    Cloudia - Thanks friend. Aloha!

    steven - thank you steven.

    karin - My pleasure. I'm sure you'd be very good.

  11. Loved the depth of the photography, wouldn't have been possible without the clouds. Brilliant photography indeed.
    A wonderful weekend for you all.

  12. The melding of the poem to your beautiful photography was just perfect.

  13. robert - thank you, and a happy weekend to you.

    Darlene - thank you for your kind words, Darlene.

  14. Hello Friko

    I saw you post on my iphone and knew that I would wait to see the photos on a big screen because they are so atmospheric...I love the moody scens you have captured with the changing light.

    I can see why the pioneers that colonised New Zealand thought they had arrived in another England.

    Happy days

  15. A beautiful post; words and pictures quite stunning. Thank you.


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