Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Art for Art Sake

The Pavement Artist

The true artist will let his wife starve,
his children go barefoot,
his mother drudge for his living at seventy,
sooner than work at anything but his art.

G.B. Shaw


  1. Fabulous image but the words strike a little close to home for me:)

  2. Just sounds like a bastard to me.

  3. Well if that is the case I hope never to become an artist. I love art but too old to give everything up for it. Nice observation and quote.

  4. What a powerful statement Friko. It truly is an art to do what it takes every day to provide for our family - such an under-appreciated art.

    Everything in balance and in its place.

  5. A bit close to home for me too!
    Hubby works,
    I've been writing and lunching for 6 years now!!!
    Sure hope I AM an artist, Friko!


    Comfort Spiral

  6. I've never had to live with an artist - and no one would ever mistake me for one - so I have no personal experience on which to base an opinion. I do, however, believe that it would be pretty unpleasant to live with an artist who lacked charm and wit - because it seems that there might not be many other compensations!

  7. A powerful statement. I have known creative individuals who have openly admitted to being in one relationship that truly matters. The one between themselves and their work. Not surprisingly, few have had stable personal relationships.

  8. Fantastische Zusammenstellung ... obwohl ich nun erkennen muss, dass aus mir wohl nie eine wirkliche K√ľnstlerin werden wird.


  9. What a stinging quotation! Oddly, I was reminded at once of the wonderful Cora Sandel's Alberta & Jacob trilogy - a recommended read, if you haven't already.

  10. and you know what friko - i know that that's the reason i'm a teacher. not enough conviction to have followed my ambition to be an artist. steven

  11. Friko, I laughed out loud at elizabethm's comment - I love these little glimpses of people's personalities!
    Yes, well, I'm glad not to be in love with an artist if indeed that's what they're like, although they come in all shapes and forms and convictions like everyone else.
    I'm having a little trouble keeping up with the blogs these days but haven't forgotten our idea. Would you rather start something yourself? There are pretty clear instructions on Blogger as to how to administer something like that. I would probably have time this weekend if you'd rather not get into it.

  12. The question is perhaps which comes first the art or the behaviour ? iIs it all an inability to live in the real world of going out to work dealing wih relationships, dealing with the rejections of life that leads them to escape into thier art?

  13. Everybody loves my son Patrick. He is truly a talented and loving human being. But he has let all the girls go by because he knows his art will always come first. And he does live in the real world but lives lightly on the land. He has many long lasting close relationships with people of all ages and life styles in many parts of the world.

  14. Also I am honored that you find me worthy of following. I'm afraid my ego is fragile and cherish all the support I get. I credit Celeste Maia with keeping me going all last summer. I miss her so much.

  15. And further it was through Celeste that I found you and brought many of us together.

  16. Hmmmm... interesting thoughts. I have known artists like the one described here and I have also found some of the most beautiful pictures I have are those that catch a mother caring for a child, a husband tending to his family... there must be a balance struck I suppose.

  17. Guess it demands an art as well to provide oneself to a family, probably demanding just as much strength and will power.

    Please have a wonderful Thursday.

  18. I bet your incorporating those you mention on your profile in this here sphere! I enjoyed your post!

  19. These type of artists gave us masterpieces such as Renoir did. Even with terrible arthritis and deformity in his hands he kept painting all the time. I think these types of artists cannot be compared to us mere mortals – they are in a totally different class.

  20. To All:
    this post was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek, not really very serious. As are these answers (can't be too careful in blogland, nobody can see me grinning)

    English Rider - don't believe it. Can't see you putting up with that.

    elizabethm - oops! short and to the point!

    QMM - most of us never have the chance. they are a law unto themselves.

    Bonnie - true, all true, but 'the artist' doesn't even notice the family.

    Cloudia - only six years? you have a way to go, happy lunching!

    Pondside - well said! you could always bathe in his/her glory?

    HereBeDragons - thanks!

    MartinH - I know one or two minor artists too; it is quite true, the family rarely comes first.

    veredit - danke fuer das Kompliment, da es von einer Kuenstlerin kommt, zaehlt es doppelt.

    rachel - Shaw could and did use his acerbic wit freely. I have not heard of the writer or the trilogy, will look out for it, thanks.

    steven - any regrets? have a look at my current post.

    Deborah - I did too.

    her at home - I suppose if you are an overwhelming talent, you need to express it to the exclusion of all else. Luckily, or sadly, there are few such talents around.

    Karin - your son sounds a delightful human being. If he is also an artist, he (and you) are truly blessed.

    Shattered - As there should be always and everywhere, but sometimes isn't.

    robert - nothing worthwhile is ever easy, robert. that is something you know and I know.

    Kilauea Poetry - thank you, poet, and thank you for visiting.

    Vagabonde - Yes, I agree with you, and to repeat what I said earlier, not many artists of that calibre exist.


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