Monday, 2 November 2009

London in Black and White

Tramp sitting by Westminster Bridge;

It was Dickens' Mr. Mantalini
in Nicholas Nickleby
who said the words below, not the tramp.

I am a demd villain!
I will fill my pockets with change for a sovereign
in half-pence
and drown myself in the Thames
who for her sake will become
a demd, damp, moist, unpleasant body!

Photo Jeremy White


  1. A great pairing there Friko. I wonder if that verse is where Virginia Woolf got the idea of filling her pockets with something heavy and drowning herself in the river?

  2. I like your Proud ElderBlogger sign and was so glad to hear from you. Also you do come up with some things to make a person like me think about the villian.

  3. A macabre quote. I am watching the BBC play , Little Dorrit, by Charles Dickens. Dickens really made the dark side of life come alive in all of his stories.

  4. Hi Friko~ What a wretched state to be in. He's still looking for a revenge which means there is still some "hope" there. You found just the right matching image.

  5. friko - i love dickens - dark or half-lit or brilliantly lit - i love all that he wrote. bleak house would be up at the top of that list!!!!! sweet words and image . . . nicely matched. steven

  6. Friko, this is gorgeous! I love that photo!! And great Dickens quote. Thanks for your comments on my blog!! Sorry I tempted you with a cheese recipe...;-) Hugs, Silke

  7. Great pairing here. Black and white always come together best for the gritty side of life!

  8. Very much a Dickens Fan especially " Our mutual Freind" and as all have said a great match. Who is the photogrpaher? I always think London looks better in black and white!

  9. It was a wonderful girl I happen to meet about 15 years ago, singing about bridges of London - thank you for the memory.
    A wonderful life filled Tuesday for you.

  10. Great photo. I like Dickens, too.

  11. Bonnie - Oh I hope not.

    Lucy - thanks for coming by

    Darlene - doesn't he just, he's a great favourite

    Margaret - thank you, you see hope, I have trouble seeing it

    steven - yes, Bleak House is definitely a favourite

    Silke - thank you, I am even more sorry about the cheese!

    Cloudia - thanks friend, aloha!

    Pondside - thanks, I shall have to go through the black and white collection, it is rather good, isn't it?

    her at home - good, another Dickens fan;

    robert - glad it reminded you of a happy time

    Prospero - thanks.


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