Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Thoughtful Walkies

Looks like a pleasant afternoon, Benno, how about a walk?
This is just the sort of cloud which makes you feel good about being out. Wonder if there are any faces or imaginary shapes up there. What do you think?

How very nice, we are being welcomed here.
Wait a minute though, there is also a sign saying 'Neighbourhood Watch'. In Red! So it's a qualified welcome then. They are keeping a close eye on us while we are in the neighbourhood. Looks like they don't trust us - it's a warning for us to stay on the Straight and Narrow! As if we would do anything else!

Ah, Farm Traffic.

We'd better watch out for mad tractors; this one looks like a dinky toy, it won't push us into the hedge. It's the big ones we need to watch out for. The young farmer high up in his cabin won't see us down here and he won't hear us, if we shout.

And that's where the tractor is going. The harvest is ready. The bales are waiting to be collected.

We are very lucky to have all this wonderful countryside for our walks.


  1. Friko: This North American dreams about pastoral scenes like that in Great Britain. Perhaps, being of Scottish ancestory, I have bits of DNA that remember walks such as you describe. Thank you . . .

  2. Speaking of DNA as Bonnie mentioned I have some of that too. I have much about my ancestory from Great Briton and Ireland. Maybe that is why I so love these posts. Blessings

  3. The Marches has such wonderful scenery. You are so lucky to live there. Watch out for the farm machinery though, this is the time of year for combine harvesters and balers to be trundling down the roads, not leaving much space for anyone or anything!

  4. Oh, you are so lucky!! We can't even go outside these days ... way too hot and humid. This is our indoor month! Watch out for those mad tractors!! :) Silke

  5. Just the sort of post I love! I'll have to look up 'Marches' as this is a landscape word that I don't know.
    I like signs - always look for different ones when we're travelling. That tractor is indeed a toy tractor, rolling over a storybook landscape.

  6. Ever since I was a child (many moons ago) I have loved finding faces or objects in a cloud. I looked at your pretty sky and saw a whale heading my way right in the middle. See his eyes?

    A walk in the country is so pleasant and such a chore when you have to walk on sidewalks where every house is the same. I can no longer take those walks, but I envy you being able to.

  7. Bonnie - Well, come on over and visit!

    QMM - you too, you're welcome, and I won't set the Neighbourhood Watch on you.

    Celtic Heart - The Marches are lovely, but very quiet, I wouldn't mind a bit of town life sometimes.

    Silke - We've had hardly any summer at all this year. We stay because it rains such a lot.

    Pondside - 'Marches' means borderland, the area either side of a border, Wales/England or Scotland/England.

  8. Darlene - Sorry, didn't see you there. You appeared at the same time as I was answering comments. You are right, it is a whale. A lovely white one.
    Sidewalks hurt my feet but I would wish for more level walking. There is none here, it's hills, hills, hills.

  9. hello friko - what a walk!! a crazy beautiful sky and a landscape like a painting! you're so lucky!!! thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. steven

  10. Moving into this neighbourhood less than there weeks ago still allows to meet new faces, make friends (hopefully).
    My son is best in making that, as he likes to walk into every open door available. Wish I still had that courage, being still so naive, awaiting nothing but love.
    Once again am impressed by your environment and would like to wish you further beautiful walks, such as this one.

  11. What a great blog!!! Your dog is beautiful. Shiny coat and it shows up so good on your blog. Looks like tender loving care to me. Thank you for visiting me. I am so glad to branch out a little more.

  12. Delighted that you and Benno are out and about again.

    I am always a bit fascinated and amused by the graphic designs used to communicate certain messages to us. Aren't they supposed to talk an international language?

    A friend of mine has done a bit of this design, and the entire process is amazing. The symbols are to transcend time and place. Yet are designed in a particular time and place, reflecting that t and p's graphic design esthetic.

    Clouds on the other hand ... they are full of imagery that truly does transcend time and place. Gosh, how I wish I could have been on that walk with you and Benno. That is the overall message that I received.


  13. That's a lovely walk. It looks so tidy and ordered. I love my walks as well, but nature untamed is sort of messy. All kinds of stuff just growing any place it feels like. The English landscape is docile and sweet.

  14. A beautiful walk Friko. I am one of the lucky ones to call it home. As I put in my profile...I've lived in Shropshire all my life and why would I move :-) I am unable get out for walks as much as I would like now but when I do there is never a shortage of places to go. I lived and worked in Ludlow for over 12 months.

  15. Your beautiful landscape and walk brought to mind Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, all clarity and structure. How fortunate you are to live in such a wonderful part of the world. So glad you shared your walk with us.

  16. Hi Friko,

    Lovely photos and good post.
    Came by to say hello and wish you well.
    Hope you are having a good day.

  17. whatlifeisabout-Lucy, my link to you if you will accept an award that was given to me to pass to 10 people who I felt I admired.. this was given to me by Bhavesh Chhatbar a very talented man. I am not used to giving awards or getting them but after reading your note to me and seeing Benno and reading your blog I felt I would like to pass the award to you and you could pass it to 1o more linking back to the person who gave it to you. Just come to my blog and it is there for the taking.

  18. Thank you for finding my blog!
    I feel so lucky to have met you and Benno.
    Lovely words and images.
    I'll be back to enjoy your world, friend!
    Aloha-Comfort Spiral

  19. Steven - thanks for your comment- I agree this is a lovely landscape.

    Robert - Greetings to you and your family. Hope you'll make lots of new friends.

    Lucy - hello and welcome - thanks for the nice comments about my blog and the dog! And thanks for the award, I am happy to pick it up.

    Frances - thanks - I wish you could have been here too. But I also love to come for a walk with you in NY.

    20th C woman - docile and sweet,yes certainly here in the Marches area. There are wilder areas too.

    Wipso - I dislike those Welcome signs that have the Neighbourhood Watch signs attached, don't you? Giving and taking away again with the same hand.

    Herrad - Thanks for coming by, I hope you are having a good day too.

    Celeste Maia- gosh, a modest little country walk calling up such great music! thank you very much.

    Cloudia - thanks for your kind comment, friend. I can never compete with your world!

  20. Hi Friko - me again. I was so delighted to hear of your bicycle moment. Please write about it! It is yours! I would love to read the details of it. I would be disappointed if you don't!!!


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