Friday, 28 August 2009

A tag for a rainy day

Wipso of A Stitch in Time has given me the task to come up with 'seven things I have but don't need' and 'seven things I need but don't have'. After much head scratching I've come up with the following:

I have but don't need

too many years on my back
dog hair on the carpet
a garden full of stones
slugs in the hostas
summer rain
dust on the bookshelves

I need but don't have

more energy
more time
a toy boy (part exchange possible) for use with the above
a haven of culture and shops within 10 minutes walk and 100 miles away
a free season ticket for the amenities of the above
the ability to indulge my taste buds without increasing my waistline
the technological know-how of a ten year old.


  1. Ha! Ha! Just what I need after the week I've had -- a little laugh! Sadly, I relate to all of the above all to well. Thank you for lifting my flagging spirit!

  2. Creative and fun list. YOu were certainly thinking this through. I really like the haven of culture shops that is both near and far!

  3. I really needed that laugh.Thank you Friko. Just got off my knees from spotting a badly needed cleaning, carpet

  4. What fun lists - both of them! And so creative!! I can tell you put a lot of thought into it... Hugs, Silke

  5. Hi Friko,
    Good post, got me thinking about things I could miss like the ms and the things I need are just one, my mobility.
    Have a good weekend.

    ps oh and some plum cake

  6. A good list! try putting a bowl of beer out near the hostas. The slugs are attracted to the smell of beer and will climb in.

  7. You hit the nail on the head about the politicians. Oh man. I agree with energy and agility.

  8. Hi Friko~ Great to see you're still your tongue-in-cheek wry self! Your lists were very comforting: list A. yes, I have those and don't need them and it's just not that bad! So the shoulders lift a little. list B. Definitely could use the boy as a driver to cultural events and to be the webmaster of my computer and tv. I then wouldn't need as much energy and time. Yes, your choices are excellent! Love xxox

  9. friko you are a witty inspired wordsmith that's for sure. i loved these lists and so thanks for the laughs!!!! steven

  10. Even though it's still way too hot and without any cloud, not even to talk about rain, this was much fun to read and interesting to think about. A further proof that you deserve to be called inspirational 'bis auf das i-Tüpfelchen'. (Don't know how to translate that)
    Please have a nice weekend.

  11. Hi Friko,
    "I have but don't need?"
    Very funny to read
    #1 in our house it is cat hair on the carpet..
    "I need but don't have.."
    #1 I have plenty..
    #2 agree it is a struggle. Love to bake and cook.

    You asked:
    Do you know all the Latin, English and German names for birds and bees and insects and plants or do you have very good dictionaries?
    Most of the names I know, but own many reference
    books as well.
    Love to take online courses about botany, geology and mycology. I am retired and have time to enjoy my life.
    Herzlichen Gruss aus Toronto, Canada

  12. Hi Friko. Thanks for making the effort with the list. I had a chuckle at them. The list wasn't actually restricted to 7 of each. Like you I had many haves but not needed but I really struggled with the needs but dont have. Thanks again. A x

  13. What great lists, you made me laugh and identify with all them, even the dog hair on the carpet. I do have the 10 year old grandchild for energy building and for technological assistance. And I would include CLL in the have but definitely dont need list.
    You and Wipso provoked all of us into re-evaluating all the essentials in our lives.
    Thank you for your comment in my blog. Of course, I would love to have you and Scraper join us. Anytime you come to Spain or Portugal!

  14. Celtic Heart - You're welcome, glad it helped.

    Tabor - I really wish I could have that haven, it would make life a lot easier.

    Lucy - You can clean tomorrow, or the day after; enjoy today.

    Silke - thanks very much.

    Herrad - Wish I could help you to lose the ms.

    Dave - been there, done that, it leaves such a nasty slimy mess and the buggers still eat my hostas before they expire.

    QMM - nasty creatures, politicians

    Margaret - glad you're back, thanks for the comment.

    steven - thanks a lot for the generous compliment

    robert - thank you, another great compliment; "to a T", maybe?

    guild-rez - a scholar! - thank you for your comment. I am retired too but not nearly as energetic as you. Gruss aus Shropshire

    Wipso - I think seven is enough to be going on with. Otherwise I might turn into an old grouch.

    Celeste Maia - it's a date then, both ways.

  15. Great list - obviously well thought-out. Reading it makes me think that you have a good life, and I like that. Some of yours might appear on my list - and there would be the temptation to make it longer than seven!
    Good exercise!

  16. Great list Friko - I really must get mine done soon!

  17. A good meme for a change! There are probably too many things a lot of us have, but don't need.

    CJ xx

  18. I like the lists, especially the part-exchange toy-boy idea. Hm. Got me thinking ...

  19. This is quite a good list and I could copy many of the entries. More time would be great and the technological know-how of a 10 year old, who they call “nerd” here would be useful. I have two cats, so cat hair would be something I’d like to get rid of. I enjoy “wish” lists. I would add – I’d like to have good friends I could talk to around here and not be in such a desert.

  20. Pondside - thanks, Pondside; not bad at all, all things considered.

    Twiglet - Hope to see it soon.

    Crystal Jigsaw - Thanks and definitely.

    Fran Hill - we could always share one, if he turns out to be too much just for one?

    Vagabonde - I know, you've said that before. you poor girl; is there no way you could find a like-minded soul or two? Advertising? Joining adult education? a club that caters for your interests? - always assuming there are such things going on, of course. You may just have to move again if all else fails.

  21. Love both these - I am still smiling!


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