Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday Quotation

Dahlia The Bishop of Llandaff

.......the Dahlia's first duty in life is to flaunt and to swagger and to carry
gorgeous blooms well above its leaves, and on no account to hang its head.

Gertrude Jekyll, 1899


  1. I love the shapes and colours of dahlias - just hate the little earwigs that lurk within their petals!

  2. Never had the patience to dig the bulbs each fall as we must do here, but love the blossoms.

  3. I love them. They are so glorious and proud, as we are when we walk with Jesus. Blessings

  4. So gorgeous! We don't have any here, so I especially love seeing your picture! Hope you had a great weekend! Hugs, Silke

  5. Wow! How more red can a flower get.

  6. Bishop Red or Cardinal Red? Nature outshines itself all the time.

  7. Good morning Friko,
    again would like to thank you for this quotation, as it provides me with much life, even at this late hour your site is very much worth to read.
    Wish you a nice start into the new week.

  8. That should have been our duty, too, as young girls, instead of being modest and quiet! Is this particular dahlia really named after the Bishop of Llandaff? It's absolutely exquisite.

  9. That's beautiful. We have a little 7-year-old neighbor across the street named Dahlia. I will give her this quote to save for when she'll understand it!

  10. Twiglet - some dahlias are spectacular, though I like by no means all of them. The Bishop is rather special though. Earwigs, what earwigs? Help!

    Tabor - after I've dug them up and cut off the foliage, I simply turn the tubers over until they've dried out a bit, then store them over winter in a cardboard box in the garage.

    Silke - why not, too hot? they could be left in the ground for next year, if you are frost free.

    Queenmothermamaw - yes indeed, my dear. Bless you too.

    lampworkbeader - a bunch of them make a brilliant display. particularly against a dark browny-purply background.

    English Rider - sorry, not well up on clerical colours. besides, nature doesn't care what its colours are called, it just dazzles.

    Robert - still up half the night? Your baby needs to start sleeping through. But I am glad you come and visit me zur Mitternacht.

    Margaret - Too right! So, if we didn't follow this advice then, let's do so now. And yes, it is called after the Bishop of Llandaff, Llandaff is a cathedral in a suburb of Cardiff in Wales.

    Lydia - lovely to have you come for a visit. Not a bad idea to educate a little girl to walk tall. See Margaret's comment above.

  11. Gorgeous!!

    I've just found your blog and i think i'm going to enjoy reading your posts.. Thanks for sharing and hiya! x


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