Thursday, 30 July 2009


For the last two days I have been catching up on writing a sort of personal travelogue about a short trip to Brittany. On a chilly day in June when a walk by the sea didn't appeal we took a drive to Bécherel which proved to be a book lovers town, along the lines of Hay-on-Wye, but on a smaller scale. The ancient little town, which has a population of just 528 according to the Michelin Guide, is perched on top of a hill, which allows views as far as Dinan, Dol and Combourg. It owes its existence to the Chateau Caradeuc which is the former home of a famous Attorney General, Louis-René, Marquess of Caradeuc de la Chalotais, who lived in the 18th C.

The few cobbled and winding little streets boast mainly bookshops. We are keen readers and book collectors and coming upon this little gem of a town was a great pleasure.
La Vache Qui Lit

Neiges D'Antan

I thought it might be fun to share the names of just two of the shops with you.


  1. You didn't tell us if you bought any books. I love the pictures.

  2. Very Picturesque and interesting. I love these little villages that look like they got lost in time.

  3. I did not know about this little town in Brittany, it sounds wonderful. My husband and I are real book worms and have too many books – I believe more books to read than years left to read them (I am talking about a library of 2 or 3,000 books - I stopped counting – that bad!) We had a trip planned to the UK and were going first to the book fair in York and then go to Hay-on Wye. Our suitcases were made, cats at the vet, hotels booked, but we could not make it – the date of our trip was September 12, 2001. Of course our plane never left. The next year my mum was not well so we never made this trip. I love the name of the book shop La Vache qui Lit – great play on word.

  4. Wonderful town, and on top filled with book stores. What could be better than spending hours browsing in book stores, finding books to buy. I already made a note of Becherel, if I go to Brittany anytime in the future.

  5. Queenmothermamaw - me NOT buy books? Heavens above!

    Darlene - Me too, there are quite a lot of them left in France and elsewhere in Europe.

    Vagabonde - Oh dear, how very sad for you. If you ever come to Hay-on-Wye I would love to meet with you, we live only 30 miles from Hay.
    I can never pass a second hand bookshop anywhere without visiting and, unfortunately, buying more books. I am quite sure we have collected about 3000 by now.

    Celeste Maia - come to the UK and come to Hay; you'll find no place anywhere that has more book shops.

  6. Lovely little town!

    Talking of bookshops: I had a friend whose parents owned a bookshop/musical shop in Haverfordwest and I knew someone who owns a bookshop in Hay-on-Wye.

    I'd love to go there!

  7. Oh, Friko, I love you for sharing those two quaint bookshops: what witty names they have! The Reading Cow and (Where are the) Snows of Yesteryear! So clever, plus the shops themselves look like watercolors! I hope the books inside were equally as appealing! Thanks, Friko!

  8. Friko, if you were to email me (at the address on my view complete profile page) with some of those poems you mentioned in your comment on my Voila! post, I'd gladly share in your delight of words in another language...

  9. Hi Friko - have passed a tag along the Welsh Border Gals - describe yourself in seven words - have fun

  10. Still chuckling at Vache qui lit!!!

  11. francessa - well, it's not far from Vienna, why don't you come? And tell me so we can meet up.

    Margaret - Good for you, you recognized the shop names. Do you know the cheese "La vache qui rit" in the US?

    jinksy - I most certainly will, my great love is Rilke. thanks for the offer.

    Snailbeachshepherdess - you rotter - watch this space.

    Twiglet - Hi there, glad to provide a giggle.

  12. Hi Friko! I'm still amused by those shop names! Yes, we have "Laughing Cow" cheese here. and if you felt like trying your hand at painting, those photos would definitely be good subjects!


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